The Tipping Point – Terror Attack Reverses & Hits Muslims In London

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Jun 19 2017
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You can only stay patient for so long before reaching the tipping point. And that’s precisely what happened in the Finsbury Park Area of London early Monday morning. A hired van ploughed into Muslim worshippers near a mosque in London’s Finsbury Park in what appears to be a “revenge terror attack”, killing at least 1 and injured at least 10 people.


In the attack on Seven Sisters Road just before 1am on Monday morning, Met Police confirmed a man believed to be the driver – a white male – had been arrested at the scene following a massive armed response. The incident took place just outside Finsbury Park Mosque and the Muslim Welfare House as people left after Tarawih prayers performed for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

London Finsbury Park Mosque Attack - Police Presence

London’s Evening Standard reports the van driver was armed with a knife and jumped out of the vehicle and stabbed one person. Others claimed there were three white men in the van and two escaped. An eyewitness told Buzzfeed News he and his friends pinned the man down after he exited the van screaming, “Kill all Muslims!” and “kill me, kill me”.


Mehdi, a 38-year-old worshipper, said – “There were loads of people coming out and the van took a left and went straight into them. I saw four of five people one the floor. At least one person was stabbed. The crowd caught a guy. He tried to do a London Bridge thing. People were coming out of the mosque and they just drove through them.”

Finsbury Park Mosque, just off Seven Sisters Road, London

Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, told The Sun – “Whoever did this, he did it to hurt people and it’s a terrorist attack. Ironically, Finsbury Park Mosque has been at the centre of controversy in the past. The mosque rose to notoriety after hook-handed Abu Hamza al-Masri became “Imam” of the mosque, due to his extremist ideologies and views on terrorism.


Al Qaeda operatives including “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui attended the same mosque. According to classified American documents, released by WikiLeaks, Finsbury Park mosque previously served “as a haven” for Islamic extremists. In 2002, The Guardian reported that weapons training had taken place inside the 5-storey mosque building.

Hook-handed “Imam” Abu Hamza al-Masri in London

In 2003, the mosque was raided by the police and shut down before it was reclaimed in 2005 by the local Muslim community and transformed with the help of the Muslim Association of Britain. Under the new management team, the mosque is still struggling to get rid of the image that it’s a place for Islamic terrorism radicalization.


The surprising “reverse attack” came 2 weeks after three Islamist terrorists rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before rampaging through Borough Market with knives, killing 8 people before being shot dead by police. With the exception of “This is for Allah”, the attack resembles that of previous terrorism by Muslims on non-Muslims in London, suggesting this is a revenge on Muslims.

British Prime Minister Theresa May – Spineless and Clueless

Prime Minister Theresa May called it a “terrible incident”; while UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was “totally shocked”. Both leaders also unleashed their standard rhetoric – “All my thoughts are with those who have been injured, their loved ones and the emergency services on the scene.” But what had they done to prevent such domestic terrorism?


Britain should have had stopped Muslims radicalization ages ago, even if it means closing down suspicious mosques around the country, certainly not until it’s proven that a mosque had been used to breed and train terrorists as in the case of Finsbury Park Mosque. It would be too late now to throw the blame of the attack on Muslim worshippers on right-wingers or “Islamophobia.”

London Finsbury Park Mosque Attack - Scene at the junction of Seven Sister Road and Whadcoat Street

There won’t be Islamophobia if there were no multiple terror attacks carried out by extreme and radical Islamic terrorists in the first place, would there? For left-wingers and Muslims to blame this on hate crime and Islamophobia is like starting a debate of which one comes first – the chicken or the egg. Obviously, the whole Muslim terrorism has entered a new stage.


Non-Muslim Britons have now turned the tables, taking matters into their own hands simply because they were sick and tired of getting butchered and slaughtered. They’ve reached the tipping point because they have given up hope that the British government could protect them. The government had failed them because of so-called religious tolerance and multiculturalism.

Islamic Extremism - Shariah Law for United Kingdom

After all, when you back a dog up in the corner it’s gonna bite. In a tit-for-tat, the white male Briton has essentially given the Muslims a taste of their own medicine, never mind those he had mowed were innocent. It was clearly a revenge on Muslims in UK, whom recently have increasingly becoming more extreme to the extent of demanding for Shariah Law in the country.


Hey, you can’t win all the time. And the latest terror attack on Muslims at the Finsbury Park Mosque demonstrates how easy – and deadly – it would be when non-Muslims decide enough is enough. Because Muslims pray 5 times a day, they are in essence sitting ducks because what the potential attackers need to do is to target mosques. And there’re 427 mosques in London alone.

Muslims Praying in London Street


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This very first tipping point Act of Revenge would soon be the SOP for the non Muslims !

Every time when there’s an Islamic terrorist attack, the revenge on the Muslims will follow. To such an extent that when the Muslims see their own people dying and suffering in large numbers, they would for once raise such a hue and cry….and for once, might put pressure on their Islamic extremist terrorists to stop their attack so that they themselves would be safe ! They would be forced to condemn the Islamic terrorists openly in public, share and volunteer information of suspicious activities, refused to provide shelters, and willingly cooperate with the police. No more keeping their heads down and minding their own business when they start to see their own dying and seriously injured.

Maybe in this way, the terrorist attacks can be brought to heel ?

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