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How Prince Harry’s Wedding Could Wreck Havoc UK’s Economy – By Inviting Obama

Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle will get married on May 19, 2018 and have told aides they want former U.S. President Barack Obama and wife Michelle at their big day. Prince Harry has become good friends with the Obamas since their chemistry bonded after the Invictus Games in Florida last year. But as the 33-year-old […]

... written on Dec 31 2017

Hit With $999 Billion Lawsuits, Apple Now Offers New iPhone Battery – For $29

When Apple played God by deliberately – and secretly – lowering processing speed of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to conceal an issue with the gadget’s battery, they never thought they would ever get caught. But there’s no secret in the technology world, especially in the world of social media. And soon, the despicable act […]

... written on Dec 29 2017

China’s Economy To Overtake U.S. By 2032 – And Asian Will Dominate 3 Of 4 Top Spots

By 2032 – that’s another 14 years – China is projected to become the world’s new biggest economic powerhouse, overtaking United States of America. But the Chinese are not the only winner. By 2027, the Indians will surpass Germany’s economy to claim the third prize. And as early as next year, India will become the […]

... written on Dec 29 2017

Disney Resort’s New Security Policy – No More “Do Not Disturb” Sign, Staffs Can Enter Anytime

M-I-C – See you real soon. K-E-Y – Why? Because we can enter your room anytime we like. If you think it’s a brilliant idea to bring your love one to Disneyland so that you and your love one could get some great and intimate time together, get ready for some surprises. Walt Disney World […]

... written on Dec 28 2017

Trump Brings Best Christmas In U.S. History – $800 Billion Sales By MasterCard

You may not like his big mouth. You may not like his provocative tweets. You may not like his funny hairstyle. Heck, you may not even like that he has a gorgeous wife. But by now, it’s hard to deny that Donald Trump is good for business. For close to a year, the U.S. president […]

... written on Dec 27 2017

Trump’s Christmas Gift To U.N. – Retaliation Begins With $285 Million Budget Cut

After Trump’s historical recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Guatemala announced the Central American country will relocate its embassy in Israel – from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – becoming the first nation to follow the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump. Guatemala was one of nine nations which voted against a U.N. resolution.   […]

... written on Dec 26 2017

Saudi Could Get $6 Billion – FREE – If Prince Al-Waleed Pays For His Freedom

Many Saudi princes have been released – quietly – from “5-star prison Ritz Carlton Hotel” after agreed to pay in exchange for their freedom. The highest corruption settlement so far is Prince Miteb bin Abdullah who reportedly paid US1 billion for his freedom. He was the closest challenger for the throne of Kingdom of Saudi […]

... written on Dec 25 2017

Here’s Why It’s A Stupid Idea To Set Up Malaysia Embassy In East Jerusalem

More than a week has passed since U.S. President Donald Trump declared the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish nation. Like it or not, the naughty Trump somehow deserves the credit for courageously pissing off 1.8-billion Muslims around the world. What has the Arab and Muslim world done in retaliation to the arrogant […]

... written on Dec 22 2017

Apple Has An Incredible Explanation Why Your Older iPhone Gets Slower

As an owner of super expensive iPhone, you might have bitched and cursed Apple for ripping you off. Initially, you were mad because your iPhone seemed to be getting slower as the gadget gets older. But then you got really furious when read that it was a deliberate act by Apple – lowering the clock […]

... written on Dec 21 2017

Unhappy With Moon, China Makes U-Turns And Bans South Korea … Again

South Korean President Moon Jae-in made his 4-day state visit to China on December 13th. Unlike U.S. President Donald Trump, Beijing didn’t give him a “state visit-plus” reception. However, Mr. Moon believes it was a successful trip, or at least he wanted the South Korea people to believe it was a meaningful visit. But it isn’t, […]

... written on Dec 20 2017

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