Here’s Why It’s A Stupid Idea To Set Up Malaysia Embassy In East Jerusalem

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Dec 22 2017
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More than a week has passed since U.S. President Donald Trump declared the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish nation. Like it or not, the naughty Trump somehow deserves the credit for courageously pissing off 1.8-billion Muslims around the world. What has the Arab and Muslim world done in retaliation to the arrogant Trump administration?


The Europeans have made tons of noises. They pretended to be angry with Trump because they have millions of Muslim refugees and migrants in their backyard. U.S. traditional ally British Prime Minister Theresa May barked the loudest because she desperately needed to divert attention from her spectacular screw-up in Brexit negotiation with EU elite in Brussels.


Australia was too busy and shocked after a 32-year-old of Afghan descent attacked a crowd of pedestrians in Melbourne with a white Suzuki SUV, injuring at least 14 people. Canada couldn’t care less about Trump’s latest anti-Muslim drama. Japan and South Korea, pretending to be pre-occupied with badass Kim Jong-un, dare not condemn “Taikor Trump”.

OIC Extraordinary Meeting at Istanbul Turkey - Israel Jerusalem

The powerful 57-member OIC (that’s Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, not “Oh I See”, mind you) has declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Amusingly, “Taikor of Sunni-Muslims” – Saudi Arabia – who happens to be the host of the OIC headquarters, sent only a senior foreign ministry official. Egypt, who lost multiple wars to Israel, only deployed their foreign ministers.


Israel, a nation with wide experience dealing with violence by their 22 hostile Muslim neighbours, has so far killed at least 4 Palestinian and wounded 160 protestors at the Gaza Strip border, where an estimated 3,500 Palestinians gathered to hurl rocks at Israeli soldiers. And where is the Arab League which has at its disposal 129-million military manpower?


China and Russia, as usual, pour gasoline into the fire by telling the toothless Arab League that they support peace process. Of course, 1.8-billion Muslims hadn’t a clue that Russia was the first country in the world that recognizes (West) Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, as the capital of Israel. But who cares about Russia’s recognition? It’s the U.S. recognition that matters.


Life goes on as usual for other countries. Among the 57-member of OIC, only Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country in Southeast-Asia many foreigners having trouble finding on the map, has committed armed forces to fight for Palestinians in Israel. For that, OIC should at least award Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak with a medal – the dumbest leader in the Arab and Muslim world.


Actually, what does U.S.’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has to do with the Arab and Muslim world? President Trump didn’t force any of the Muslim nations to recognize Jerusalem too, did he? It’s the U.S.’ right even if Trump wanted to recognize a lamp post in Israel as the capital of Israel. Why do Muslims have to resort to chest thumping, protesting Trump’s little drama.


Not only is Malaysia eager to send its troops to Israel, PM Najib’s cousin, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, also seems quite serious (*grin*) about setting up Malaysia Embassy in East Jerusalem, obviously trying to become a hero among Malaysian Muslims as 14th general election nears. It would be interesting to see how many of the 57-member of OIC would do the same.

Malaysia Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein - Lahat Datu Invasion

Of course, some super ignorant Malaysian Muslims are quite excited about the prospect of their brothers in the armed forces going to war with Israel. They also thought it was a jolly brilliant idea that Malaysia could finally humiliate the big bully America with the setting up of Malaysia Embassy in East Jerusalem. They hadn’t realized that Mr. Hishammuddin has been scammed by Turkey.


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was the OIC leader who opened the floodgate, saying Turkey intends to open an embassy in East Jerusalem, and urges others to follow him. The plan looks sexy and victorious, but there’s one huge problem. Badass Israel controls all of Jerusalem, not East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem, after the East was seized as a result of Six-Day War in June 1967.


Since 1967 – that’s 50 years ago – some of the holiest sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam came under Israeli rule. What the half-past-six Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein hasn’t figured out yet is that Erdogan’s declaration of setting up Turkey Embassy in East Jerusalem was merely a symbolic gesture, a gimmick to the 1.8-billion Muslims.

Embassy of Malaysia in Jerusalem Israel - Hishammuddin Hussein

In the same breath, OIC’s declaration that East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine is also purely symbolic. Heck, they could even declare the whole Jerusalem, not east or west, as the capital of Palestine. But what good is such declaration when the capital can only be seen but cannot be owned or occupied? Dude, Israel has declared the whole city its “indivisible capital.”


Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of a “future” Palestinian state. Which part of the “future” that Mr. Hishammuddin doesn’t understand? It means it hasn’t happened yet, and most likely will not in a million years. It’s like the Native American Red Indians in America declaring East Washington D.C. to be the capital of their future tribe state.


It’s a wishful, even moronic, thinking for Hishammuddun believing that he could simply transport bricks and cements into East Jerusalem and start building Malaysia Embassy there. Sure, after Malaysia’s declaration of war against the Jews, the dumb Israeli would be watching with popcorn and Coke while enemy contractors and workers conduct construction works in the city (*grin*).


Unlike Turkey that has its consulate general in Jerusalem, which was already represented by an ambassador, Malaysia has zero diplomatic representatives in Israel. Unless Mr. Genius Hishammuddin Hussein and his cousin Najib Razak plan to rent a portion of the Turkish consulate, and self proclaimed it as Malaysia Embassy, it’s hard to imagine how this silly plan could materialize.


Assuming Israel agrees to let Malaysia setting up an embassy in East Jerusalem, what does Prime Minister Najib Razak plans to do with it? Currently, Malaysian passport holders are not allowed to visit Israel, except for Christians for religious purposes. But with a new embassy in East Jerusalem, indirectly Malaysia recognizes Israel, something which perhaps Hishammuddin doesn’t realize.


Even with 128 countries voted in favour of a UN General Assembly resolution calling for Washington to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it won’t change Trump’s mind. They can vote, whine, bitch and condemn until the cows (or camels in the case of Arab world) come home. The vengeful and anti-Muslim Donald Trump is “taking names” and will retaliate when the time comes.

Jerusalem Recognition - President Trump Fucked Prime Minister Najib


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