Malaysia 2008 Budget’s Poll Result

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Oct 11 2007
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After about a month since Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi announced the 2008 Budget, the result of the poll is finally out. You’re one of the voters who contributed to the end result of “What do you think of the Malaysia 2008 Budget?” and generally it reflects the opinion of the cyber-public pertaining to the budget presented on the first week of Sept-2007.

There was a surprise in the result as it appears not a single vote was casted to support the budget. Here’s the result in summary:

  • It’s a great budget, Bravo to PM – 0 percent votes
  • It Sucks, Crap & Insult my Intelligence – 66 percent votes
  • It’s an Election Budget for lower income people – 18 percent votes
  • I don’t know and don’t care – 5 percent votes
  • Huh? Budget? What budget? – 11 percent votes

Poll Result Malaysia 2008 BudgetA whopping 66 percent of people think the 2008 Budget simply sucks and it was a crap that insulted their intelligence. Not a surprise, if you can recall how the prime minister seems to rush against time simply reading the prepared budget out of it. Some people even thought the prime minister didn’t have a single idea what was he presenting during that day.

18 percent of the people believed it was an Election Budget specially tailored to cater for lower income people who coincidently constitute the bulk of the voters. Seems people are getting wiser in reading between the lines. I’m sure the 11 percent of readers who voted for the “Huh? Budget? What budget?” were generally sarcastic *grin* while the remaining 5 percent of voters are youngster who did not really know the impact of the budget on them.

However if the above result reflected the majority of actual voters who are expected to vote in the coming general election, the ruling party is doom. Fortunately for the government the rural citizens are still computer-illiterate who can be convinced to vote for the existing government with probably some cookies and instant-noodles as incentives.

Moving forward, FinanceTwitter has created the next poll with the intention to gauge readers’ perception on Malaysia’s Astronaut project which saw the first Malaysian being blasted into the space yesterday. So, what do you think of the Malaysia’s Astronaut project? Are you proud of the achievement (was there one in the first place?)? Maybe it’s just another wastage program that has nothing to do with aerospace exploration. Maybe it’s just another attempt to cover the over-priced jet-fighters deal with Russin.
Malaysia Astronaut PollIf you have your own opinion other than the options provided, feel free to type it out under the “Other” option. What are you waiting for, take a break & votes. It’s on the right-side of this blog’s navigation bar.

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“generally it reflects the opinion of the cyber-public pertaining to the budget presented on the first week of Sept-2007.”

That is kinda hard to believe given that your poll definitely suffer from selection bias in the first place.

hello _earth … bias or not that’s the poll done by the readers … you’ve the right not to believe the result … i didn’t claim it to be 100% accurate, the same reason i mentioned “cyber-public” in the first place …

of course if you compare it with past general election’s result it doesn’t makes sense – guess where the bulks of the pro-govn voter came from?

cheers …


then you should say the poll describes opinion of your reader. By saying it describes cyber-public, it gives the impression that the poll is a sample of the overall opinion of the netizens.

of course the poll was opinion from my readers dude … you don’t think it’s from NTV7 or CNN or Bloomberg, do you?

aren’t my readers cyber-public? your definition of netizens are all the billions of internet surfers? gosh …

You have a great post here!

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