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1MDB Scandal – Najib Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

With the present crackdown on corruption in China by president Xi Jinping, the Great Wall is losing its shine as the most corrupt country in the world. Soon, a new nation will emerge to take over from the Chinese. For decades Malaysia has been trailing behind China, without much success, for the trophy. Malaysians have […]

... written on Feb 27 2015

Revealed!! – Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Youthful Secret

Karpal Singh dies aged 74, while Nik Aziz dies at 84. Lee Kuan Yew is now 91-years-old but he’s very ill, and if one cares to look at a photo dated April 2014 between him and Sultan of Brunei, one cannot help but to express concern about a very thin Singapore’s first prime minister. It […]

... written on Feb 26 2015

Greedy Singapore Government Milking More Money With Higher Petrol Tax

Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has announced a dreadful news for vehicle owners in his Budget 2015 speech on Monday (Feb 23) – petrol duty hikes. Effective yesterday (Feb 24), the tiny island’s petrol will be pricier by S$0.20 (US$0.16, £0.10, RM0.53) for a litre of 98-octane grade petrol and by […]

... written on Feb 25 2015

Remember WW2 History!! Prince Naruhito Rejects Japan’s Use Of Military

ISIS is known for their barbarism. But when they up the ante by showing a Jordanian pilot they were holding hostage being burned to death inside a locked cage, all hell breaks loose. The new level of brutality shown in the murder of First Lieutenant Muadh al-Kasasbeh shocks every single Jordanian, so much so that […]

... written on Feb 24 2015

Samsung vs LG Enters A New Level – Washing Machine Fiasco

What would have happened if a Proton top executive visits rival Perodua showroom, inspects the successful Alza and somehow broke the car’s doors? Perodua would probably accuse Proton of spying on its technology and out of envy damage its car, deliberately. That would be a great badass marketing plan to tell the whole world that […]

... written on Feb 17 2015

Year Of Green Wooden Goat – The Rich Chinese To Get Even Richer

The year of the “Green Wooden Goat” will officially kicks off on Thursday this week. The Lunar New Year is indeed the most important festival to the Chinese. Not only the celebration is about ushering in luck and fortune, it’s also about showing off one’s wealth to everybody – friends, family members, neighbours, relatives and […]

... written on Feb 16 2015

Nik Aziz Passed Away – Time For Hadi Awang To Enter UMNO’s Bedroom

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, or simply Nik Aziz, the spiritual leader of PAS has died, age 84. The Chempaka state assemblyman passed away at about 9:40pm yesterday, two days before the Valentine Day. PAS, one of three political parties within opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People Alliance), was led by the spiritual leader in forming the […]

... written on Feb 13 2015

Obama, Go Fly Kite!! We’re Not Coming For Your Speech & Lunch

President Barack Obama is scheduled to give a keynote speech and have a private lunch with a select group of top executives on Friday (tomorrow). It’s a cybersecurity summit where top executives from the technology industry are supposed to rub shoulders with each other and with the president, of course. But the current sour relations […]

... written on Feb 12 2015

Here’s How Your “Wave & Pay” Cards Could Be Swiped Secretly

With great power comes great responsibility – says Uncle Ben, Spider Man’s uncle. Today, the same quote is true to millions of credit and debit card holders. While many are still using conventional credit or debit cards which require manual swipe at counters, millions have taken the easy (and lazy) way out – the “Wave […]

... written on Feb 11 2015

Thank You For Sending Anwar To Jail

Today is the judgement day and the verdict is out – Anwar Ibrahim is guilty after Malaysian highest court convicted him for sodomy. But was the decision a surprise? Absolutely not. In actual fact, the writing (or rather the guilty verdict) was already on the wall the moment the largely known “Kangaroo Court” took more […]

... written on Feb 10 2015

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