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It’s All About Easy & Fast Access To Vaccination – This Chart Shows Malaysia Is Among The Worst In ASEAN

As of May 24, Malaysia is among the worst in Southeast Asia in terms of the total number of vaccine doses administered to its population. It had vaccinated only 2.63 million people with at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccines – behind Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and even Cambodia. It is only ahead of Laos, […]

... written on May 31 2021

Beginners Guide To Gold Investments

Gold is one of the most precious metals on the planet today. Its luxurious lustrous yellow color makes it desirable to most people. It’s no wonder this flashy stone is used majorly in the production of jewelry.   For many investors, it seems to be an obvious choice when diversifying their investment portfolio. Its ability […]

... written on May 31 2021

20 Million Vaccinated Per Day – China Needed Only 5 Days To Push The Number From 500 Million To 600 Million

First, it was the race to become the first to produce Covid-19 vaccine. Now, it’s the race to become the first to vaccinate the entire population. As China, the world’s second largest economy, tries to catch up to Europe and the United States, a new record is being broken again. After hitting 15 million people, […]

... written on May 30 2021

Stupid PM Muhyiddin Finally Declares Full Lockdown – Doctors Have To Choose Whom To Send To The ICU

Muhyiddin Yassin, the power-hungry, but clueless and incompetent prime minister has finally declared a full lockdown effective June 1 to 14. The 2-week nationwide lockdown decision comes on Friday evening (May 28) after the country reported its fourth consecutive day of record infections – a whopping 8,290 Coronavirus new cases and 61 deaths.   The […]

... written on May 28 2021

All Signs Lead To More Covid Cases & Deaths – The King Cannot Keep Quiet To Protect The Stupid PM

LRT (Light Rail Transit) commuters today were being crammed in the packed trains like sardines. It was not possible to observe social distancing. Exactly what was the purpose of reducing the frequency LRT, MRT, monorails and buses by 50%, a brilliant plan which will definitely cause congestion, is beyond comprehension. It’s yet another spectacular failure. […]

... written on May 27 2021

Covid Oxygen Shortage – Reports Show More Than 30 Countries Including Malaysia Could Face Another Crisis Like India

Another day, another record Coronavirus cases and deaths for Malaysia, a country in the Southeast Asia that is still struggling with the pandemic since last year. Today (May 26), the country reported 7,478 new infections and 63 deaths – two records in a single day. Based on the increasing number of patients in the ICU […]

... written on May 26 2021

A Day After Muhyiddin Admits Being A “Stupid PM” – Worst LRT Train Disaster Saw 213 Injured, 6 In Critical Condition

When Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin says he does not mind general public calls him a “stupid prime minister”, he was actually playing reverse-psychology. He was not stupid at all. In fact, the cunning and power-hungry man was very clever, at least that was the tactic. Inviting people to call him stupid would give a fake impression […]

... written on May 25 2021

Malaysia Is Now Worse Than India – The Clueless Backdoor Government Prefers People Die Than Its Own Demise

India’s daily Coronavirus cases appear to have dropped from above 400,000 in the first week of May to just 240,842 on Saturday (May 22). Malaysia, on the other hand, is still at its early stage of hitting new records. Today, the country hit another jackpot when it recorded a new record of Covid-19 cases with […]

... written on May 23 2021

China Introduces Single-Dose Vaccine – After Broke Record With More Than 15 Million People Vaccinated In A Day

China only managed to vaccinate more than 15 million people in the third week of January this year, even though it had actually started giving emergency vaccinations as early as July, 2020. The country officially kicked off of its mass vaccinations on 15 December, 2020, targeting high-risk groups such as healthcare workers and people who […]

... written on May 21 2021

Funds And Grants For Small Businesses

Are you a new entrepreneur and is looking for funds to get your business started? If you are on a tight budget, Payday Depot loans will help you with your capital. To know about other funds and grants you can apply for, read ahead!   What Are Small Businesses?  Like other businesses, small businesses are owned privately […]

... written on May 21 2021

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