Funds And Grants For Small Businesses

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May 21 2021
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Are you a new entrepreneur and is looking for funds to get your business started? If you are on a tight budget, Payday Depot loans will help you with your capital. To know about other funds and grants you can apply for, read ahead!


What Are Small Businesses? 

Like other businesses, small businesses are owned privately by a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. However, they will be different in terms of the number of employees, establishment, and income.


Funds vs. Grants

Funds are the sum of money collected, saved, or made for a purpose. If you are a business owner, an example of this is your capital. On the other hand, grants are given by governmental and non-governmental organizations for a particular purpose set by the grant providers. It’s a loan that you don’t need to pay back when you provide proof of growth and report on your business.


Funds for Small Business:

  • Self Funding.Self-funding is the money or capital you have without depending on anyone else, such as your personal savings.
  • Venture Capital. A business does not always need to be owned by one individual. There are times that you need a partner or even a corporation that will help you, especially in funding. Venture Capital is when you offer a share and/or a role in your business to your investors in exchange for funding.
  • Applying for a loan is one of the famous go-to solutions of every business owner. All you have to do is prepare your requirements, compute the amount of capital you need for your business, and go to the nearest bank or lender to apply for a loan.

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Grants for Small Business 

  • Federal small business grantsare the government’s financing options. They are commonly found on Grants.gov and SBA.gov. Unfortunately, such financial support is challenging to get since there are more applicants than the program offers.
  • State and regional level grants for small businessesare another financial assistance type provided by the state and regional government. However, they require businesses to meet certain requirements. Those are set by the government agency for a specific goal.
  • Corporate-style small business grantsare those given by an organization to their eligible members that meet the qualifications set after their evaluation. Visa offers the same grant called “Visa Everywhere Initiative”, a program that challenges small business entrepreneurs to find ways to manage their payment issues.


There are also grants for veterans, minorities, and women. However, if your business is not able to gather sufficient funds and grants, you can try crowdfunding. Crowdfunders are people who come together to raise funds for a business. Unlike investors, you only have to pay them for their contributions through gifts that can come in the form of free products, discounts and gift cards, or other special perks.


What’s the Best Way to Fund Your Business?

Looking for funds is much easier than searching for grants due to the requirements and the application process of the latter. However, if you should focus on what you need and what you have, look for a fund or grant program that matches your business and is in tune with your personal and business goals.

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