How to Get Back Your Genneva Gold and Money – 10 Things To Do

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Nov 08 2012
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As many as 35,000 investors and up to a whopping RM10 billion of investment were sucked into Genneva Malaysia Gold Scheme. The problem – Genneva Malaysia’s liabilities exceeded its assets. That was what Awang Adek Hussin, Malaysia Deputy Finance Minister, claimed couple of days ago. Considering PM Najib Razak is the Finance Minister himself, this statement from his deputy was perhaps the closest one can get from Bank Negara’s (Central Bank) investigation after their raid. However, one of Genneva Malaysia’s traders claimed the company has some 60,000 customers with monthly turnover of RM2 billion. On the other hand, Geneva Malaysia’s website boast 50,000 customers and a turnover of RM3 billion.


Whether these gold investors (or rather traders as what Genneva diehard fans would like to be known) actually poured merely RM30,000 or as high as RM285,000 each into the scheme is immaterial. The fact is most of these investors emptied their life savings believing Genneva scheme was a revolutionary and innovative business model – a blue ocean business strategy that could easily put McDonald and Apple Inc. business model to shame. Naturally, these street-smart Gennevarians cried foul and ran amok when their golden goose was slaughtered – by the authorities. They are crying for blood and refuse to wake up from their slumberland.

Genneva Gold - Hamster Dying

They are upset the Central Bank took away their cash cow. They are furious they cannot milk their golden cow anymore. They would curse and whack you till kingdom come for suggesting Genneva Gold scheme was actually a brilliant and sophisticated Ponzi scheme. They are crying because their children, parents, grandma, kitten, hamster, goldfish and whatnot are dying because they can’t afford the medicine after the Central Bank robbed their gold and monthly Hibah gift money. They are suggesting jealousy and cooking up tons of conspiracy theories as being the motive because Genneva was so successful that the company’s gold bullion could easily dwarf the Central Bank’s reserves (*woohoo*). In short, it’s everyone’s fault but theirs.


If the 14,000-plus Facebook Genneva Supporters Likes is any indicator, between 20% to 40% of Genneva gold traders (they don’t like to be called investors *tongue-in-cheek*) were painfully affected by the raid. This numbers can also means the high rollers or kings (of MLM and get-rich-scheme regulars) have long gone leaving these desperate leftovers running like headless chicken. While many greedy yet arrogant traders actually pawn everything including their undergarments and even took loans from financial institutions, a certain sector of illiterate yet ignorant rural folks bet their life savings on the scheme – all because of 1.8% to 2.5% monthly gift money.

Genneva Gold

You can also bet your money that a portion of these Facebook Genneva Supporters actually do not have the physical gold bullion in their possession – they left it with Genneva for safekeeping because renewal every 3-months required the gold bullion to be presented to Genneva – a successful trick by Genneva deliberately inconvenience the buyers. While the more fortunate buyers have at least their physical gold bullion as consolation prize, the “unfortunate” risk takers have only a piece of certificate of ownership as their trophy.


Latest update from the authorities revealed (from seized records) many investors who had paid had yet to receive any delivery of gold. The statement also said the total amount of gold seized during the raids from all the companies (Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Pageantry Gold Bhd, Caesar Gold Sdn Bhd and Worldwide Far East Bhd?) is approximately 142.7 kilogram, and monies in bank accounts and cash amounts to RM101.92 million – a puzzling figure considering Genneva alone is said to have monthly turnover of RM2 billion. So what happened to all the glittering gold bars and billions of ringgit allegedly robbed by Malaysian Central Bank?


At yesterday’s gold price of US$55.51 (RM169.39) per-gram or US$55,513.41 (RM169,359) per-kilogram of gold (the gold price has been trending down, mind you), there should be 11,809 kilograms of gold in Genneva’s vault, based on RM2 billion of turnover. Either there should be 11 tons of gold bars or RM2 billion in Genneva’s bank accounts (and cash). Now, let’s give the Gennevarians the benefits of doubt. Let’s assume there were indeed tons of gold bars and billions of cash prior to Central Bank’s raid. What can the Genneva buyers do to get back their hard-earned gold and money?



{ 1 }  Demand Genneva Directors’ Explanation


First thing first – ever since the raid, none of Genneva’s directors – Marcus Yee Yuen Seng, Ng Poh Weng or Chin Wai Leong – make any personal appearance to either calm the loyal Gennevarians or to deny Bank Negara’s claim of money laundering and whatnot. These directors must be the world’s more generous philanthropists for welcoming outsiders, in this case Central Bank, taking away their company’s gold bullions and billions of ringgit with open arms.

Genneva Gold Director Ng Poh Weng and Chin Wai Leong with Mahathir

Genneva Gold Director Ng Poh Weng

Strangely, they did not show any sign of anger or desperation. If they were really innocent, they should come out from their hiding ages ago and show all the Gennevarians that they actually care for the Gennevarians’ welfare. Stop giving excuses such as their legal team advised them against giving public statements. Gimme a break – the authorities already alleged there were only 142.7 kilograms of gold and RM101.92 million left. What else is more important – clearing your good name or waiting for months or perhaps years till the investigation concluded?



{ 2 }  Clear Doubt and Accusation about Ponzi Scheme


The directors should show proofs about the existence of gold and money prior to the raid, and the assets should not differs by a Mars journey against the liabilities. They should show that there were enough gold to be reimbursed to Gennevarians should they wish to claim it back. With such huge amount of gold and money, the company should have some records or archives elsewhere about vaulting, insurance coverage, security guards force information, CCTV recordings and anything associated with the treasures stored in their shoplot in Kuchai Lama. You don’t simply store tons of gold in your normal storeroom, do you? Those idiots who robbed 17 ATM (automated teller machine) so far must be banging their heads against the wall for missing this shoplot’s jewels.

Gold Bullion Vault

Most importantly, by showing proofs on figures that correspond to the amount of gold and money as per investors’ investment, the accusation that Genneva is another Ponzi scam can be eliminated. Again, enough bullshits about legal advice restraining the directors from speaking to public while the investigation is going on. Did you meant to say you’re so obedient as to keep quiet knowing the gold bullions will never returned to you while the Central Bank is dragging its feet in the investigation (assuming the directors are really innocent in the first place)? Hell, if the directors beat around the bush with more grandmother stories, sue them. If Central Bank’s claim was a hoax and the authorities have indeed plundered the gold seized, the directors should fight tooth and nail defending Genneva’s innocence, well, at least I would.


{ 3 }  Show / Prove of Genneva Business’s Sustainability


One of the reasons given by Bank Negara for the raid was the business model sustainability – meaning Genneva cannot sustain its business by giving away up to 24% annually in gift money to investors. It’s time for Genneva directors to show some proofs about its sustainability – be it transaction statements from trading gold commodity in the open market, summary of profit and loss from trading equities, options or even currencies. We’re not forcing them to reveal their profit-making secret formula. We just want to see where the company derives its profit, the same way Warren Buffett, George Soros or any fund managers disclose their investment portfolio.

Genneva Gold RaidedGenneva Gold Investors Scammed

Gennevarians should stop blindly accepting the excuse that it was a guarded secret on how the company made its profit. If KFC can still safeguard their secret recipe while replicating its franchise worldwide, what was so secretive about Genneva gold trading business? What type of Genneva’s secretive business that the world does not already do or trade now, unless it was related to illegal transactions? If they’re legal and can be shown its sustainability, then Bank Negara will be in deep trouble. On the bright side, if the business was indeed sustainable, it could invite huge investment locally as well as globally. And why still hide under secretive business excuse when your pants are on fire?



{ 4 }  Bring Bank Negara (Central Bank) to Court


Many Genneva Facebook supporters scream till foam at mouth about suing the Central Bank for wrongly raiding their darling 1-Genneva cash-cow. Interestingly nothing materializes even after 1-month since the raid. What happens to their hungry babies and dying hamsters who had been denied their rightful medical treatments? Surely they would have died surviving on water alone for a month (*grin*). If there’s truth to even 10% of the 14,000 Facebook Genneva Supporters story about survival dependency on Genneva, they would be desperate enough to bring the Central Bank to Court. Furthermore, it was Bank Negara’s fault for not stopping the three directors scammers 3-years earlier, if indeed the business was a Ponzi scheme.

Genneva Gold - Bank Negara, Central Bank

Heck, by suing Malaysian Central Bank, the news will goes viral globally. And knowing how obsess PM Najib Razak is about being the most popular prime minister on the planet Earth, chances are high the Central Bank would conclude their investigation before year end and hopefully can return the seized assets through the judiciary channel. If Genneva Gold was really a blue ocean business strategy, this measure can help promotes its innovative business model worldwide and perhaps leapfrog the country to the World’s Top Financial  Centers. Can you imagine the coverage from CNN, CNBC, Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, BBC and whatnot?



{ 5 }  Seek Assistance from Genneva Chairperson


The fact that nobody from Genneva fans club seek advice and assistance from its chairperson,Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah, the daughter of Sultan of Pahang, was simply mind-boggling. Being the strongest supporter of the federal government, the royal house has great influence and could easily pull string to get the sleepy Central Bank working overtime to get to the bottom of the investigation. Besides, Genneva should be innocent of all wrongdoing otherwise how do you explain the willingness of Tengku in accepting the chairmanship, right? The fault must be with the Central Bank’s incompetency (and jealousy).

Genneva Gold Chairperson Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah

Furthermore, the royalty has everything to lose and nothing to gain from the raid as it indirectly links the royal house to Ponzi scam business and money laundering. Thus, Genneva investors or traders or whatever you wish to call them has a very good justification in asking their chairperson to help restore the company’s good name, not to mention the resumption of the gold trading business (*grin*).



{ 6 }  Seek Assistance from Top Gun Mahathir Mohamad


If there’s one person who can send Central Bank Governor, Dr Zeti Aziz, into retirement with a phone call, that person is none other than former premier Mahathir Mohamad. The fact that Mahathir launched Genneva’s Syariah in 2010 carries more weight than you can imagine. Surely he wasn’t there just for nice food and gold wafers as token of appreciation, was he? Like it or not, he indirectly endorsed Genneva’s gold trading business so it defies Newton’s law of gravity that Bank Negara raided such a successful company. Hence it’s interesting that nobody asks the former premier of his opinion about Genneva’s raid.

Genneva Gold - Mahathir Assistance

Gennevarians should seek an appointment with Mahathir, now that he has retired from politics and has plenty of free time, to seek his expert guidance on the next course of action, if indeed the 60,000 Gennevarians have been victimized. Forget about sending memorandum to PM Najib Razak in returns for his assurance about solving the problem. He doesn’t have time to even read your memo as he’s fire-fighting his own political survival within UMNO. Mahathir is the man to look for and he can demand Central Bank Governor and Prime Minister to trim your garden’s grass, if he wishes to (*tongue-in-cheek*).



{ 7 }  March from Kuchai Lama to PutraJaya


If there’s one thing that can make PM Najib Razak carries two handkerchiefs to wipe his saliva out of panic, the name is street demonstration. But street demonstration is illegal, technically speaking, so please don’t do that. Instead you can “march peacefully” while holding placards and banners praising the current federal government. Better still – bring tons of Barisan Nasional, UMNO, MCA, MIC flags and not forgetting “We Love Najib” gigantic banners from Kuchai Lama to PutraJaya. After all, most Gennevarians have equated their 1-Genneva with 1-Malaysia so that shouldn’t be too hard to do. Aiyah, when come to apple polishing the current regime, how many tactics are there left on the book, so go figure.

Genneva Gold - March, One Month AgoGenneva Gold - March, TodayGenneva Gold - 1 Malaysia

Most importantly the main juice – bold, underline, italic and colour the message about 60,000 voters from Gennevarians who are willing to exchange their votes for the return of their gold and money, or whatever that was left, not that the Prime Minister doesn’t already know that majority of Gennevarians are with the opposition. It’s puzzling that despite screams for march from day one since the company was raided, there seems to be empty talks by the Genneva Facebook Supporters – typical keyboard warriors. Even if half of the 14,000 Likes meant what they said about their hardship post-raid, the thundering 7,000 marchers would raise many eyebrows.



{ 8 }  Launch Nationwide Signature Campaign

Genneva Gold - Signature Campaign

Since Genneva members were victimised by the latest raid by Bank Negara, a signature campaign by Gennevarians at their respective 7 states branch office nationwide (Penang, Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak) could be effective in pressuring Najib administration into returning the gold and money seized. This is also the best time and opportunity to showcase your suffering by bringing your dying family members and arowanas for public viewing. Besides getting public support, you can also explain why Genneva is not a Ponzi scam company and how the Bank Negara had robbed your hard-earned money out of jealousy.



{ 9 }  Launch Hunger Strike


Remember how Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainee and Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj was released after his hunger strike? Well, maybe hunger strike due to political reason is not such big news after all. But a hunger strike by 14,000 good citizens (who pay their tax promptly) because of daylight robbery by the country’s Central Bank is definitely a world-class news. If Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen’s definition of world-class dinner is nothing less than RM150 a meal was the yardstick, then a 14,000 people on hunger strike is without doubt a world-class event.

Hunger Strike

Of course, there’s no way the authorities can detect if some of the 14,000 people actually smuggled Nasi Lemak, Pop Corn, Ramli Burger, Teh Tarik or Coke into the event so the suggested hunger strike should not harm your health that much. Organise it and rest assure the newly elected President Obama would give a call to PM Najib asking about this Guinness world record event.



{ 10 }  Call for International News Conference

Genneva Gold - Obama News Conference

The first thing you’ll probably do, if you’ve been victimised, is to hold a press conference – the wider the coverage the better. The most powerful government on planet Earth – Government of United States – is still at the mercy of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange due to global news coverage. Assange can be terminated with a press of a button but he’s now untouchable because every Tom, Dick and his hamster knows about the whistleblower. So if you want Bank Negara to return your gold and money, put international pressure on them, provided the world believe Genneva was innocent in the first place.


There it goes – 10 things to do to get back your gold and money; and monthly gift money if Genneva can resume its business. But the three directors have to come out from their hiding and lead the 60,000 supporters. Leaving the battle to the senior consultants while the directors enjoy their fruits in hiding will not help the current situation. Scream as you like but the chances of Gennevarians getting back their gold is almost nil. If what the deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin said is true, there’s no way Genneva can resume its business operation simply because there’s not enough gold to be redeemed by its members.


The consolation prize, if you’re lucky – based on today’s gold price of US$55.18 (RM168.34) per-gram or US$55,180.33 (RM168,343) per-kilogram, the seized 142.7 kilogram would worth RM24 million. Add that to monies in bank accounts and cash amounts to RM101.92 million seized, you’ve about RM125.92 million to be shared amongst 60,000 loyal Gennevarians which translate to about RM2,098 per person. Hey, cheers up – at least you can enjoy 14 times of world-class dinner meal of RM150 each, going by Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen’s yardstick


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Exactly my sentiments.
Well scripted. Suddenly all the VVIPs including TDM, RoastMama etc sudah mudah lupa. But none of the gold traders dare admit that they had wool, or should I say, fool’s gold pulled over their eyes by these VVIPs. I’d say their chances of seeing their gold is the same as witnessing hair growing back on Muhkriz’s head.

Well said. Why are the directors and all those VVIPs who endorsed Geneva Gold with their presence now keep quiet? And why are all the 60k supporters not insisting on clarifications from their directors?! Have always enjoyed your articles and look forward to each of them, thanks!

Another GREAT write-up!

I have to salute you!

Yeah, you mention about Mahathir the endorser.
How about Rosmah? Have you intentionally left out Rosmah in your post?

It makes Bernie Madoff looks like an idiot. Bernie have not even one supporter came to his aid. Here Genneva has thousands, eat that Bernie.

you guys still want to trust a mamak who deleted the ancestor name, kutty?
he fuck the nation for 20 years and now more.
good luck, you investors.

In 1960 this company call Gemini Chit Find.They have operation in Singapore.This is the first Pyramid Scheme.
Lee Kuan Yew,The PM Singapore,raided the company.Charge the director in court and they were jail for life.All the directors died in Jail

Genneva gold have the office and operation in Singapore.Going by Singapore standard,They will put all the Genevva director in Jail for life.

Malaysia should set the same standard.We have so many Ponzi scheme,From Pak Man Telo to Genevva.

High time we stop all this noncense.

in the metals market the world over – only accept physical. anything less, you are asking for trouble. the metal backing the certs are almost all hypothecated metal. the only to ensure it is allocated metal is accept delivery and store it in your OWN “vault”.

metals market – trust no one. especially the americans.

repeating what other put out into the net – JPM is the biggest manipulator of the metals market with assistance from the printing press gang. SLV, SPDR blah blah traded on the NYSE is very possibility only a slight variation on what has happened with geneva. – it is all hypothecated metal behind the pieces of paper called “certs”.

if you ain’t got the physical metal in your possession … you have shit!


It is perplexing that many Malaysian jumped into Genneva pool of gold after it received the endorsement of Mahathir and Rosmah. After a series of expose on those two that would make us think a thousand times before we even want to see their faces on the tele and these people became Gennevan because of Mahathir and Rosmah??? That explain a lot why UMNO and BN had a long run on the treasury. We, Malaysian are a bunch of loser who would not admit our own weaknesses and fault in anything we do and we will defend our “water face” even though it will mean that our children and the future of our nation will be at risk. Malaysian Gennevan, please stop living in a world of denial and wake up! The dream of receiving gold coming from the heaven was foolish in the first place and still adamantly believing that the dream “was real” and was bound to happen is even more foolish.

It’s time to wake up to the realities that Genneva is a scam, its directors are crooks and since birds of a feather flock together, the endorser of the scheme are crooks too if not a party to the scam. Next time, remember the golden rule of investment which is “if it sounds too good to be true then it must be a scam” and oh one other thing, never trust UMNO, its leader, past (especially mahathir) and present (of course, never trust Rosmah)! Another reason to believe in ABU!


Interesting write-up. Once I came across this ‘poem’ which was displaced in a small outlet. I believed it aptly applied to all of us if we are not careful.

When Money Talks
Suckers Listen
Fools Follow.

My children feel this poem is cynical, especially when I displayed this in my own living room as a reminder.

Excellent as usual.

All these smart finance writers are making me dizzy.
I don’t know much about money but i was thinking if you have 20 billion USD and you wanted to cpen a finance whatever, even a loan-shark – uggh! and you buy 10 billion worth of gold as your backup. How much could you lend from your 10 billion worth of gold and 10 billion USD. Surely less than 20 billion USD. Right ?
Now you are thinking and you came with a good idea – what not ask Tom and Dick to keep your gold safe for 13 billion USD. Now you have more money to lend right ?
Now you have 23 billion USD to play with. Now if Skim Amanah Rakyat SARA 1Malaysia could make give you 32%/year (is that correct ?) how much could you make ? 50% a year and you give 24%/year to make Tom and Dick happy with hibah.
You make more money right with Tom and Dick keeping your gold safe afterall you are not going to buy back at the appreciated Gold price if the gold appreciate like what they predict 2500 USD/oz in 2013.
Surely this is gonna hurt the banks and central banks. They said this is a ponzi scheme or you could not sustain it what ever or how could you make 24 % with the gold doing nothing ..Right ? They said their asset is less than their liabilities.. This is business .they do not have to tell the central Bank where they hide their money/asset… they could even just give it to all to Skim Amanah Rakyat SARA 1Malaysia and let the government pay them 32%/year. surely they could sustain the 24% Hibah ..right? or I must be really naive ? Anyone ?

So easy for you to write and talk like a financial expert. Those investors are just some normal Malaysian and not many are as sophisticated and clever like you. They will really be lucky if you also one of the victim then you will really be a real hero to save them all. Talk is cheap and talk with cockiness is cheaper. Do patronized others that already worried sick about their investment, which might be gone forever. Anyway some of your writes does make sense. Quiet similar to abandon housing project. Only buyers suffered.

Wow…what a great write-up!!!

A serious yet hilarious piece of article which is informative, constructive and makes me ROTFLOL.

Thanks man !

hello johnphoon,

i suppose me being cheap talker and act like a financial expert but knows nothing about the greatness of genneva save my fortunes from flowing into the great “blue ocean” … i prefer that way though …

anyway, really hope that you didn’t get burnt, and if you did, sincerely hope you can get back some of your investment soon … however, if you’re the pioneer batch, congrats …

cheers …

another key-board warrior wearing out his keys and fingers.

Gee…has this world especially Malaysians have lost all sense of humor ?

damn good writer but too bad too less articles…nowadays

Well written but a bit cruel

hello wave33,

did i intentionally left out auntie rosy? well, i can include her but then mr donald duck may get offended for being excluded from this tournament … furthermore my lucky number is 10, so to include auntie rosy & mr donald would make by article – 12 things to do – so (*grin*) …

cheers …

hello katakatak,

which part was cruel? you mean the part about hamster dying out of hunger? yeah, maybe i should use arowana instead (*grin*) …

cheers …

Ask Mahatiu for help ?
The cunning old fox will say:
” Saya ni dah tua dah, tak ingat lagi, barangkali saya ada katakan emas Genneva ni bagus ,bijak lagi untung …, tapi entahlah, dah nyayuk ni,tak boleh recall…”{

Damn well written article. Financetwitter, you are the best and I always look forward to following your articles. Just ignore all those ignorant assholes who cannot enjoy the humuor nor the logic of your writing. Write more, keep it up coz your writing is rational and sensible unlike the comments of those Genneva Traders like Kim Meng who claim they are so smart but we all know better now isn’t it?


Yes, it’s sad some of these gold traders as they want to be known can ill afford to lose their hard earned money but they have no one to blame but themselves and their GREED !!

I hope the authorities can catch the GM directors and convict them, then hang them by their balls from the highest durian tree !! That would be golden justice !!

Tun Dr Mahathir as the longest ex-prime minister & respected politician. How can he launched Genneva in Dec2010, knowing that it was a ponzi scheme, illegal deposit taking, money laundering scheme. Dont tell me he dont even know any thing.How can he as a ex-prime minister be so blind and willingly allow its fellow Malaysians to invest in it,knowing its a Ponzi and illegal scheme. Given his outspoken personality even condemning the Western country, defending his policy etc etc,how come he is so quiet now, plse speak up Tun, u already lead the people life savings into zero.By mistake or chance you endorsed Genneva, is still speaking up.Come on, u have been quiet for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don kiyosaki,don’t expect the directors to be jailed,at most maybe a few hundreds thousands fine and some heavy duty greasing of the ag,police and heck some ministers and semua beres, who knows they cames out smelling like an angels.Well this is Malaysia,were you born only yesterday?

Your article seems so filled with punchlines but heck, it was clearly explicit that it was written for cheap praises and fame-in-vanity with hypocritical ‘devotions’ from all kind of fools who were perhaps seeking or deriving their own version of vindications of some sort from the very content of your piece of so-called legacy which they themselves are incapable, imcompetent of putting it together in the very first place. I wonder if these fools are praising you for that instead …

Shame to these fools who praised, and shame to you the writer for the ignorance of the highest order. Try define Ponzi, try define MLM and try define scam in absolute clarity and you shall have no where to hide. Your homework is simply not complete without clarity in your blatant use of these jargons but never mind … that’s you.

A one-eyed man (you) is always a king in the kingdom of the blinds (those fools). Thus, you’re and you must be their man, their hero – the fools’ hero! Have I got you right on the spot, “man”?

You were simply playing Judge albeit without the Big Picture perspective, understanding and clarity. Honestly, I sincerely doubt that the public prosecutors and the various ministries that are looking into this matter will ever appreciate what you could have painstakingly cut-and-pasted into one piece, unsolicited, much like a spin-doctor or more aptly, smart-alec who wished to take a free ride well-ahead of the authorities’ verdict, if there is one.

Make sure you enjoyed the ride before the verdict dawns, “man”! You and all these fools shall be judged as much as you fools have jumped-the-gun & played Judges, albeit pre-maturely and in serious lack of due diligence.

Remember, everything you heard is just an opinion, not necessarily a fact and everything you saw is just perception, not necessarily the truth.

Your public display of ignorance is, to say the least, will be your very own undoing. For that, I am sincerely thankful.

hello observant,

appreciate comment from a gennevarian very much …

well, i sincerely hope what we wrote was wrong because we can then take this article as another bedtime story … but if it’s true then you’re “shiok sendiri” and in denial mode … either way, we stand to lose nothing but you?

regardless whether you’re the director, management, senior consultant, consultant or merely a diehard fan of genneva, i can only assume this article hit where it hurts – your money … and why so desperately defending the indefensible if your business is legitimate? and why not do any of the 10 things written on this article, since you have been victimized?

silly me, that’s because the director, management and committee members said “don’t” because of all the conspiracy theories and they would drag your case till next century … cool, waiting for miracle is not a bad idea after all …

by the way, if one of the reasons for top management and consultants engaging elegant silence strategy was hoping for this case to die a natural death and hopefully the IRD will not come after you, worry not because all your files are already opened – the government is hungry for money dude …

cheers …

hello, “man”

No offence meant but really, any fool can easily set up a blog and start to write like you, all the while ‘shiok-sendiri’ thinking that his or her articles receive supports and praises.

You could have been a little more patience whenever the authorities are involved. Their promise of a “quick & prompt” resolution is not according to your dictated time frame but strictly theirs.

Your lack of homework, esp. the lack of understanding & clarity have truly given it all away. That’s amount to cheap & cocky writings as someone puts it earlier. You’d better learn from other writers, have a big picture perspective in your writing. You could always try again.

Passing pre-mature verdicts ahead of the authorities speaks volume of your competence, as well as maturity on the topic; a valuable hint to inexperience writers seeking cheap publisities and ill-meaning praises from fools who were quite likely be seeking out some sort of vindication from the very content of your article.

REally, make sure you enjoyed the ride before the verdict from the authorities dawns. You and all these fools shall be judged as much as you fools have jumped-the-gun & played Judges, albeit pre-maturely and in serious lack of due diligence.

Welcome to the world of good writings. Hope you learned some valuable tips herein, it was a good attempt anyway albeit an incompetent piece.

I pity those fools who are neither capable nor competent to comprehend issues on their own, hence they crave to depend on your cheap opinions as their gospel.

Hahaha…the conmen behind Genneva are genius really, after having conned all the investors/traders ? yet still get their undivided support.

For those died-hard Genneva supporters, don’t be surprised it was the director(s) who asked Central Bank to raid the company after siphoning most of the money.
Most if not all of your money/gold are gone, GONE !!!

I am already 71 years old man. Having cancer, diabetes.How long more can I live…Now my whole life savings is gone. I also got no EPF. Semua dah habis, dah hilang due to this Genneva scam…… Its a shame to see Dr. Mahatthir, the leader promoting the ponzi scam by holding Genneva gold. Standing di pentas with the Genneva directors, launching Genneva Syariah.

Is that right, he got that tiny gold as a door gift?? If it is true, where is his dignity/maruah??? I respected him a lot before, as a PM, but now due to him endorsing and promotion in Genneva Gold, my whole life savings is gone and my gold all gone. How now?? Kena minta sedekah kat Chow Kit atau lorong orang ramai……..atau pergi Kebajikan minta tolong.


Stop ranting as a spoil child here. We are all willing to listen and look at the business model and calculation for your “legitimate” business profiteering.

Please show us, we are all ears and eyes for you. Don’t you want our support too? We are eager and willing.

Dear FinanceTwitter
U done a great service by your great write up logic. Hope this country
Wakes up from their dream seems like Tun has this as political chess piece
It’s prime I believe there is some chance this is a political conspiracy,
The monies Genneva will reflow again before election thanks to BN so
Another wow votes from Genneva clients n consultants .

Observant,whoa don’t get so work up man,take care of your heart if not,an attack is quite imminent.Abit of laughter and some jokes won’t kill you right? unless you are one those “professional gold investors” got stucked and dammed sore.Luckily I’m one of those fools you mentioned, happy clapping for not getting conned.
I think a fool like me can get the clear defination on those terms you mentioned like Ponzi,MLM from Goggle and wiki why such an intelligent people like you needs a clear definations?
Really admire the Genneva directors,can conned the investors and also at the same time supported by the investors themselves,as if ,a VICTIM of BNM.Brilliant.I seriously studying their fantastic “Business Model”

The fools’ rantings are not a nuisance; they’re just are a source of amusement, worthy entertainment i.e. hahaha …

Why not contact NameWee and make a movie, you fools?

And keep basking in delusion that your fools’ hero will continue to write more juicy article which you fools could in turn crave to refer to, and crave to depend on for your own pathetic version of vindication of “you see, you see, I’ve told you so!” or “lucky me” and more …

If you fools could put these together, of which you are of course incompetent and incapable of doing so, and therefore you are pathetic, pitiful, you would not have to draw your comfort from such a silly, lowly, cheap article so explicitly done to solicit your insincere, hypocritical praises that amount to nothing really.

Oh my, can’t you see that you fools are feeding onto each other on a vicious cycle? This is really pathetic, you fools – I’m sorry … really, I am.

To Wave33, show your substance …

Write, not rant. Don’t be pathetic. Can you write at all in the first place btw? Or are you also just another fools who’s craving onto your fools’ hero for ‘enlightenment’ as you are incapable of a higher level of intellectual debate?

We are all waiting … all ears, all eyes and all minds.

Isn’t this what you wanted?

I just don’t get it , why are the directors of Genneva Malaysia so generous as to share wealth with any Tom, Dick and harry.
With a return of more than 24 % per annum , why didn’t they just go to the bank to borrow money for this gold trading business ?
Bank interest says at 8 % annually , they will be getting an extra profit of 16 % !
Hey before I forget, they too can save the commission for the consultants.
Then it also puzzles me as to why Genneva Malaysia needs consultants to sell gold ?
Isn’t just buying and selling of gold, simple right ?

you’ve been a great source of entertainment to us, observant … thank you very much

i supposed you won’t (or rather dare not) do any of the 10 suggested things to get back your gold or money so we’re charitable enough to provide you this channel in order for you to release your frustration / steam …

hence you’re welcome to whine and bitch about the whole world but the fantasy of genneva and yourself …

i also missed out another thing to do, now that you mentioned about namewee – gennevarian should pay namewee to compose a song or produce another movie about how the central bank screwed the innovative genneva … it could beat “gangnam style” 700 million youtube views …

i’ve to admit your amazing creativity so keep it coming, i may write another article on “Another 10 Things To Do To Recover Your Genneva Gold” …

cheers …

The issue is not whether it’s or it isn’t a ponzi scheme. Its definitely a ponzi scheme beyond reasonable doubt. The question is did the government deliberately set up this ponzi scheme knowing that it will default in a few years time just to ponder all the money?

I believe the crook Mahathir definitely knew it was a ponzi scheme when he set it up. I also believe he had a part in the profits too.


…i may write another article on “Another 10 Things To Do To Recover Your Genneva Gold” …

Oh… please do so as I always enjoy reading your write-ups.

I know who the Observant is !!! He is KIM MENG the super smart gold trader who has praised Genneva for it’s truly revolutionary, innovative and true to its spirit – a blue-ocean business strategy; the same principles that our current Malaysian Government wants us to practise and build


He is also pro Mahatir & definitely a BN supporter so that explains everything !!

Well, I hope Mr. Observant, your hamsters are not dying and you can still eat, shit and sleep well every nite. I CAN coz thanks to people like financetwitter’s writing, I become more informed and careful before parting with my hard earned money.

Observant quote:
“We are all waiting … all ears, all eyes and all minds.

Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Comelah… Please give us some education that Genneva business is truly evolution. Don’t forget to provide us the calculation of your profiteering business model. Sharelah… Don’t be so selfish.

We are waiting… but instead you still want to continue to rant like a spoil child.

Don’t you want our support? The person whom gonna lose his pants is you, observant, not us.

Go! Do your best to convince us!

We are all eyes and ears ready to support you, only if you are not a FOOL.

i’m not sure about his full name, don kiyosaki … but i believe “observant” is “Andrew Ng”, a genneva consultant, going by his facebook’s ID … 🙂

cheers …

The Auditor General of Germany had raprimanded the Government for not having sent inspectors on an annual basis to personally checked their physical gold kept in US Bank Vaults. They apparently relied on photographs. Now the government is going to send its inspectors to do the needful. Moral of the story: If it sounds too good it must be too bad.

Mr “observant” a song especially for you ,


dear finance twitter your articles rock; please continue the good work informing us (malaysian) not to be so stupid to path with our monies. Much appreciated.

“Fools and Money will part”.

This is reality….time will tell.

Scams like these are made a lot more attractive by Central banks artificially holding down interest rates. For 14 years now, BNM has held rates at below market levels, and well below 30-40 year average FD rates of 5-5.5%, pushing some to seek higher yields elsewhere.

Some other countries are worse – keeping rates at 0. This creates boatloads of more conservative account holders turned speculators, seeking to generate some income from their capital, which pays nothing at banks.

Capitalism my eye and foot and …….

Mr Financetwitter , how about doing a piece on the controversial Lynas rare earth plant in Kuantan ?
Thank you.

[…] How to Get Back Your Genneva Gold and Money – 10 Things To Do […]

[…] How to Get Back Your Genneva Gold and Money – 10 Things To Do […]

Genneva HQ in Malaysia.How come the names of this top politicians, politician wife, central bank, princess got involved in this scam, illegal deposit taking, money laundering. Who are the master mind??? how much gold & money they have pocketed.

I have friends who “invested” in this scam and are now counting their loss. I do not want to be heartless, I’m in fact saddened. This was a scam perpetrated by conniving crooks who knew how to leverage on the tacit and open endorsement from the Malaysian establishment of high royalty and politicians, past and present, in order to make what was a Ponzi scheme the greatest innovation of “blue ocean, syariah and 1 Malaysia gold trading platform” – at par with the invention of incandescent bulb!

You know why Bank Negara and the other regulators did not act earlier (or at first instance), IMHO, the reasons are that the BNM and the other enforcers dare not, for fear it will incur the wrath and sensibilities of the royal household, the PM and ex- PM.

My other conspiracy theory is that the perpetrating crooks (after they have stacked their millions overseas with their families safe and sound) have decided to allow BNM to step in as the house of cards is about to fall. Heck, right now the victims are crying foul at BNM for debunking their mass deception and denial. This is the true measure of a genius crook when the victims you had robbed continue to heap praises at you, elsewhere the mobs would lynch the crooks.

Perhaps this is the reason I don’t really admire the resilience and cocksure ness of some Malaysians when I watch from afar this sad tale ..

Moral of the story. Dont invest in Malaysia. Full of crooks and scams in the government,politician, royalty, datos(directors) and central banks. Genneva is one of the most excellent and transparent examples to con peoples money. That include its offices in Singapore, Phillipines and China.Spread the news to the world & see whether they still dare to show their face to show the world.

Chairperson,Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah, the daughter of Sultan of Pahang. She was holding on to Genneva gold happily with her cute pinkish dress. What a shame.Where has she gone to?? No public announcement so far from this chairperson. Just keep quiet………..Besides that,how much g*** went to her pocket??

Well researched and well written but the recommendations to get the money back are not really feasible and will not work out and of no assistance to anybody (Genevans). May be the writer meant this (recommendations) as a joke ??? The sorry to say has no option but to wait for the outcomes of the investigation and to hope that they can still get a small fraction of their money back. This is really an agonizing wait. It is strange that no suicides were reported.

is the “Gexxevx” asked th Bank “N” to raid them, so that they can get away without paying investxx !

In England, we watched and downloaded the video. This Dr Mahathir is a real crook, just for the small door gift received from Genneva gold, he officially launched this Genneva scam company. And two years later, the Central banks raided the company and take away/steal the gold and money from investors. Where is Dr mahathir’s dignity as an ex-prime minister of his country. How he dare to face politician and people from all over the world especially in his own country. How can he be so greedy and stupid just to get that little gold free, but destroyed his integrity and shamed himself as an ex-Prime minister. Doesnt he want respect from people?? Did his family members advice him at least??

I must read more articles like this. Good for keeping my head above water and under the clouds.

And perhaps maybe one day I’ll learn how to scam lots of people and make enough billions to disappear completely before I am caught.

Oh yessss…..

this article well written. ….but the unkind mocking of investors not very nice. ….one day when the writer becomes a victim of any scams that ruined his life then he will understand. .


Go get a bomoh or sami and go hexed the perpetrators..like make their balls bigger and their head smaller…..imagine the havoc if 35000 people hire 35000 bomohs/sami…….

This is truly the Malaysian way.
The question here would be WHO ARE THE PERPETRATORS…?
*who….who….who..are you* to the tune of CSI Miami theme song

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