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Uproar Over Chin Peng’s Ashes But Happily Welcome Back ISIS Radicalized Terrorists

As the grand plan to form a new “Malay only” government fails to take off, the opposition continues their search for new racial and religious issues to play. The intention is to ensure ethnic Malays keep on hating the ethnic Chinese. The fallen Barisan Nasional coalition, after losing the government for the first time in […]

... written on Nov 29 2019

5 Small Business Startup Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

It is not as easy as people think to start a business. The very first steps taken dictate failure or success. Also, there is a huge pressure put on the shoulders of the owner that can easily lead to poor decisions. Then, we also have to factor in the fact that there is no such […]

... written on Nov 27 2019

Huawei Beats Apple & Samsung – Latest Rating Revealed By This French Independent Benchmark

Made-in-China products were said to be of inferior quality. The Chinese goods were poorly manufactured because the Chinese businessmen have poor business ethics. Any products made in China were viewed as junks, fit only to be consumed by consumers from the third world countries who could not afford high quality goods.   The perception was […]

... written on Nov 27 2019

Where Can You Take A Career In Nursing?

If you are currently practicing as a registered nurse and you want to take your next steps in your nursing career, but you are just not sure which way to go, then you are not alone. There are many different directions you could take and specialties you could focus on; the sheer amount of choice […]

... written on Nov 26 2019

Azmin Is Screwed – The Much-Hyped New “Malay-Only” Coalition Government Fizzles Out

Azmin Ali has dug a hole so deep that it’s hard to see how he could survive. Not only is he trapped in the hole, his buddy-turn-nemesis Anwar Ibrahim has thrown a rope for him to hang himself. But he has only himself to blame. He becomes an arrogant scumbag upon being promoted as the […]

... written on Nov 26 2019

Here’s Why You Should Not Use Public USB Charging Stations – Including At The Airport

The holiday season may have already started to some parents and their kids. Naturally, gadgets would be on the top of “items to bring” list. Those devices, however, are the beasts which are forever hungry for power. Everyone seems to bring along a pack or two of power banks nowadays. But even such power banks, […]

... written on Nov 23 2019

How To Entertain On A Budget

It’s always fun to “eat, drink and be merry” with family, friends and loved ones. However, it’s important to note that you can’t do these things for free. Someone will get hungry or want to enjoy an activity. While there are ways to cheat the system, it’s always great to keep a few bucks on […]

... written on Nov 22 2019

Azmin Is Bluffing – He Does Not Have The Number For Mahathir To Continue As Prime Minister

Mahathir should not have had sent a boy to do a man’s job. Azmin Ali, his errand boy recruited to weaken the position of prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, has been caught not only engaging sexual activity with another man but was also sued by a travel agency over unpaid family holidays. That speaks volumes how […]

... written on Nov 20 2019

Running A Home Business – Do You Need Insurance?

Would you find surprising to learn that 75% of businesses are underinsured? What’s more, 40% of the total of small businesses don’t have any insurance. Some entrepreneurs choose not to insure their businesses because they try to save money, but they don’t know that in the long run its lack leads to higher expenses.   […]

... written on Nov 19 2019

U.S. Stock Market Hits New Record Highs – But Farm Bankruptcies Jump To Highest Since 2011

Investors, speculators and punters were cheering as the U.S. stocks hit fresh record highs on Friday on hopes for a US-China trade deal despite mixed economic data. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) holds above 28,000 points on Monday, after the index hit the level for the first time after posting a fourth straight week of […]

... written on Nov 19 2019

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