Corruption Scandal – How Anti-Corruption Chief Azam Baki’s Half-Baked Story Backfires & Implicates Him Even More

MACC’s (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief – Azam Baki – should have learned from former Prime Minister Najib Razak that a lie would need 10 more lies to cover-up. Mr “Pink Lips Najib” was a great liar, probably the best liar the country has ever produced. Still, the compulsive liar failed in both the High Court […]

... written on Jan 07 2022

PAS “Iranian Revolution” In Malaysia – Why Sultan Selangor Bans Politicians From Preaching Islam

When Barisan Nasional coalition, which had ruled for 61 years since independence in 1957, was defeated in the May 2018 General Election, Malaysia became worse. This is due to the new alliance between Malay ultras (UMNO) and Muslim extremists (PAS) who joined forces to undermine the democratically-elected multiracial Pakatan Harapan government.   The national cooperation […]

... written on Dec 31 2021

Where’s NADMA’s RM150 Million? – It’s Illegal To Channel RM10 Millions Of EPF Members’ Money To Dubious NGOs

Donations and charities have often been misused and abused by certain individuals and organizations to do bad things like money laundering, tax evasion, tax fraud and whatnot. Just ask former Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi how his families hid behind charity foundation Yayasan Akalbudi and used dirty money to go on shopping sprees at luxury stores.   […]

... written on Dec 29 2021

A Truly “Keluarga Malaysia” – Flood Victims Trapped On Roofs, But Govt Too Busy Playing Politics & Rescuing PM’s Son-In-Law

At least 17 people have died and over 60,000 displaced, while some victims were still stranded on Monday (Dec 20) – three days after torrential rain triggered severe flooding in eight states of Malaysia. Yet, the clueless Ismail Sabri government appeared directionless, running around like a headless chicken as anger and frustration exploded over rescue […]

... written on Dec 21 2021

Sabri’s Self-Praised Stunt Backfired – RM1,000 Fine For 100,000 People Govt Rally, But RM245,000 Fine For Partygoers

Ismail Sabri was known as one of the clueless and incompetent ministers even before the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government was defeated in the May 2018 General Election. From his desire for turtle eggs to the half-baked MARA Digital Mall and from skyrocketing food prices to declaring December 3 as “Batik Day”, he has absolutely no […]

... written on Dec 13 2021

Guilty!!! – Najib Should Blame His Wife Rosmah For Prematurely Insulting The Judiciary While Shopping In Singapore

Signs of trouble for former Prime Minister Najib Razak were as clear as daylight about 24 hours before a three-member Court of Appeal was scheduled to deliver its verdict today (8 December, 2021). Najib’s defence team suddenly wanted to add more evidence in his appeal at the eleventh hour, something quite extraordinary and obviously another […]

... written on Dec 08 2021

Make Up Your Mind – Use Malay For Timah Whisky You Complain, Use English For Buildings You Also Complain

As the 15th General Election approaches, the racist and extremist politicians have started shifting gears in their usual comical contest to become the Malay champions. The goal is, or course, to hoodwink the gullible ethnic Malays. Unlike previously, this round will see three Malay political parties – UMNO, Bersatu and PAS – fighting tooth and […]

... written on Dec 05 2021

How UMNO Plays PAS – Trapped & Ego Bruised Hadi Awang Ditched UMNO In Order To Save Face

UMNO had won the battle in the Melaka state election, but the United Malays National Organisation might lose the war – 15th General Election. There are 11 seats where the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition won with a majority of less than 1,000 votes, from as few as 79 votes to 938 votes. If voters in […]

... written on Dec 02 2021

Dec 8 Judgement Day – All Signs Show Court of Appeal Likely To Free World’s Biggest Crook Najib Razak

Mahathir Mohamad has expressed his displeasure over “special treatment” accorded to Najib Razak despite his conviction for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT) and money laundering. On July 28, 2020, Mr Najib was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined RM210 million for the crimes involving RM42 million stolen from SRC International […]

... written on Nov 25 2021

How The Crooked Family Of Najib Almost Got Away With RM100 Million Mansion & Land The Size Of 2 Soccer Fields

After stealing tens of billions of dollars, former Prime Minister Najib Razak is being awarded a gift worth a whopping RM100 million. The best part is, he has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined RM210 million after found guilty of abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT), and money laundering – […]

... written on Nov 19 2021

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