Don’t Flatter Yourself – The Real Reason Saudi Crown Prince Met Muhyiddin, And The Possible Divine Intervention Like Najib

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, popularly known as MBS, lost all his Western friends with a snap of a finger following the brutal assassination of Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. The CIA concluded that MBS had given the order for the killing, where the Saudi Arabian dissident […]

... written on Mar 28 2023

The End Of Mahathir’s Trick, Legacy & Political Journey – You Cannot Fool All The People All The Time

When Mahathir Mohamad was asked in 2003 by Asiaweek how he would like his legacy to be remembered, he said – “Oh, I really don’t care. In 40 years, I’m not going to be around and when you’re dead, people will say nasty things about you. It doesn’t make a difference to me.” That was […]

... written on Mar 22 2023

From Stealing Wife To Government & Money – Muhyiddin Might Have Solicited Bribes From Syed Mokhtar In Return For 5G

Anwar Ibrahim’s pledge to crack down on corruption has sent shivers down the spine of many corrupt politicians, including three former Prime Ministers – Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri. But they are not the only sharks identified. Powerful politicians like Daim Zainuddin and super-rich cronies like Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary too are in trouble. […]

... written on Mar 11 2023

Ex-PM Mahiaddin To Face 7 Charges Tomorrow – How The Crook Fled To London And Almost Never Returned

No amount of praying can help Muhyiddin Yassin if indeed he had received bribes or abused his power to help families or cronies enriched themselves. Praying to the God cannot erase money trails that would implicate him of corruption and money laundering, even though it is a good tactic to trick his gullible supporters into […]

... written on Mar 09 2023

Money First, Cronies Second, Malay & Islam Last – PN Willingly Offers Prime Minister Post To Sarawak For Power

He could say and do anything he likes, including insulting and belittling all the nine Malay Rulers. And he certainly could instigate social unrest with seditious statements to the point of starting bloody racial riots. Abdul Hadi Awang realizes he is untouchable because all the sultans – even the ruling government – are too pussy […]

... written on Mar 01 2023

Why Bersatu Panicked After Wan Saiful Charged For Corruption – Annuar Musa Could Be Next

When Wan Saiful Wan Jan was charged for receiving RM6.96 million (RM6,962,694.54 to be precise) kickbacks from Nepturis Sdn Bhd in exchange for a lucrative road project – Central Spine Road worth a staggering RM232 million – it has raised eyebrows. The information chief of Bersatu or Malaysian United Indigenous Party has actually been slapped […]

... written on Feb 25 2023

A Photo-Op Drama – How President Biden Made A Surprise Trip To Ukraine “After” Getting Permission From Russia

Instead of the well-known Air Force One, President Joe Biden boarded Air Force C-32 – a modified Boeing 757 used for domestic trips to smaller airports. Bearing the call sign SAM060 (Special Air Mission), the POTUS was on a secret trip which had been planned many months ahead. The mission – gets a photo-op to […]

... written on Feb 23 2023

PAS’ Armies Of Swords & Spears – Don’t Underestimate Hadi’s “Iranian Revolution” To Seize Power

Having tasted blood, it’s extremely hard for Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, the most radical and extremist political party in the country, to return to the opposition. Its president, Abdul Hadi Awang, was promoted as Special Envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank by former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (April 2020 – August 2021) as the […]

... written on Feb 20 2023

Accusing Self-Appointed Zafrul Of Corruption – Facing 3 Scandals, Muhyiddin In Bigger Trouble Than Najib

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has threatened to sue those who insinuate that he is corrupt. Well, if he is serious about his threats, he should start taking legal action against Anwar Ibrahim because the 10th Prime Minister has suggested on numerous occasions that he was corrupt by awarding lucrative contracts to his son-in-law. […]

... written on Feb 18 2023

Forget Aliens & UFOs – They Might Have Been Sent By Biden To Distract Domestic Economic Problems And Scandals

First, there was the so-called Chinese spy balloon, which China insisted was just a civilian weather balloon that had blown off course. President Joe Biden, who initially refused to do anything, had to give orders to shoot it down on Feb 4 after being mocked and ridiculed by fellow Democrats and Republican as a weak […]

... written on Feb 15 2023

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