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From Hot Chicks to White Angpows, Nothing Works

Going by the rate on how MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) tries to make itself relevant to the Chinese voters but with failure on each attempt, it seems its president Chua Soi Lek may never recover his investment for the presidency he won in Mar 2010. In fact, one can be forgiven to say MCA may […]

... written on Jan 31 2012

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Waterproof

A week after iPhone 4’s launching, I tried my luck in getting the gadget without much high hope. After all, most of my friends advised me to go in early in the morning if I ever hope of getting one. And since it was around tea-time, I thought I would just ask for the sake […]

... written on Jan 17 2012

Anwar’s Acquittal – What Are The Hidden Messages?

By now everybody in Planet Earth knows de-facto opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has been acquitted on a charge of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in 2008. The acquittal surprises many people – from opposition parties, Najib administration, former premier Mahathir and even Anwar himself. But was Anwar really surprised with the verdict? […]

... written on Jan 12 2012

OK, RPK Switch Sides But Why Are Everyone Surprise?

One of the reasons why I’m looking forward to the first day of the New Year was the prospect of bombshells of news, besides the glittering and spectacular fireworks, of course. As predicted, the peaceful short demonstration by young students at UPSI ended with bloods, thanks to the kind hospitality of the professional police. The […]

... written on Jan 04 2012

Spectacular Fireworks Welcoming New Year 2012

The New Year 2012 has been welcomed with spectacular fireworks across the globe and as with previous year, Australia showed the rest of the world how to have a good time and another round of magnificent fireworks. With hundreds of thousands thronging the harbour, Sydney welcomed 2012 in style – a whopping $6 million of […]

... written on Jan 01 2012

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