iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Waterproof

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Jan 17 2012
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A week after iPhone 4’s launching, I tried my luck in getting the gadget without much high hope. After all, most of my friends advised me to go in early in the morning if I ever hope of getting one. And since it was around tea-time, I thought I would just ask for the sake of asking. The salesman asked if it’s for a new registration- surprisingly he said he has one last unit after I answered “yes”. I supposed there’s no such thing as daily quota but subject to whether if there’re other profits (or commissions) to be made from such a sale.

That was more than a year ago and since then Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) had launched iPhone 4S. Many wonders what else can iPhone 5, assuming that’s what Apple is going to call it after iPhone 4S, be packed with. Software-wise, Siri, the so-called intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking would naturally get, well, more intelligent. Physically, the next generation of iPhone post-4S has to be sexier than the current model. It won’t be fun to share the same body shape by three generations of iPhone – 4, 4S and 5. But what if Apple designers couldn’t come up with anything more sexier than the current shape?

Water Proof iPhone HzO 

Frankly, I wouldn’t think twice about changing my iPhone 4 if the next generation iPhone is water-proof. That’s right, iPhone 5 or rival Samsung Galaxy S III, if that’s what Samsung is going to name their next generation smartphone, may be waterproof, as demonstrated by HzO’s WaterBlock technology during recent Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas. We heard how iPhone still works after the gadget survived a fall from 13,500 feet although most likely it won’t survive a fire but a still working iPhone after it dropped into swimming pool, beach or even a toilet (*grin*) would be awesome.

Water Proof Samsung HzO 

HzO’s WaterBlock technology utilises a proprietary non-toxic nanotechnology film coating which shields electronic devices and components from water, moisture and debris damage. Applied via a process called “vacuum deposition” during manufacturing process, the technology has been successfully implemented on smartphones (including the Apple iPhone 4S, iPads, iPods and Samsung Galaxy S II) and tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire) in addition to other consumer electronics and industrial equipment. The company is hoping to sign big deals with all leading manufacturers including Apple Inc. and Samsung.

Water Proof iPhone HzO

The technology creates a nano-scale film barrier which has special water repelling properties once applied to the inside of electronic gadgets hence the iPhone or Samsung users would not have to worry that their smartphone is damaged by sweat while running or water while swimming. Of course, not many would deliberately throw their iPhone into toilet or listen to music while snorkeling with iPhone although they knew their gadget is waterproof. If the technology is indeed applied in iPhone, it was purely for “accidental encounters” rather than anything else although HzO coated devices have reportedly been immersed in water for “many continuous hours,” and they continue to work fine.

Most importantly, HzO claims that WaterBlock is a non-toxic, organic material that is safe for people to use (because it is applied to the inside of the device, not the outside), not to mention it also doesn’t change the aesthetics of a device or add any weight. And that’s cool.

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