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Here’s One Country ISIS Fears The Most But Never Talked About

ISIS is the most feared terrorist group on planet Earth. Their brutality is beyond modern day comprehension. The best part is they don’t fear the world’s most powerful nation, the United States, nor do they give a damn about firepower from France or United Kingdom. Heck, they’re not even afraid of superpower Russia hence they […]

... written on Dec 30 2015

WSJ’s Last Bombshell For The Year – Najib’s $700 Million Came From 1MDB

If 2014 was the year of Malaysia Airlines where it lost two Boeing 777s, one disappeared while another shot down; the year 2015 is definitely the year of Prime Minister Najib Razak. The prime minister’s multi-billion dollar scandals easily eclipse any other financial scandals one could imagine in the history of the country, including Mahathir’s. […]

... written on Dec 29 2015

Maslan To Transform This Nation As The World’s Hardest Working Country

Many think Germany is Europe’s hardest working country and Japan is the champion in Asia while Americans work the longest hour in both North and South America continents. After all, these countries are the wealthiest. Surprisingly, all three of them do not even qualify for the top-10 most hardworking countries on planet Earth.   The […]

... written on Dec 29 2015

Christmas Screw-Up – Malaysia Airlines Flew In Wrong Direction Till Pilot Asked Why

MH132 was supposed to fly directly to Malaysia capital Kuala Lumpur. Mysteriously, the Malaysia Airlines took off from Auckland Airport, New Zealand, and flew to somewhere else instead – to Melbourne, Australia. After the missing MH370 and downing of MH17 last year, the last thing the country needs is another disaster on 2015 calendar. Fortunately, […]

... written on Dec 27 2015

It Has Begun – Entry Into Western Countries Is Tougher Now For Muslims

The threat to the Christianity must be very real for the Archbishop of Canterbury to issue a warning on Christmas Day that the religion is facing “elimination” in the Middle East at the hands of an Islamic State (ISIS) “apocalypse”. The Most Reverend Justin Welby called the Islamist extremists as “a Herod of today” – a reference […]

... written on Dec 27 2015

Forget Fingerprint & Password – 2016 Could Be The Year Of “Facial Recognition”

Will the world see technological breakthroughs next year in the consumer products? Sure, there was the fingerprint sensor on iPhone and Android smartphone. But they’re already so yesterday and boring before we unleash fireworks for the New Year celebration. Besides, there’s only so much you can do with the fingerprint recognition.   What else could […]

... written on Dec 25 2015

Sultan Of The Year 2015 – Sultan Ibrahim Of The Kingdom Of Johor

Christmas is just around the corner and stock markets have already started its yearly window dressing. Now is perhaps the best time for you to take some money off the table, if your portfolio is making good money. However, there’s one very prosperous country in ASEAN which disallows people from celebrating Christmas. Oil-rich Brunei has […]

... written on Dec 23 2015

Here’s Why Rayani Air Is Too Fake To Be A “Halal” Airline

You may be forgiven for mistaken this airline as an Irish airline. After all, “Rayani Air” does sound like “Ryanair”, an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1985 and has since grown to become the largest European airline, operating over 300 Boeing 737-800 aircraft serving 31 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Perhaps inspired by […]

... written on Dec 22 2015

Malaysians Refused To Give Way To VIP – A Sign Of People’s Uprising?

When do you feel like giving way to another motorist during a busy day? Well, when you’re happy, of course. And when do you think you would be happy on the road? Of course, when you don’t have to worry about paying bills, putting food on the table, rushing for a business appointment and the […]

... written on Dec 21 2015

10 Crazy Facts How The World Has Changed Since The Fed Last Raised Interest Rates

Do you remember what you were doing on June 29, 2006? That was close to 10-year ago and you could probably still schooling. But that was when the Federal Reserve pushed the key rate to 5.25%, for a 17th straight time since June 2004, and the last time before they do it again almost 10-year […]

... written on Dec 19 2015

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