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After Exit TMC, Dr. Colin Lee Set-Up New Fertility Center

Dr. Colin Lee Soon Soo, the founder and former managing director of TMC Life Sciences Bhd (KLSE: TMCLIFE, stock-code 0101) has set up his own new fertility center after sold all his 120.4 million shares (at RM0.52 a share) in TMC to Singapore billionaire Peter Lim Eng Hock. This is an expected move since he […]

... written on Jul 30 2011

7 Things That Would Happen If The USA Is Downgraded

With less than 100 hours (Aug 2) before the world’s largest economic powerhouse, United States of America, is set to default on its debt obligations or otherwise, the global stock markets are trembling with fear. It’s very unlikely but should it happens, the U.S. economy may tumble by 5% and the stock market may drop […]

... written on Jul 29 2011

Resign Or Snap Election For Najib, Here’re The Reasons

As much as I would like to stop writing about PM Najib administration, the plot just got interesting and I think he may just hit the bull’s eye as far as my prediction that his downfall may be faster than his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi, is concerned. Compared with Najib, Badawi now seems like a cute […]

... written on Jul 23 2011

A Brilliant Beautiful Fake Apple Store, in China

China is a country that many hate but love at the same time. China’s economic engine will never stop, at least for many years to come, thanks to initial cheap labour and the huge production mills migration from the United States. And the U.S. unemployment may never recover as long as the country continue to […]

... written on Jul 21 2011

Apple’s BlockBuster Earnings, iPad Eating Up PC Market

Apple’s stock jumped as much as 7.5% to $405 a share in extended trading hour, after its earnings announcement. This is one company which grows as if there’s no tomorrow and leaves the competitors miles away especially in the tablet market. It was nice to read that iPhone sales actually quadrupled from a year ago […]

... written on Jul 20 2011

Yes, PM Najib, You’re in Deep Shit & So Are Your Cronies

Seriously, I hate to see Najib goes down faster than his predecessor, although I did write an article back in Jan 2010 that Najib’s administration may be short-lived, shorter than former PM Abdullah Badawi (you can read here). It seems there’s serious brain-drain in premiership succession that every new prime minister is worse than the […]

... written on Jul 15 2011

How Did Some Great Companies Get Their Cool Names?

Entrepreneurs and founders have a common problem during their company setup – what shall be their company’s name? It would be a challenge especially during current internet age because the domain name you desire may not be available. From product concept to their pet name, that’s how some of these successful companies get their name. […]

... written on Jul 13 2011

Post-Bersih 2.0 Rally, Here Are The Winners (Photo)

My driver was anxiously telling me how he evaded the road block on his way to pick me up at the airport, on the eve of Bersih 2.0’s July 9 rally. Before I can start telling him about my trip to Hong Kong and the wonderful foods that I had, he told me not to […]

... written on Jul 11 2011

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