Sorry UMNO Folks, Here’re 12 Differences Between Donald Trump And Najib Razak

Suddenly every single UMNO member and supporter sings like a canary – praising and worshipping Donald Trump as if he is Allah. Trump’s stunning victory has indeed made him very popular, so much so that the President-elect is now more popular in Muslim countries than in his own country, the United States. That’s absolutely amusing!! […]

... written on Dec 01 2016

First Family’s Monkey Report On FBI Conspiracy Has Backfired Spectacularly

Monkey see, monkey do – is a saying refers to the learning of a process without an understanding of why it works. If you ask former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, he will gladly tell you such monkeys do exist in abundance – in the form of UMNO leaders throwing punches in the air in […]

... written on Aug 03 2016

Here’s Why Making His Son A PM Isn’t The Reason Mahathir Attacks Najib

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, goes the popular proverb. It’s particular true when one had successfully escaped from a pariah fake democracy country like Malaysia to a developed United Kingdom, the British Empire that happens to have had once colonized the former.   Top blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (popularly known […]

... written on Apr 25 2016

Here’re 2 Methods To Skin Najib, But Election Is Not One Of Them

Contrary to what Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s band of supporters and bloggers would like to believe, the 1MDB scandal is too messy and too scandalous to go away. And that’s good news to them because that means Najib regime would have to keep paying their wages as cyber troopers – earning an average RM3,000 […]

... written on Apr 13 2016

Sorry Folks, Here’s Why LGE & Toyo’s Bungalow Scandals Aren’t Similar

Lim Guan Eng (LGE), if he’s a kopitiam boss or a roast pork seller, would not get the attention (and trouble) he’s getting now. In fact, nobody would care that he had struck a good deal getting himself a bungalow for RM2.8 million – a crazy discount to market value. At 10,161 square feet, his […]

... written on Mar 26 2016

Relax Najib, ABC Reporters Just Asking Questions, Not Throwing Shoes At You

Najib’s supporters and bloggers should answer this puzzle. Why can’t their paymaster – Prime Minister Najib Razak – be a “real man” and answer questions from foreign journalists? Why does the prime minister need to run away every time questions are asked about the murder of Altantuya or corruption related to US$1 billion found in […]

... written on Mar 16 2016

Losing Social Media War – After 86,000 Angry Emojis, It’s “#SuspectMyPM”

If social media creativity is an indicator, Malaysia should have had many Steve Jobs or at least some international brands such as Samsung, if not better. Government’s policy of racism, discrimination and systematic degradation of national education system, however, has produced a society with poor critical thinking skills.   The Government of Malaysia, dominated by […]

... written on Mar 10 2016

Promotion!! – Prime Minister Najib Razak Is Now “Emperor” Najib Razak

All the predictions and statements by pro-Najib bloggers about the Malaysian prime minister’s bravery haven’t materialized. It’s true that it’s extremely hard to force Najib son of Razak into early retirement, thanks to former premier Mahathir who had fortified the position before he retired in 2003. Najib, his advisers and his band of bloggers knew […]

... written on Dec 04 2015

Here’s How Najib Regime Creatively “Chicken Out” From 1MDB Debate

Everybody was looking forward to an entertaining Friday debate today between Najib’s minion and an opposition outspoken badass on 1MDB scandal that has accumulated debts to the tune of RM42 billion. Mr. Arul Kanda Kandasamy, the President and Group Executive Director of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was supposed to debate with MP Tony Pua.   Mr. Tony […]

... written on Nov 06 2015

Badass Najib Smiles – Disarray Opposition, Speaker Blocks All Questions

Today is the first day of Parliament sitting but the temperature was already extraordinary high. Malaysians are supposed to see two things before the Christmas kicks in. First, Prime Minister Najib Razak with allegations of corruption, money laundering and murder scandals stacked against him, is supposed to see (blind) defence from all his 132 MPs. […]

... written on Oct 19 2015

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