Civil War Has Begun – UMNO Finally Realized Its Mistake, Desperately Wants To Quit The Backdoor Govt Before It’s Too Late

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Jan 05 2021
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When the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) happily agreed to join forces with Muhyiddin Yassin and his band of traitors – Azmin Ali and Hamzah Zainudin – to overthrow the democratically and legitimately elected government of Pakatan Harapan, it was a huge mistake. But UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was absolutely clueless about it.


Grinning from ear to ear, Zahid said his mission was accomplished, as if he was Tom Cruise who had just completed an impossible mission. Of course, what he meant was that since the Pakatan government had collapsed, all his 87 charges related to money laundering and corruption and criminal breach of trust (CBT) would eventually be dropped, or so he thought.


Together with ally PAS Islamist party, Zahid brought his party UMNO, along with MCA and MIC as well as the Sarawak Party Coalition (GPS) to meet with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) to support Muhyiddin as the next prime minister. Actually, the coup did not have the minimum 112 Members of Parliament in the 222-seat Parliament to form a simple-majority government.

UMNO and Bersatu PPBM Flags

To prove that Muhyiddin did not have the numbers as claimed, Mahathir had published a full list of names of all the 114 MPs who supported him on the night before Muhyiddin’s official swearing ceremony. Muhyiddin son of Yassin cowardly kept quiet and did not show any name list. The backdoor prime minister has been hiding behind Coronavirus pandemic ever since.


Even until today, PM Muhyiddin does not dare to test his legitimacy in the Parliament when he ordered his lapdog House Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun to disallow any motion of no confidence against him. In fact, the premier was so terrified that he had even ordered the Parliament to be shut down – shamelessly restricted a sitting to only one day on May 18, 2020.


But the fragile Perikatan Nasional coalition, glorified as a “Malay-Muslim” government, could not hide the reality that it’s a matter of time before the corrupt and treacherous Malay leaders would be at each other’s throats. Today, pro-Perikatan Nasional bloggers, propagandists, cyber troopers and news media no longer brag about the “Malay only” government.

Perikatan Nasional - Hadi Awang, Muhyiddin Yassin and Zahid Hamidi

In less than 12 months since UMNO president Zahid Hamidi, PAS president Hadi Awang and Bersatu (PPBM) president Muhyiddin Yassin hugged and kissed each other, the loosely glued backdoor government is on the brink of a collapse. Zahid and his mentor, former Prime Minister Najib Razak, finally realize the mistake of joining forces with Muhyiddin.


Before the infamous political coup known as the “Sheraton Move”, UMNO thought on one hand it could control PAS (through Muafakat Nasional coalition), and arm-twist Bersatu on the other hand (through Perikatan Nasional coalition). But both Zahid and Najib had underestimated PAS fake holy men’s greed for position, power, women and Mercedes.


After being showered with ministership and chairmanship, the Islamist party leaders quickly changed their loyalty from UMNO to Bersatu. With a snap of a finger, Muhyiddin successfully bought the loyalty of PAS top leaders, the same way Hadi Awang bootlicked and worshipped Mahathir when the 93-year-old man was the prime minister for 22 months.

PAS President Hadi Awang Meets Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - RM90 Million Bribes

But the biggest mistake of UMNO was its arrogance and stupidity that led the party to believe it could control Muhyiddin, Azmin and Hamzah. Mr Najib and Mr Zahid’s miscalculation included that puppet Muhyiddin would drop all their criminal charges. It was also naive to think Perikatan Nasional would allow UMNO returns to its previous power.


Clearly UMNO had forgotten the history of how traitors brought down a dynasty or an empire. One can never trust traitors, let alone underestimate their capabilities to betray again. And that was precisely what traitors Muhyiddin, Azmin and Hamzah did during the Sabah state election in September 2020. They backstabbed and betrayed UMNO, supposedly their own ally.


Not only Bersatu and UMNO clashed in several seats, the sneaky Bersatu had even quietly sponsored independent candidates to sabotage UMNO candidates in Sabah. Bersatu had the cheek to even snatch the Borneo state’s chief minister post despite winning fewer seats than UMNO. The power-hungry Muhyiddin is ready to betray everyone, including “Malay brothers”.

Sabah State Election – Muhyiddin Launches Gabungan Rakyat Sabah GRS

Sabah has indeed opened the floodgate of bad blood between UMNO and Bersatu, not that they had ever trusted each other in the first place. The same bad blood would then spill, leading to UMNO conspiring with enemy – opposition Pakatan Harapan – in overthrowing Perak Chief Minister Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who lost spectacularly in a motion of confidence vote on 4 Dec, 2020.


After Zahid taught Muhyiddin a lesson, snatching Perak state from Faizal, who happens to be Muhyiddin’s second man by virtue of him being the Bersatu deputy president, all hell broke loose. It was a slap in the prime minister’s face. The humiliation must be avenged. But Bersatu, being the weakest among the three Malay parties, lacks grassroots and machinery support


However, as the prime minister, Muhyiddin has something that UMNO does not – access to the national coffers. So, as revealed by former UMNO Supreme Council member Nazri Abdul Aziz, the PM approved a grand plan to set up 8,000 Bersatu branches in 3 months. To speed up the process, Bersatu “steals and buys” UMNO members – offering RM20,000 to establish a branch.

Malaysia - Corruption - Cash

To boost Bersatu memberships, each UMNO member who jumps ship and joins Bersatu will be paid up to RM100. Nazri exposed – “UMNO is really angry with the flower (Bersatu) in Perak because the village head and the local councillor (posts) were given to them even when they have no members. Now, they stole our members, they gave money to our people (to switch sides).”


Yes, the Civil War has just begun. And it appears there’s no turning back based on reports that 143 out of 191 UMNO divisions have decided not to work with Bersatu in the next general election. To start the ball rolling, one of UMNO MPs, all of whom were not known for quitting lucrative positions, has just resigned as the chairman of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).


To make matters worse, UMNO’s Pagoh division unanimously passed a resolution objecting to the Johor UMNO leadership’s decision for the party to make way for PPBM (Bersatu) president Muhyiddin Yassin for the parliamentary seat in the next 15th general election. UMNO has started tightening the screw on PM Muhyiddin to force a snap election in March or the latest by June.

UMNO Warlord Annuar Musa

The UMNO-Bersatu clashes saw a dramatic twist when Barisan Nasional secretary-general Annuar Musa was suddenly sacked today (Jan 5). Annuar, an UMNO warlord who has been under fire for being too friendly with Bersatu, seems to be in the dark over his termination. The Muhyiddin cheerleader has also been fired as secretary-general of Muafakat Nasional.


UMNO did not expect that not only Muhyiddin is a Malay traitor, but also a thief and a sneaky scumbag who quietly uses cash to buy UMNO members. He is also a liar who has hoodwinked every single UMNO warlords, including the clever Najib himself. The prime minister has no plan to call for a snap election any time soon, despite telling all and sundry that he would do so.


Muhyiddin will only dissolve the Parliament once he is done in draining UMNO resources through buying UMNO grassroots and transferring UMNO machinery to Bersatu. Like a vampire, the Bersatu president is slowly but surely sucking and killing UMNO, the party that has been ruling the country since its establishment in 1946 until its stunning defeat in 2018.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

UMNO is extremely desperate now, so much so that corrupt and racist UMNO warlords like Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition could cooperate with opposition Pakatan Harapan – including bitter enemy DAP (Democratic Action Party), the Chinese-based party which UMNO had portrayed for 61 years as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.


Of course, this could be another game of brinkmanship to pressure PAS to make a final choice between Bersatu and UMNO. In the same breath, this could be UMNO’s old trick to extract concessions from PM Muhyiddin with an empty threat of working with the Opposition. But all signs are pointing to a preparation for an eventual exit from Perikatan Nasional government.


Interestingly, there were unconfirmed reports that UMNO leadership has ordered all Members of Parliament to quit their posts in government and government agencies by the end of this month (Jan, 2021), in an attempt to push for a general election to be held as soon as possible. This is yet another sign that the party was trapped when it rushed to join a dubious “Malay-Muslim” government.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin

Had UMNO deceived Bersatu by luring Muhyiddin, Azmin and Hamzah to quit the Pakatan Harapan government, only to abandon the traitors, a general election that was much sought after by both UMNO and PAS back then might have been held as early as in March 2020. Unfortunately, UMNO leaders, blinded by short-term gains, had underestimated Muhyiddin and his lieutenants.


There could be a new political alignment if UMNO decides to quit. But opposition Pakatan Harapan should not rush to embrace the corrupt party just for the sake of returning to the federal government, especially with crooks like Najib and Zahid run the show. With the possibility of three-cornered contests, it’s actually not a bad idea for the Opposition to go for a snap election.


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If this is called journalism you are a disgrace!
You employed deplorable words to describe UMNO personalities.

You just displayed you little education
You fact i would no dispute though

Actually the problem is the Enam Jahanam led by Najib, zahid. If UMNO gets rid of them UMNO will be fine.

“You employed deplorable words to describe UMNO personalities.”

Employing less than “deplorable words” may be poor journalism, there is hardly any decent words or less than the middle finger for those abominable genetic aberrations and biological errors can be excavated for the turd-class pond life “supremacist” monkeys.

Still, if politicians can’t stand the smell, they shouldn’t be in the toilet, . Decent upright (ie not corrupt and dumb) politicians should Malaysian parliament is metaphorically Malaysian loos.

Politicians, especially those with “supremacist” credentials should not be afraid of mere words, should at least make a passable pretence at being big boys and not fragile Cinderellas.

Ditto their eager balls carring twacks, forever dying to make themselves known.

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