Earn RM15 Just To Like YouTube Videos – Here’s How To Identify Red Flags Of The SCAM During Current Bad Economy

From RM12 just to follow a TikTok creator to RM15 just to like a YouTube channel, you can earn easy money by doing some very simple jobs. To the gullible users, these appear to be a heaven-sent opportunity to get rich very quickly. They somehow believe this is a social media hype job, which pays […]

... written on Jun 10 2024

3 Million Rush To Withdraw RM5.52 Billion – Either People Still In Financial Distress Or Digging A Bigger Hole In EPF

Between May 11 and May 22, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) approved a whopping 3.04 million applications from contributors to withdraw part of their retirement money from Account 3 to the tune of RM5.52 billion. Within the same period, it has received 2.86 million applications to transfer RM8.78 billion from Account 2 (Akaun Sejahtera) to […]

... written on May 30 2024

A Racist KFC-Wannabe Doomed To Fail – DFC Should Improve Malay Proficiency First Before Insulting Chinese As “Type C”

If DarSa Fried Chicken (DFC) is trying to replace Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), it should close shop now before it goes bust. Chances are it will fail miserably. Even before the local restaurant could make profits, it has already violated all business ethics. It is not price competitive, does not respect customers, promote racism and […]

... written on May 09 2024

U.S. Senate Passed Bill Forcing TikTok To Sell – But Here’s Why It’s Not A Done Deal Even If Biden Signed It Into Law

Unable to accept the reality that a Chinese company could develop a highly popular app called TikTok, the United States has been trying everything in its power to control it. ByteDance now has two options – either sell it to American owners, or get ready to be banned. The Senate voted 79 to 18 after […]

... written on Apr 24 2024

Huawei Giving A Bloody Nose To Apple – iPhone Sales Plunge 24% In China, But Apple Isn’t The Only Target

As Huawei smartphone shipment skyrocketed in the first six weeks this year, sales of Apple iPhone plunged in the same period – losing 24%. But the return of Huawei to the consumer business affects not only Apple. Several Chinese brands also suffer a drop in business, even though most of them were not as severe […]

... written on Mar 08 2024

Why China’s New Phone Shocks The World – And How Huawei Technology Threatens Apple And The U.S.

Advanced chips, quantum computing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the future, and that was why the United States wanted to stop China from becoming a superpower – by destroying Huawei Technologies Co. The semiconductor is the means to that end, so the U.S. also must destroy Chinese mainland chipmaker – Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC). […]

... written on Sep 20 2023

Top Financial Investments Businesses Should Consider In The Digital Age

Digital transformation is an integral part of any business that seeks to achieve positive results in its operations. It is about spending money on the right technology that will drive return on investment. There are different types of investment you can make to improve your profitability. Check out these top financial investments businesses should consider […]

... written on Mar 25 2022

The Pathetic U.S. 5G Speed – Not Only 4 Times Slower Than China’s, But Slower Than Old 4G Networks

Donald Trump had been booted and Joe Biden has been crowned. The United States has seen a change of its president. Following the footstep of his predecessor, president Biden has continued the tech war against Chinese tech companies. Americans are being banned from investing in Chinese firms, including Huawei, China Mobile and even China General […]

... written on Feb 18 2022

How TikTok Erased $250 Billion From Facebook In 1 Day – The Biggest Wipeout In Stock Market History

Mark Zuckerberg thought a rebranding of Facebook to Meta last year as part of its business strategy to becoming a virtual-reality based company, instead of a company tainted with multiple data privacy scandals, could revitalize the social media company. Instead, the company lost a mind-boggling US$251.3 billion in market value in just one day on […]

... written on Feb 04 2022

A Desperate Move To Rebrand Facebook – Here’s The Toxic Reason Zuckerberg Changed Its Name To “Meta”

Facebook is now known as Meta in a rebranding exercise to reflect its expansion into the metaverse, something that exists only in science-fiction books or movies like “The Matrix”. Effectively, Facebook Inc. – the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus – is called Meta Platforms Inc. The company is moving towards augmented reality […]

... written on Nov 01 2021

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