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It’s Raining Money – UK Benefits System Is So Crazy You Don’t Have To Work

Donna Tithecott, 54, from Lifton, West Devon, received £55,000 (US$91,300; RM287,820) over nine years from generous British Government in benefits. The free money was paid to her as part of housing and council tax benefits, income support and employment and support allowance. At first glance, this looks like a normal case in UK as any British […]

... written on Aug 30 2014

Secret Revealed – The Secret Chambers Where Pilot & Cabin Crew Rest & Sleep (Photos)

After Malaysia Airlines lost two Boeing-777 via MH370 and MH17 in less than six months, the impact on the aviation industry was tremendous. The lost of lives are not limited only to the passengers, but also the crew on board the planes. Regardless whether the plane was missing due to unknown reasons or shot down […]

... written on Aug 29 2014

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Is China’s Richest Man. Here’s Top-5 Richest People In China

China has a new super rich man – Jack Ma – the 49-year-old founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Based on Bloomberg latest compilation, Jack has a net worth of a staggering $21.8 billion (£13 billion; RM68.6 billion), making him the richest man in China instantly, dwarfing his nearest competitor, Pony Ma HuaTeng, who […]

... written on Aug 28 2014

Now, Do You Understand Why “Operation Kajang” Was Absolutely Necessary?

Six months ago, we published an article about “Kajang Move” (read here). We don’t like the name “Kajang Move” but prefer to call it “Operation Kajang” instead, simply because it would sound more dramatic, just like Hollywood “action” movies with tons of explosives and fireworks. If you had read the article, then you understood why […]

... written on Aug 27 2014

Size Matters – Apple To Introduce New (Bigger) 12.9-Inch iPad for 2015

Apple sold 13.2 million iPads in Q3 2014 but that number is down from the 16.3 million sold Q2 2014, and the 14.6 million sold in Q3 2013. The tablet sales are “crashing”, and analysts have declared the good time for tablet is coming to an end. This could be the strongest reason why Tim Cook partners […]

... written on Aug 27 2014

Here’re The Reasons For The Burger King-Tim Hortons “Combo Deal”, It’s Not Just Tax

Everybody is superbly happy with the news that Burger King will marry Tim Hortons, and move in to Canada. Shares of Burger King (NYSE: stock) jumped 19.51% to $32.40 while Tim Hortons (NYSE: stock) rose by 18.91% to $74.72 after the closing bell on Monday. The only people who were upset with the merger was […]

... written on Aug 26 2014

Stock Investing For Dummies – Here’re 8 FREE Online Courses For You

There’re tons of books that you can buy and read about stock market and share investments. If you’re literally a bookworm who can digest thousands of pages of those financial, economy and investing books, go ahead. But for those lazy dummies who like to get some basic fundamental knowledge about stock investing, videos are perhaps […]

... written on Aug 25 2014

Steve Jobs’ Resignation Letters, In 1985 and 2011, Are Some Of The Best Ever

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers.  It was then incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977; subsequently renamed as Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007. As of today, the company has a market capitalization of a mind-boggling US$606 billion (£365 billion; RM1,915 billion). However, nine […]

... written on Aug 24 2014

Juliet’s $10 Million Awesome Stealth WarShip That Flies Through Bubble

Gregory Sancoff is a self-made millionaire and the CEO of Juliet Marine Systems, a company he founded in 2004. Interestingly, he was a former medical devices expert but a terrorist attack on the USS Cole in 2000 during which 17 sailors were killed  changed his life. Wanted to do something to help the country, he […]

... written on Aug 24 2014

Here’s Why Missouri Cops Are Trigger-Happy, Invincible & Untouchable

A man who was filming a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, tried to ask his name, only to be told to “go fuck yourself”. That was before the officer trying to disperse a crowd by pointing his gun at civilians and threatened “I will fucking kill you. Get back”. However, the American Civil Liberties Union […]

... written on Aug 23 2014

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