PM Declares Country Almost Bankrupt – Here’s Why PN Crooks Could Have Siphoned Hundreds Of Billions Of Ringgit

When Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced a RM4 million allocation for Sikh community four days ago (April 12), he came well prepared with another announcement. The RM4 million is just loose change when compared to RM1,400 million (that’s RM1.4 billion) allocated to the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) every year.   The prime minister claimed he […]

... written on Apr 16 2021

If Anwar-Zahid Leaked Audio Is 100% Genuine, Muhyiddin’s Bribery Audio & Azmin’s Gay Video Are 200% Authentic

Former UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa said he was convinced that the voices of two individuals in a leaked audio recording of a phone conversation are those of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (UMNO president) and Anwar Ibrahim (PKR president). Claiming that he had listened to the audio clip 10 times, Mr Annuar said – “I am 100% […]

... written on Apr 10 2021

UMNO In Self-Destruction – A Result Of 60 Years Of Corruption, Abuse Of Power And Arrogance Of Power

It’s now close to a week since UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi proudly declared that the party will not work with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, Democratic Action Party (DAP) or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu or PPBM) in the next general election. But despite UMNO’s thunderous decision to sever ties with PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s PPBM, […]

... written on Apr 02 2021

PKR Is Infected With Corruption & Trojan Horse – After Xavier’s Defection, Azmin’s Loyalist Sivarasa Could Be Next

Democratic Action Party (DAP) won 42 seats in the Parliament in the May 2018 General Election. Today, those seats remain unchanged. National Trust Party (Amanah) captured 11 seats and it too still maintains its MPs. The People’s Justice Party (PKR), on the other hand, had grabbed the lion’s share – 47 seats. However, today, PKR […]

... written on Mar 15 2021

Hail Moo-Hitler! – A Terrified Dictator Who Can’t Stomach “Real News” His Regime Declared Emergency Because It Lost Majority

Claiming fake news, Trump declared on Nov 2020 that “he won” the 2020 Presidential Election. Yet, two months later, he started packing and it was game over. Was it Trump, who spread fake news himself about winning the election, when the so-called fake news that he had lost turned out to be real news after […]

... written on Mar 13 2021

Here’s Why PM Muhyiddin Refused To Bring Hadi To Saudi – The PAS President Is A Terrorist To Saudi Arabia & Allies

Everyone would be eager to follow Muhyiddin Yassin and his entourage to Saudi Arabia for obvious reason. A free trip to the kingdom of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques would provide not only an opportunity to visit the Kaabah and other Islamic places, but also to perform “Umrah”. So, why didn’t Hadi Awang […]

... written on Mar 11 2021

Dividing The Chinese – Clueless Wee Begs Chinese Voters Not To Put All Eggs In One Basket, Threatens Marginalization

Since the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) was founded in Feb 1949, it has been a uni-racial political party that comprises only Chinese members in the country – until 2018. It would take the party almost 70 years, and a humiliating loss in the May 2018 General Election, to reluctantly amend its constitution to allow non-Chinese to […]

... written on Mar 08 2021

Failure To Bring Back Jho Low – Liar Hishammuddin Never Had Any Special Relationship With Beijing

On 22 October 2018, former defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein boastfully said he will use his personal connections with Beijing to help to track down and repatriate fugitive businessman Jho Low (real name: Low Taek Jho) from China. Jho Low was partner-in-crime of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, who happens to be Hishammuddin’s cousin.   Of […]

... written on Mar 01 2021

Muhyiddin & Azmin Fear Multi-Cornered Contests At The Next General Election – Will Wipe Out The Traitors

The coalition of three biggest Malay political parties – UMNO, PPBM and PAS – will most likely win the next 15th General Election. The only uncertainty is the emergence of young voters, thanks to electoral reforms passed by the Malaysian Parliament in 2019 to reduce the voting age to 18 from 21. This new “untested” vote […]

... written on Feb 23 2021

RM500,000 In Less Than 5 Hours – How Freedom Of Speech Lost In The Kangaroo Court, But Won In The People’s Court

Immediately after independent Malaysian news portal MalaysiaKini was found guilty of contempt and fined RM500,000 by Federal Court, the country’s highest court, the online news portal swung into action – seeking public’s help to raise the money. The exorbitant fines must be paid within 3 working days, which is next Wednesday (Feb 24, 2021).   […]

... written on Feb 20 2021

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