From Health And Defence To Immigration And Economy – How Clueless Sunak Led Conservative To Worst Defeat

After 14 years in government, the Conservative Party was led to its worst election defeat in history, thanks partly to clueless billionaire Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It just needed to win 326 seats – one more than half of the total 650 – to form a government on its own, without the need for a […]

... written on Jul 06 2024

Deaf Grab Driver Assaulted By Royal Bodyguard – How Police Cover-Up Will Bring Back Johor Sultanate’s 1992 Scandal

Ong Ing Keong, like any other e-hailing drivers, was just trying to make a living. The only difference is the 46-year-old Grab driver is deaf. But he isn’t blind, hence he’s perfectly fit to work. As usual, on May 28, 2024, he was waiting to pick up four passengers at the St Regis Hotel in […]

... written on Jun 02 2024

Trump Guilty Of Falsifying Payment To Porn Star – But He Still Can Become President, And Here’s What Will Happen Next

A jury of five women and seven men found former U.S. President Donald Trump guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business records to cover up money payments to a porn star. After the verdict, Trump went berserk and said – “I am a very innocent man. This was a rigged, disgraceful trial. This was […]

... written on May 31 2024

MCA Throwing Tantrums – Wee’s Plan To Quietly Help Extremist PN Would Backfire And Help Rocket To Win Kuala Kubu

About 40,000 people in Kuala Kubu Baharu will go to the polling stations again on May 11 to vote for a new assemblyperson. The largest constituency in the state of Selangor will see a four-cornered contest following the death of its three-term assemblywoman Lee Kee Hiong from the Democratic Action Party (DAP), who had won […]

... written on Apr 28 2024

Jail From Home – Watch How Crooked Najib Checkmate PM Anwar And Walks Away With Backdated Addendum

When the going gets tough, he runs and hides away. That’s how Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim projects himself just 15 months into office. The only thing he dares to involve is defending Hamas terrorists in an ongoing war some 7,600 kilometres away. That is what really excites him. In his own homeland, he seems clueless […]

... written on Apr 21 2024

Playing With Fire – Anwar Government Could Collapse If Sarawak Withdraws Support Over KK Mart Allah Socks Crisis

KK Super Mart saw one of its outlets in Bidor, Perak attacked with a Molotov cocktail. As expected, despite CCTV footage evidence, the police force is still unable to arrest anyone. That’s because the firebombing was done by a Malay-Muslim. Amazingly, a technician of Chinese ethnicity had been arrested, prosecuted and jailed at lightning speed […]

... written on Mar 29 2024

UMNO Spooks Foreign Investors, Threatens To Burn Down Shops – But PAS’ Silence Means Malays Won’t Return To UMNO

Foreign investors are watching with great interest – and caution – how Malaysia could repeat its May 13, 1969 bloody racial riots over five pairs of socks. An army of 40 policemen had stormed a factory in Johor, the state of newly crowned King Sultan Ibrahim, and found a jaw-dropping 5 out of 18,800 pairs […]

... written on Mar 21 2024

Boeing’s Incompetency Crisis Continues – Tyre Fell From The Sky, Engine Burst Into Fire, Documentation Not Exist

At the rate Boeing is trying its best to demonstrate how parts can fall off from the sky, it may not be long before China’s first homegrown jet maker COMAC starts eating its lunch. After Singapore Airshow, the Chinese manufacturer is scheduled to show off its C919 and ARJ21 in Malaysia on March 12, as […]

... written on Mar 10 2024

Showing Middle Finger To The King – Opposition PN Will Pay The Price For Insulting & Disrespecting Sultan Ibrahim

Giving a much needed boost to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the newly crowned Malaysian King Sultan Ibrahim has decreed that he would not entertain any request to change the current government. However, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The monarch’s support and endorsement for Mr Anwar also means a horrible news to Opposition Perikatan […]

... written on Feb 28 2024

Here’s How China’s Homegrown C919 Plane Could Gobble Up 20% Market Share Of Boeing And Airbus

Flying for the first time outside mainland China, state-owned planemaker COMAC proudly showed off its C919 and ARJ21 commercial aeroplanes at the Singapore Airshow – held between Feb 20 to 25. The Chinese homegrown planes raised eyebrows and caught the attention of thousands of audience at a time when two largest plane manufacturers – Boeing […]

... written on Feb 24 2024

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