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Budget 2016 Revision – What Najib Razak Doesn’t Want You To Know

Prime Minister Najib Razak, reluctantly, has announced a revised Budget 2016. Clearly, it was a tough job to further decorate the budget so that it doesn’t sound too gloomy. When Budget 2016 was unveiled in Parliament last October, the crude oil price was at US$48 (RM199) per barrel. Today, it stands at US$35 (RM145), after […]

... written on Jan 29 2016

Apandi, Thanks For Making 1MDB “Alive” & “Scandalous”, Again

Nobody dared bet A.G. Apandi would be neutral and professional on Najib Razak’s alleged involvement in 1MDB’s RM42 billion scandal, RM2.6 billion “private donation” or SRC’s RM42 million mysterious money, let alone charge the prime minister with corruption or money laundering. After all, it was Najib who offered the 65-year-old retired ex-judge the job.   […]

... written on Jan 28 2016

1 Salmon For 1 Barrel Of Oil, Anyone?

During the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis, then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad went berserk and accused everyone except himself for bankrupting corporations in Malaysia. He tried to bailout his cronies, including his own eldest son Mirzan Mahathir’s Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd which had accumulated RM1.6 billion in debt. But there wasn’t enough money to go around. Outrages, Mahathir […]

... written on Jan 27 2016

Pre-CNY – 8 Simple Signs That Economy Really Sucks

With less than 2-week to go before people abandon capital Kuala Lumpur and rush back for the Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) festival, mega sales are everywhere in town. Pre-CNY has always been an interesting point to gauge the domestic economy, especially the Malaysian ethnic-Chinese. After all, the government always accuses the Chinese of dominating […]

... written on Jan 26 2016

Soros – We’re About To See Something That Hasn’t Happened in “80 Years”

He’s worth a staggering US$24.5 billion (£17.23 billion; RM106.37 billion) based on Forbes’ estimation. He survived the Nazi-occupation of Hungary and fled the regime as a refugee for 15-years hence he has a soft spot for refugees currently flocking to the European Union. He worked as a railway porter and waiter in London before becoming […]

... written on Jan 22 2016

Najib’s Twin Scandals – It’s Not Over Yet, It’s Just The Beginning

Najib Razak self-proclaimed that the RM42 billion scandal involving his pet project 1MDB was over before the unleashing of New Year 2016 fireworks. So did 1MDB President Arul “Anaconda” Kanda. Was it really over? Going by today’s exchange rate, 1MDB’s US$11 billion in debt have ballooned to a whopping RM48 billion.   Najib’s second scandal, […]

... written on Jan 21 2016

China Declares 6.9% Growth But Analysts Predict A Financial “Ice Age”

China announced on Tuesday that its 2015’s economy grew 6.9%, matching economists and analysts’ expectation. The problem is nobody believes the Beijing-endorsed figures. That wasn’t the real economy – argue investor, economist, analyst and specialist. China has simply cooked a number that people wanted to see and hear. Instead, they believe China’s National Bureau of […]

... written on Jan 20 2016

Forget $1 Gasoline, It’s Happening — 46-Cents A Gallon In Michigan

Remember the unbelievable predictions that crude oil would go to US$10 / barrel (cheaper than water) and gasoline would go for US$1 / gallon? Well, forget them because it’s already happening even though officially the crude WTI and Brent are trading above US$20 / barrel. However, the fact that both crude oil prices have gone […]

... written on Jan 19 2016

Billions In Allocation But Panic & “Surrender” Before ISIS’ Attacks

ISIS is at the doorstep. But the terror group might decide not to attack Malaysia after all. Not because they were afraid of the alleged US$700 million donated by Saudi Arabia which ended in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal account for the purpose of fighting ISIS. Instead, the terrorists’ toes were laughing so hard they […]

... written on Jan 18 2016

Malaysia A Sitting Duck For Terrorism – Why Najib Regime Can’t Handle It

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Is this a fair statement to the 2 billion Muslim populations on planet Earth? But does it really matter whether the statement is true or otherwise when these terrorists practically attack and kill everyone – Muslims or non-Muslims – who doesn’t subscribe to their version […]

... written on Jan 15 2016

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