Billions In Allocation But Panic & “Surrender” Before ISIS’ Attacks

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Jan 18 2016
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ISIS is at the doorstep. But the terror group might decide not to attack Malaysia after all. Not because they were afraid of the alleged US$700 million donated by Saudi Arabia which ended in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal account for the purpose of fighting ISIS. Instead, the terrorists’ toes were laughing so hard they could barely attack Malaysia.

ISIS Islamic State Holding Flags Swords and Gun

Najib administration was so screwed up ISIS figures they could use some entertainments provided by the country to boost its jihadists’ morale. The Federal Territories Minister – Tengku Adnanrevealed on Sunday popular Kuala Lumpur tourist spots such as Bangsar, Publika, Bukit Bintang, The Curve, Solaris Dutamas, Hartamas, KL Tower were terrorist targets.


Clearly Mr. Adnan, one of Najib Razak’s favourite boys, tried to be front-paged as some sort of security expert or hero. But the empty vessel politician, without him realizing it, has done more damage than good by pre-empting the terrorists. Even if it was true that ISIS planned to attack those hotspots, not that it was any secret in the first place, there’s no way authorities could stop them.

Tengku Adnan - Pointing Finger

Unless the tourist spots are put on total lockdown, you can’t stop a suicide bomber from doing a Paris or Jakarta attack in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Adnan’s big mouth creates unnecessary panic among not only foreign tourists but also locals. Terrorism is not something like snatch theft where authorities can tell people to be vigilant and take care of their belongings.


Actually, ISIS could attack places not mentioned by Tengku Adnan. There’re tons of such places – KLCC, Petaling Street (Chinatown), any hotels, Low Yat Plaza, MidValley, Beach Pub & Disco, or even Putrajaya or schools such as British Council. These terrorists should be identified, tracked and hunted down secretly   before they get the chance to walk the street of Klang Valley.

Kuala Lumpur Beach Pub and Disco

That’s where the military intelligence or Special Branch comes into play. Once the best in the world; Malaysian military intelligence has been reduced to babysit opposition politicians so that PM Najib Razak’s naughty wheeling and dealing won’t be exposed. And you keep quiet about captured terrorists, not blow the trumpet before you know where they are, like what Mr. Adnan did.


Equally excited about ISIS attacks in Malaysia was police chief IGP Khalid Abu Bakar who happily revealed the arrest of a supposedly suicide bomber, hours before his mission. The police chief claimed that the 28-year-old insurance salesman from Terengganu state confessed he planned to blow himself up in an attack after receiving orders from members of ISIS.

ISIS Terrorist Attack in Malaysia - Man Detained at Setiawangsa LRT Station

A Twitter King himself, IGP Khalid tweeted that “weapons and ISIS documents” were seized when the man was detained. Arrested at Setiawangsa LRT station, Malaysian counter-terrorism assistant director Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay later confirmed to AFP that a knife and ISIS documents were confiscated at the suspect’s house.


The question is – was the knife the only weapon trumpeted by IGP Khalid? Did his boys find any suicide vest? If there wasn’t then how could the insurance salesman carry his mission with just hours left before he was supposedly blow himself up? If there was indeed a suicide vest, why didn’t the police display it, as they would normally do with criminal cases?

IGP Khalid Abu Bakar Thinking of Twitter - ISIS Attacks

The public would be both convinced and impressed if such suicide vest could be shown. If the suspect was supposed to receive the suicide vest from another ISIS member at the eleventh hour, then why the heck Khalid’s boys were so dumb to arrest a small fry instead of the big fish? Wasn’t this drama worse than a low-budget often-predictable Bollywood movie?


What is more mind-boggling was a U-turn made by the Royal Malaysian Police when Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajuddin Md Isa denied news that the Daesh (ISIS, IS, ISIL) terror group is planning to launch attacks at several hotspots around the federal capital. Was Mr. Tajuddin confirming that Minister Tengku Adnan had not only lied but spread false, inaccurate and unverified rumours?

Tajuddin Md Isa – Kuala Lumpur Police Chief

In the same breath, did Mr. Tajuddin also confirm that his boss IGP Khalid also lied about the arrested insurance salesman being an ISIS terrorist on a mission to blow himself up? But if Mr. Khalid didn’t lie, then isn’t it true that the Daesh was indeed planning to launch attacks around the federal capital? Does this mean Mr. Tajuddin was sleeping on the job?


Hell, can the Royal Malaysian Police make up their mind and corroborate their story so that it doesn’t sound like a fairy tale? That’s the problem when Najib administration forces the police force to play too much 1MDB board games. Cooking and releasing stories without a foolproof script would make the authorities look like a fool, would they not?

Jakarta Terrorist Attack - Gunman Targetting CiviliansJakarta Terrorist Attack - Police Defending Behind Toyota

Not only the Royal Malaysian Police seem to be confused after the Jakarta’s terror attack, other agencies were panic and chose to “surrender” to ISIS, before the terror group could even launch their attacks. Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said Malaysia will not be able to fully cope with a terrorist attack as his ministry did not have enough funds, virtually admits defeat.


Although the Home Ministry was allocated a whopping RM12 billion, the budget didn’t cater for emergency situation. By Mr. Jazlan’s own admission, Malaysia is indeed a sitting duck for ISIS. The best part didn’t come until the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) declared it was hard to defeat ISIS on Internet, despite RM1 billion annual budgets.

Othman Mustapa - Director General of JakimISIS Terrorist in Malaysia

For as long as one can remember, Jakim has been playing GOD, trying to challenge the spread of “radical” and “extremist” ideologies such as the Islamic State, liberalism, pluralism and the lifestyle of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered (LGBT). Whenever they like, Jakim would accuse anybody with attempts to belittle and destroy the credibility of Islam.


Jakim claims it has 30,000 religious teachers and roughly 15,000 imams to feed. But the Sultan of Johor isn’t convinced himself that Jakim needs more than RM1 billion to do its jobs and asked for a breakdown for expenses. Amusingly, after the Jakarta’s attacks, Jakim is willing to take a budget cut, despite foaming at the mouth for the money at an earlier stage.

Johor Sultan Ibrahim - Sitting on Chair

Clearly, Jakim has failed to curb the spread of terrorism ideas by ISIS. Its teaching of true Islam, assuming there was one to begin with, hasn’t been effective. If indeed ISIS have already established sleeper cells locally, taxpayers’ money to the tune of RM1 billion every year has been wasted on Jakim, which could be better used elsewhere.


Perhaps it was Jakim’s extreme policy, controlling and dictating Malaysian Muslims, which has produced such radicals-turned-terrorists. At every turn, Jakim, together with other extremists such as Perkasa, Pekida, and even Najib’s political party UMNO, would “cry wolf” about Islam being attacked by non-Muslims.

Najib Declare 700 Million As Donation - Obama LaughMalaysia-Indonesia’s Malay-Speaking ISIS Fighters

Guess what, the wolf is finally here and the name is ISIS. And before the big bad wolf blows, the Royal Malaysian Police, Home Ministry and Jakim were running out from their brick house like a headless chicken, surrendering and begging for mercy. Has Saudi’s RM2.6 billion in donation money gone up in smoke (*grin*)?


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