UMNO Leaders On ISIS Hit List – You Reap What You Sow

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Nov 16 2015
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Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein revealed on Sunday that several senior Malaysian leaders, presumably from ruling political party UMNO, were shortlisted by ISIS/ISIL on its list of targets. The revelation has created more amusement than anxiety or anger, especially when he admitted his name was in the list too.


It’s hard to believe that Mr. Hishammuddin, cousin of Prime Minister Najib Razak, would openly tell all and sundry that the Islamic State militants were targeting him. Traditionally, UMNO senior leaders would deny till kingdom come all negative news not favourable to them because to do so would invite criticisms on their administration.

Sabah Invasion - Hishammuddin Hussein rifle 2

The defence minister claimed it was based on intelligence reports received by the country’s national security agencies. However, he didn’t say if he has gotten the intelligence reports from foreign military intelligence or simply from the questioning of ISIS member Murad Halimuddin. Jailed Mr. Murad claimed they wanted to kidnap Malaysian senior leaders.


The targeted senior leaders were said to be “taghut” (طاغوت, ṭāġūt), an Arabic word to mean “crossing the limits, overstep boundaries”. We can only assume the leaders targeted were UMNO leaders because it’s the biggest Malay-Muslim political party currently in power. But why would Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS) take offence at UMNO?

Najib Declare 700 Million As Donation - Obama Laugh

Honestly, it’s amusing because PM Najib Razak had once cheered the Islamic State militants and was so inspired by the terrorists that he actually recommended and urged his 3-million UMNO members to learn from them. Was the prime minister in the hit list as well? Was Najib shortlisted for crossing the limits of worshipping RM2.6 billion instead of Allah?


Has PM Najib overstepped boundaries by faking that his allegedly RM2.6 billion was donations from Saudi Arabia to fight ISIS, but was misunderstood by the Daesh to be genuine? Perhaps narcissism has gotten the better of Mr. Najib when he proudly told the world that he’s the only world leader who gets to play golf with President Obama but the IS took it as a pro-American policy.

Obama Golfing with Najib

Hishammuddin should be the last person to be surprised and concerned that his name was on the terrorist hit list. He had played his “keris (Malay dagger)” numerous times during UMNO general assembly, demanding for Chinese blood, and yet didn’t see such stunt as part and parcel of extremism and racism, let alone saw it as a weapon.


Maybe the terror group was clever enough to see that Hishammuddin, like his cousin Najib, was one freaking pro-Western Muslim traitor who spoke rhetorically about Islam glorification but working hand in glove with western superpowers behind the scene. But who determined and shortlisted Malaysian senior leaders on the hit list?

Hishammuddin Hussein - Keris Waving and Kissing

Clearly it was an insider job with plenty of Malay-Muslim youth and university lecturers contributing to the hit list. After the Paris attacks, Malaysian Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division revealed that former University Malaya lecturer Mahmud Ahmad and his comrades are planning to form an “official” faction of the ISIS in South-east Asia.


This is just one of many examples where Malay-Muslim can be easily radicalized. Malaysian authorities shouldn’t be complacent and cocky into thinking that local ISIS militants couldn’t launch attacks because they lack technical expertise to devise a bomb. After all, FBI’s once most wanted terrorist, Zulkifli Abdhir, popularly known as “Marwan”, was a Malaysian skilful bombs maker.

Zulkifli Abdhir alias Marwan - Malaysian Terrorist

Even if it’s remotely true that the badass ISIS was targeting senior leaders, who should get the blame if not the UMNO itself? Starting with former PM Mahathir, the regime has been working extremely hard transforming Malay-Muslim to be more Islam than the Islam and more Arab than the Arabs.


Whenever they like, opposition parties and Chinese would be used as punching bags. UMNO activists cum extremists such as “Ali Tinju” and Jamal Md Yunos, not to mention senior ministers were given free hands and funding in promoting racism, extremism, gangsterism and whatnot as if Malaysia is Syria.

Red Shirts Mohd Ali Baharom - Ali Tinju - and Jamal Md YunosTerror Groups in South East Asia - ISIS ISIL Islamic StateIt’s a public knowledge that ISIS was partly a proud creation of Saudi Arabia and United States. Likewise, it’s a public domain that UMNO regime knew but did nothing on terrorism breeding ground in the southern Thailand and Sabah. Jemaah Islamiah, Abu Sayyaf, Tanzim Al-Qaeda, Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia and Darul Islam Sabah are some of the known terror groups in Malaysia.


Heck, we can’t even tell for sure until today if the two Iranian passengers who boarded Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 with stolen passports were responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the missing plane last year. Additionally, social injustice, economic inequalities, political suppression could be triggers that local IS militants wanted to target (UMNO) leaders.

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Jihadist Lotfi Ariffin at SyriaSun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Malaysian Jihadists At Syria

Still, it’s hard to imagine a compelling motive for IS targeting senior Malaysian leaders. Knowing UMNO, it’s not hard to imagine why Hishammuddin would cook up such fairy tales. Perhaps Najib regime wants to bring back the draconian ISA law so that oppositions could be thrown into jail without trial when UMNO loses next 14th general election.


It makes more sense if the fear mongering was to justify purchases of hugely marked-up software and hardware, including spyware, so that those senior leaders could make some commissions. Of course, a terror attack tale is also an excellent tool to divert attention from 1MDB scandal and RM2.6 billion corruption allegations.

Hishammuddin Hussein - ISIS ISIL Islamic State Target List

How can Hishammuddin guarantee there will not be a single ISIS in sheep clothing from the 3,000 Syrian refugees to be imported and given free shelter, jobs and whatnot? Sadly, in case of a real terror attack, it’s always the innocent people who get blown off. The extremist, racist and corrupted senior (UMNO) leaders and their family members would be spared.


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Correct… divert attention & heat and ratchet up the dissent laws to nab more “extremist” aka opposition members & public

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