Before Slapping Chinese, Tajuddin Should First Slap Najib – Here’s Why

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Oct 02 2015
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Who’s this Mr. Tajuddin who threatens to slap every single local Chinese who dare to complain to foreigners, presumably the emerging superpower China? No, this is not the Tajuddin whose mismanagement had brought MAS (Malaysia Airline System) to its knees. This is Tajuddin Abdul Rahman whose nick name is – “Six Million Dollar Man”.


Of course, he is nowhere as gorgeous as Steve Austin the “Six Million Dollar Man”, and definitely nowhere as rich as his boss Najib Razak the “Seven Hundred Million Dollar Man”. He should be the last person to issue such “slap” order because otherwise there would be no more Chinese labours to make money for him.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman Six Million Dollar Man - Najib Razak Seven Hundred Dollar Man

Tajuddin should recall how he made his millions, which was later used to secure his position as an UMNO division chief, so much so that he was sacked from UMNO in 1995 after allegedly bribed RM6 million for the post, hence earns him the “Six Millions Dollar Man” title. But that amount is “peanut” compared to what he plundered from a UiTM project.


His own “Ali Baba” company – Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd – was a partner with Chinese-based Crest Builder Holdings Bhd in a 49:51 equity participation involved in building Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Tapah campus in Perak two years ago. Crest Builder put the university’s construction cost at RM285.89 million.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman Six Million Dollar Man - UiTM Universiti Technologi Mara Tapah Scandal

Here comes the juicy part. While the construction cost was nothing to shout about, Tajuddin was given a cool 23-year concession to setup and maintain the campus, at a staggering RM1.3 billion. Essentially, Tajuddin’s Detik Utuh, an inactive construction company with no prior performance record in the industry, is milking RM56.5 million every year for maintaining “new buildings”.


Tajuddin who was promoted as a Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry by PM Najib Razak is also Chairman of Felcra Berhad. Clearly he was hoping to score some brownie points by riding on the China Ambassador Huang Huikang’s visit to Petaling Street (Chinatown) and remarks about Beijing protecting Chinese interests fiasco.

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

Perhaps he doesn’t understand (or rather pretends not to) Beijing’s real intention, which is all about protecting their investment in this country. To be fair, prior to Dr Huang’s visit, China has never issued such statement so for Beijing to support the ambassador remarks goes to show something is very wrong with Malaysia, currently driven by Najib administration.


Just like other Chinese’ presence globally, Malaysian ethnic-Chinese do not expect any protection from mainland China as they belong to a species that can survive everywhere. Perhaps Tajuddin got carried away by Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos whose latest claim was that Malaysian Chinese can return to China but there’s no where for Malays to go.

Red Shirts Mohd Ali Baharom - Ali Tinju - and Jamal Md Yunos

Of course, Mr. Jamal’s statement was to scare the shit out of ignorant Malays to unite behind UMNO so that big boss Najib Razak could survive. But even if it’s true that Malaysian Chinese can return to China, not that Beijing would allow it in the first place, there’s nothing wrong because the Malays can also return to Indonesia.


Okay, do we really want to explore this path: Chinese go back to China, Malays go back to Indonesia, and Indians go back to India? Well, if you insist and in case you haven’t realised it, ethnic-Malays including Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak, have actually gone back to their ancestor land seeking protection, judgement and blessing. Even Mahathir had done that!!

Go Back Indonesia - Anwar Ibrahim - Jusuf Kalla - Najib Razak

So, where’s the freaking proof? Before the 2013 general election, both Anwar and Najib ran to Indonesia like two small kids asking Godfather Indonesia to be the judge so that both could agreeable to the outcome of the May 5 polls, didn’t they? Former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla was reported to be the mediator between both parties.


A Mamak from Kerala, India – Mahathir Mohd Iskandar Kutty – or simply Mahathir or “Tun” was known to be very close to former President Suharto during his 22-year-rule – often seeking advice and blessing from Indonesia. After all, Najib was proud with his Indonesian blood and has even self-proclaimed a Bugis warrior.

Go Back Indonesia - Mahathir and Suharto - Close Friends

Another UMNO Malay who always uses Chinese as punching bag, Malaysian Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, also proudly revealed his Javanese heritage by virtue of his paternal grandparents who originally came from Kulonprogo in Yogyakarta. Guess what, he has just “married off” his son to an Indonesian wife.


Thus, Jamal was wrong to say local Malays have no where to go unlike the lucky local Chinese. They can always return to Indonesia because deep inside, they still regard the country as their ancient country which doubles as protector, no? In the same breath, Tajuddin cannot slap every Chinese who “fantasize” about China rushing to their aid.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman Six Million Dollar Man - Threaten to Slap Chinese - Slapped by Batman Comic

If Tajuddin wishes to slap Chinese for daring to fantasize, then he should first slap his boss Najib Razak for not only fantasizing but had actually landed on Indonesian soil – cried, whined and bitched about Anwar playing dirty in 2013. But hey, since “Bapak Zahid” had declared a threat to slap is not a crime, it’s wise for the Chinese to stay cool – just threaten to slap the bitchy Tajuddin back lah.


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“Before Slapping Chinese, Tajuddin Should First Slap Najib – Here’s Why”

Yes indeed.

Just to share this…

Nov 6, 2008 – Pasir Salak contempt of parliament – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EWJtJk_Xyo

May 16, 2013 – YB BN Tengking Speaker Parlimen… – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnO8lPeaq74

Gangster, Moron…?

You be the judge.

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