Congrats Najib, There’re 2 Terror Groups Under Your Regime

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Sep 26 2015
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Terrorism means an act including but not limited to the use of force or violence and/or threat, of any person or group of persons done for or in connection with political, religious, ideological or similar purposes. The question everybody is whispering now – is Malaysia on the verge of experiencing real terrorist attacks?


First, security alerts were issued by the US Embassy and the Australian High Commission advising its citizens to stay away from Jalan Alor near Bukit Bintang and its surrounding areas, due to possibility of terrorist attacks. Second, Chinese Ambassador Dr Huang Huikang made a surprise visit to Petaling Street condemning terrorism, discrimination and extremism.

US Embassy in Malaysia - Ambassador Joseph Y Yun

The US and Australian authorities issued the terrorist attacks warning yesterday, while the Chinese ambassador made the impromptu visit today. Was it a coincidence that both the western countries and the Asia’s emerging military giant smell troubles in Malaysia just one day apart? Have they received “intel” (military intelligence) which Malaysian hadn’t been able to detect?


Thereafter, interestingly, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim tells all and sundry that the local police have arrested three individuals (aged between 30 and 51 years old), comprised a local man as well as an Indonesian and a Syrian national, in a special operation around Kuala Lumpur by Bukit Aman’s Counter Terrorism department.

Low Yat Riot - Jalan Alor

The three suspects were detained in an apartment not far from Jalan Alor. Last month, Malaysian police arrested 10 suspected ISIS members in multiple raids across the country. Naturally, the burning question is this: had the Malaysian police launched the operation only “after” the US and Australian issued the security alert?


Has the Malaysian military intelligence been terribly crippled because Najib administration diverted its resources in hunting down political opposition, when it should have done the job of gathering intelligence on national security threats? In the past, US intel would work together with Malaysian intel behind the scene, but not this time.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza Aziz

The simple fact that the US and Australian authorities have no choice but to issue such an alert “publicly” speaks volumes about the seriousness of terrorist threats in Malaysia. At the very least, the US and Australia have demonstrated its displeasure about the lack of actions or commitments from Malaysia in combating terrorism, unlike during pre-Najib’s era.


It’s unknown if the western countries are getting suspicious about Prime Minister Najib Razak, who once praised the ISIS terror group as if there’s no tomorrow. His regime also claimed the controversial RM2.6 billion found in Najib’s personal account was a donation from Saudi to fight ISIS. But it certainly doesn’t help that the police sprung into action only “after” the alert was issued by foreign embassies.

Najib Razak Worry Sad - Al Jazeera Exposed Altantuya Murder

The sudden visit by China’s ambassador to Malaysia – Dr Huang Huikang – to Petaling Street, popularly known as Chinatown, couldn’t come at a better time when Najib’s sponsored Red Shirts are threatening, for the second time, to riot and harm the Chinese traders along the popular tourist hotspot.


It’s understandable if the Chinese ambassador has expressed his concern about terrorism only, just like his American and Australian counterparts. Amazingly, Dr Huang deliberately said the Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism. Obviously, he wasn’t impressed with Red Shirts leader Jamal’s threat.

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

To get a hang of it, can you imagine Indonesian President Joko Widodo pays a visit to Chow Kit and issue a statement that his government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism? No rocket science here. Jokowi would be seen as warning gangster Jamal not to play with fire threatening Indonesians doing their business (*grin*).


In the same breath, Ambassador Huang has actually warned Malaysian authorities to do the right thing by protecting the local Chinese minority. If he had meant to protect the Chinese from mainland China only, he could have had issue the same security alert like the American and Australian embassies, telling the foreign Chinese to avoid the famous Chinatown.

PM Najib Razak and Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang

But he didn’t and instead went the extra mile using the words “discrimination” and “extremism”. So, is China trying to interfere in the internal affairs of the country? Well, before you scream till foam at mouth telling the ambassador to mind his own business (and “balik China”), you’ve to understand the scope of China’s investment in Malaysia.


Trade between the Malaysia and China nearly quadrupled between 2004 and 2014, rising from US$26.3 billion to US$102 billion, and is expected to grow to US$160 billion by 2017. You can actually see “blue” safety net at some construction sites as compared to traditional “green”, which indicates such buildings do not only belong to China but the whole construction teams were imported from China.

China Beijing commemorates 70th anniversary of Japan World War II defeat - President Xi Jinping

That, my friend, speaks volumes about the depth and breadth of investment interest from the mainland China in Malaysia. And President Xi Jinping is not about to let some UMNO-Malay thugs start any racial riots which could potentially spread to the destruction of Chinese interest, just because PM Najib is in hot soup due to multiple scandals.


The missing MH370 scandal has proven to the China that Malaysia, under Najib administration, is a weak and irresponsible government who couldn’t care less about foreigners. PM Najib himself is so corrupt that the once super-duper corrupted mainland Chinese are both impressed and flabbergasted that someone from a small country could beat them hands down.

President Xi Jinping and President Obama

Politically, China is trying to project an image of a superpower. Just like the superpower US, China wants the world to “recognise” that Chinese lives are as valuable as the Americans, if not more, especially when they’re expatriates living in some foreign countries. What better place to flex its muscle to show the new emerging superpower, if not in countries such as Malaysia?


Most importantly, the mainland Chinese needs the local Chinese as the bridge to link with the local Malay businessmen and government agencies due to culture and language barriers. In an extreme situation, it’s reasonable to believe the China would not hesitate to unleash its military prowess to protect its interest in Malaysia.

China Fiery Cross Reef - Spratly Island

Why do you think China is building a 3,000-meter-long (10,000-foot) airstrip on one of its artificial islands in the disputed Spratly archipelago of the South China Sea? When the airstrip on Fiery Cross Reef is ready, expected to be operational by year-end, Beijing would be able to reach into the heart of maritime Southeast Asia.


China also realises very well that their citizens would be killed as part of collateral damage if a full scale racial riot takes place. That’s because the mainland Chinese are indistinguishable from the local Chinese, unlike foreigners from America or Australia. Actually, the mainland Chinese is distinguishable because they spoke with different slang.

UMNO Red Shirts - Najib Razak

Unfortunately, majority of the Malays couldn’t differentiate that. Too bad UMNO-Malays such as Jamal hadn’t learnt Chinese at school; otherwise he may be able to slaughter Chinese without any mistaken identity. Nevertheless, Najib administration successfully breeds, indirectly, two terror groups behind his backyard – the ISIS and the UMNO.



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“Congrats Najib, There’re 2 Terror Groups Under Your Regime”

“Nevertheless, Najib administration successfully breeds, indirectly, two terror groups behind his backyard – the ISIS and the UMNO.”

That is another good one on the subject – spot on…!

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government,

so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution

so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson:

You be the judge.

Compare to UMNO, ISIS is the late comer

The entire May 13 incident back in 1969 was orchestrated by UMNO and till now not a single killer has been apprehended

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