Najib’s Financial Scandal – The Real Reason Why His Opponents Go Global

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Sep 14 2015
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It seems while PM Najib copies and makes many of his political moves from master Mahathir, the latter also copies a great deal from his student too – the concept of “Glokal“. While people have seen how Najib received and transferred money “glokally”, his opponents, happily taking a page from his formula, are exposing him “glokally” too.


From allegations of corruption to money laundering to even accessory to murder, Najib is now the most famous prime minister in the world of democracy. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient to bring him down because 100% of the Cabinet members, not to mention 191 UMNO division chiefs, have been bought.

Twenty 20 Magnificent Barisan Nasional MPs Ready to Jump Ship

Even if these corrupted Cabinet members and UMNO division chiefs were to switch sides, Najib can still call for a snap election. So, paid pro-Najib bloggers have this story to tell. Apparently, Mahathir’s minion – Khairuddin Abu Hassan – has travelled to a few countries to lodge police reports so that bank accounts linked to PM Najib Razak can be blocked.


The reason: to dry Najib from source of money so that he cannot call for a fresh parliamentary election. Well, if this is true, then it only goes to show a bigger problem. Does this mean Najib actually has multiple banking accounts overseas? Surely such accounts do not have couple of thousands of dollars so how did he get his millions or billions?

Khairuddin Abu Hassan - Lodging Police Report on 1MDB

So far, Mr Postman Khairuddin’s “road show” has reached the land of Switzerland, Britain, France, Hong Kong and Singapore to deliver packets of information related to 1MDB scandal. Swiss authorities said they had frozen tens of millions of dollars in Swiss accounts related to the case.


In Hong Kong, authorities are investigating a staggering US$250 million allegedly transferred into Credit Suisse accounts linked to Najib Razak via 4 companies – Alliance Assets International, Cityfield Enterprises, Bartingale International and Wonder Quest Investment. Abu Dhabi, meanwhile, cries that a supposedly US$1.4 billion payment from 1MDB is missing.

Jho Low and Father Larry Low - 1MDB Scandal

It’s a no brainer to whom the money in those overseas banking accounts belongs to. Sarawak Report has already exposed one of accounts frozen by the Swiss belongs to Larry Low Hock Peng, the father of billionaire Jho Low, who was linked to 1MDB and reportedly hiding in Taiwan. Jho Low’s Good Star Limited was involved in at least US$530 million fund, as far as Singapore’s case is concerned.


Jynwel Capital Limited, being Jho Low’s flagship in Hong Kong, is believed to be set up for the sole purpose of masking him as a caring philanthropist and an investor but flushed with questionable funds in the background. So, it’s not surprising if it’s true that the four companies allegedly received US$250 million were somehow connected to Najib.

Jho Low With Najib Razak Stepson Riza

But the burning question is this: does Najib really need to access these foreign banking accounts to fund his next parliamentary election? Come on, don’t make my toes laugh. UMNO controls all the GLCs which in turn control hundreds of billions of state fund. By virtue of him being the President of UMNO, Najib doesn’t have money problems.


And as the Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Khazanah Nasional Berhad (KNB), which has stakes in more than 50 conglomerates with net realisable value of over RM120 billion in 2012 alone, the last thing he needs to worry is money. What the prime minister needs to do is to tell everyone he’s calling for an election and billions would be readied. KNB is UMNO’s ATM machine.

Khazanah Nasional Berhad

After all, they don’t call them GLC or “Government-Linked-Companies” for no reason. Therefore, the allegations that police reports were made to stop Najib from using the money to fund his election is a truckload of bullshit. On the contrary the reverse is true. Most likely it was to prevent him from plunders and pumps more national money into overseas accounts.

Najib and Rosmah on Plane - Exile - Thaksin Inset

It’ll be great to him if he survives Mahathir’s onslaught but if he don’t, then he may take the path taken by Thai’s Thaksin Shinawatra – flee the country and live in self-imposed exile. There’s no way Najib can survive in prison without Rosmah by his side, let alone the prospect of gallows as part of capital punishment which is applicable to any of these – murder, drug trafficking, treason, rapists that cause death, waging war against Agong (King).

1MDB Scandal - Najib May Be Jailed

During the present time of uncertainties, it would be stupid to bring money back home. Thanks to Mahathir, UMNO isn’t a beggar anymore unlike in the 1960s that needs “donation” from some rich Chinese to fund elections. UMNO is very rich after Mahathir transformed the party into a business entity. After what he had done to the task force, is there anyone dares to disobey him when he asks for money (*grin*).


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