Nowhere To Run – PM Najib Razak To Resign After Aidilfitri Celebration?

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Jul 08 2015
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If only Najib had not imprisoned opposition supremo Anwar Ibrahim. If only Auntie Rosy had convinced her hubby to open files on Mahathir’s past corruption. If only Najib had contained his deputy Muhyiddin by secretly reopen his past “Stamford” scandal. If only Najib’s cash boy Jho Low hadn’t been partying with Paris Hilton so openly and arrogantly.

Jho Low With Paris Hilton Partying 2

Just like Malaysian ringgit, Najib the son of Razak is toast. However, he has nobody to blame but himself. He has chosen to enjoy his life to the fullest – yachting, flying, smoking, drinking, lying, plundering and even fcuking like Leonardo diCaprio. He thought, together with sexy wife Rosmah, that he was “invincible”.


Even after Wall Street Journal dropped the bombshell he took a whopping RM2.62 billion or roughly US$696 million, he continues beating around the bush. The fact that he couldn’t convincingly tell the public whether the exposed AmInvest banking account was his or otherwise, was enough to tell all and sundry he is guilty – period.

Najib Razak - Forbes Malaysia 27th Richest

Amazingly, his hardcore supporters, including bloggers and ministers, were dumb enough to challenge the authenticity and demanded WSJ to disclose its proof. Kaboom!! WSJ gladly uploaded documents on the internet so that everybody in the world can view it. Did they actually think WSJ was on the same league as UMNO mouthpiece Utusan?


Judging by the lightning speed Mahathir wanted to end this boring game, it seems Najib may not be able to wait for his presents from Santa Claus at Putrajaya this year. The prime minister must have thought Mahathir would at least let him rest during the holy month of Ramadan. But he forgot he was dealing with Mamak from Kerala – Mahathir Mohd Iskandar Kutty.

Mahathir Mohamad Staring

How do you know Najib is game over? When 4 top guns supposedly under his command – Attorney-General, Bank Negara Governor, Inspector General of Police, MACC Chief Commissioner – made a joint statement that 6 banking accounts, 3 of them rumoured belong to PM Najib, have been frozen. They have jumped ship.


When was the last time bank accounts belong to a Malaysian prime minister was frozen due to suspicious corruption or money laundering, if it was true that 3 of them were indeed belonged to Najib Razak? Never in the history of this country. And if these 4 top guns try to drag their feet, rest assure there would be more documents to be released by WSJ (*grin*).

1MDB Scandal - Top Guns - Attorney General, Governor, IGP, MACC Commissioner

Get real, everybody desperately tries to save their own skin now, including the 4 top guns above, whom in normal days would be fighting tooth and nail trying to lick Najib’s boots. Desperate situation calls for desperate measures. It’s no rocket science that Najib Razak has to be sacrificed and thrown into the Malaysian Colosseum for the hungry lions.


Just like Emperor Commodus in the film Gladiator, there’s no way Emperor Najib could win this war against Mahathir. Thanks to Najib’s own GST, cost of living skyrockets and Malaysian spectators in the Colosseum are equally angry and hungry for blood, so much so that they consider Mahathir as the hero General Maximus.

Gladiator - Emperor Commodus and General Maximus

The question is: how does Najib wish to end his story? He has several options though. He can fly away and live in exile, just like Thai Thaksin Shinawatra. Or he can choose to stay put fighing to his last breath with risk of being arrested, charged and possibly spend some years in prison, hopefully sharing a cell with poor Anwar Ibrahim to keep him company.


Of course, at the mercy of Mahathir, he may get a royal pardon hence he may just ended spending some weeks or months in a 6-star prison cell, with an iPhone thrown in so that he can continue to update his daily life and perhaps some selfies to his 2.7 million Facebook and 26,000 Twitter followers (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Najib Razak Selfie with Lim Guan Eng

The most logical option is to resign, most likely after Aidilfitri celebration, but before the Christmas. Mahathir should be able to accept this option, in exchange to discontinue the onslaught and let Najib and his family members retire rich with his billions somewhere in Cayman Islands or Kazakhstan.


Here’s the problem. While Mahathir could forgive Najib, he couldn’t possibly forget the RM42 billion debt that Najib’s 1MDB has accumulated, especially knowing the fact that Jho Low is still a free man with billions of dollars in his banking accounts. So, Najib has to convince Jho Low to surrender or make a deal, and that’s a huge challenge.

Jho Low With Najib Razak Stepson Riza

Should Najib the son of Razak continues to act as if he was a Bugis warrior, documents and photos could be revealed by a U.S.-based media linking him to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya. Najib has to remember that former IGP Musa Hassan wasn’t on the same page as him, after he was replaced as the top police chief. And Musa might have passed copy of photos to Mahathir.


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