Coward!! – Self-Proclaimed “Warrior” Najib Hiding At “Nothing To Hide” Forum

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Jun 05 2015
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Bollywood storylines were, and still are awesome and predictable. Typically, you would have a hero, in his attempt to impress a chick, beat hundreds of bad guys and suffer no scratch. Heck, the hero and his newly acquired chick could even run, sing, jump, dance and whatnot after the fight, not to mention instantaneous shifts of location along with changes of costume between verses of a song.


But that’s nothing compares to Malaysian UMNO politics. Umnowood (we think we should copyright this word) could easily give Bollywood a run for their money, if their storylines are made into movies. Here’s how a Umnowood movie goes. Typically a hero (who else if not the prime minister himself), in his attempt to cheat voters, will scream racism and deny corruption, and suffer no arrest.

Bollywood Dancing Actions

The Umnowood hero, surrounded by paid supporters, would be greeted with songs, dances and “I Love PM” cards after his screaming action stunts. While there’re no changes of costume at lighting speed, you can probably see the hero’s chick carries yet another new Hermès Birkin bag (*grin*). That’s the SOP (standard operating procedure) of a typical Umnowood movie.


Now, how would an UMNO president, or rather “warrior”, as Najib the son of Razak has self-proclaimed less than 24-hours ago, project himself at a forum supposedly to clarify and cleanse himself of accusations in plundering billions of dollars from 1MDB’s RM42 billion debt scandal?

1MDB RM42 Billion Scandal - Dialogue PM Najib Razak with NGO - Poster

Quite predictably, Emperor Najib, who doubles as Bugis Warrior Najib, instructed top police IGP (Inspector General of Police) to get ready to cancel what seems to be an innocent looking forum, at the first sight of 89-year-old Mahathir Mohamad. Hiding under the excuse of “security concerns”, the police had cancelled the event.


Of course, to save face, the script requires PM Najib to roar like a horny angry tiger being taken away from its mate during mating season (*tongue-in-cheek*). Thus, as predicted, IGP claims the prime minister Najib Razak wasn’t happy with the police decision to cancel the dialogue (*ROTFL*). That’s how good-cop-bad-cop game is played (*yawn*).

Najib vs Mahathir - War

Apparently, the warrior Najib son of Razak was scheduled to attend the much awaited “Nothing To Hide” forum at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) this morning at about 10am, to offer his explanation on the 1MDB multi-billion debt scandal. Turns out, the powerful warrior was hiding while an old man walks fearlessly like a celebrity into the building by 9am.


Sure, the PMO (Prime Minister Office) can explains to all and sundry that the event has to be postponed due to security concerns after the direction from the IGP. But here’s the problem. Nobody believes PWTC, which happens to be UMNO’s fortress, was under any security threat. And how could a 89-year-old mamak harm a 61-year-old warrior?

1MDB RM42 Billion Scandal - Dialogue PM Najib Razak with NGO - Its 1MDB Its Najib Its Mahathir

It was an amusing sight to see Mahathir giving a short speech, before being stopped by the police, with a huge photo of Najib at the background. Somehow, the “Nothing To Hide” forum has turned into “Everything To Hide”. Does the prime minister thought he was smart by playing hide-and-seek with his critics?


Obviously, the IGP has turned the nation police into a pariah force by childishly forcing the forum to be cancelled, before stopping former prime minister Mahathir from giving his speech. If only the police force could practice the same efficiency at the Thai-Malaysia border, the mass illegal migrants graveyard would not have had happened.

1MDB RM42 Billion Scandal - Dialogue PM Najib Razak with NGO - Mahathir Like A Celebrity

After hiding behind wife Rosmah, it’s despicable for the so-called warrior Najib to hide behing the police force. He can’t always choose to become a chicken and should start growing up, can he? If the prime minister ain’t brave enough to attend a dialogue session, how can 30-million Malaysians expect him to protect the country from foreign intrusions?


Perhaps Najib could offer other excuses to cool off all the critics from Twitter (Nasdaq: Stock, TWTR) or Facebook (Nasdaq: Stock, FB) users. How about having fever or down with flu and cold? Hmm, here’s a better one, taking the cue from 1MDB president Arul’s excuse, perhaps Najib could claim he didn’t receive the invitation to attend the forum at all?

Najib Coward, Badawi Clueless, Mahathir Dictator

Alternatively, PM Najib can send his courageous wife Rosmah to debate with Mahathir, while the prime minister continues searching for his balls. Or a “live debate” on TV? To think how a Bugis Warrior lost to a Kerala Mamak, before the match even started, is simply humiliating. Mahathir Mohd Iskandar Kutty – 1; Najib son of Razak – 0.


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