All Is Not Lost, If Auntie Rosy Dare To Turn The Table

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Aug 02 2011
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My article titled “Resign or Snap Election for Najib, Here’re the Reasons” (read here) is perhaps one of the most visited page ever, sending my traffic skyrocket almost 30-fold. For the same reason, I couldn’t blog for a couple of days simply because I couldn’t login as it kept giving database connect error, though the homepage (fortunately) was still up and accessible. Somehow, due to the heavy traffic there was “CPU Throttling”, whatever that means. Besides Malaysia-Today, the article was also picked-up by Lim Kit Siang (*grin*).

While I was surprised with the huge number of visitors, my jaw almost drop with thrill from a special visitor to my website. This fellow confirmed whatever I wrote carry weight, so much so that it could disrupt the whole plan of unseating PM Najib Razak, one way or another. The visit and nasty remark from this visitor also somehow confirmed Sarawak Report’s claim about a team of American bloggers hired by Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and PM Najib Razak to supposedly improve their images. This blogger, Caleb Howe, obviously was instructed to pay me a visit (*me so proud*).

Well, if what FinanceTwitter wrote was rubbish then why bother to come and ring the bell, trembling all over in the process? Furthermore, FinanceTwitter is just a blog with very low readership so it’s not worth the attention (*grin*). It was just like the DDOS attack on MalaysiaKini before the Sarawak state election. Sarawak Report said these anti-Islam bloggers were on Najib payroll but I’m not so sure if they only work for Taib and Najib; or also tendered their services to Najib’s enemy in the UMNO as well. Hey, they are “professional bloggers for hire” so there’s nothing to stop them from licking everybody’s boots as long as they get paid.

Now, the whole netizens community and political parties, both opposition and ruling government, know about the problem hitting PM Najib Razak. If Najib still think he’s invincible and his inner circles love him because he’s the greatest leader the country had ever produced, then he should not shed a single drop of tear when his own party UMNO kicks his ass out of the premiership soon. Actually he’s already game over but all is not lost – Rosmah Najib Sdn Bhd can still save the day. Najib should stop worsening the situation with his stupid acts of trying to portray himself as a caring and peoples’ prime minister – because he’s not.

Najib should stop using football or soccer competition such as the one between Malaysia and Singapore by publishing himself and his lovely wife watching the match, acting as if he knows what he was watching. People would not vote for you because you were watching the match, screaming and acting as if you really care when the team missed a goal and all those cheap acting skill. Instead people still remember how you told them to change their lifestyle while your administration happily plundering the nation’s coffer. Najib should instead focus on his remaining months strategizing on how to neutralize his enemies particularly within UMNO.

Mahathir Najib Rosmah

Mahathir Mohamad is a master in Malaysian politics – that was why he successfully thrown Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah Badawi and soon-Najib, with ease, out of the window for not taking orders from him. Najib is perhaps the easiest meat of them all. Najib is a spoilt brat who is an empty vessel without substance. His most successful tactic was to make the infamous deal – “You Help Me, I Help You”. And MIC president learnt it well when he threatens PM Najib to fulfill MIC request if the premier wishes for Indian votes. Najib agreed and granted another ministership assuming MIC can really deliver the votes.

Not a single people in UMNO can fight the dictator Mahathir Mohamad. This is because all of them were produced from the same assembly line designed by Mahathir. He knows all their weaknesses because they carry the same brand – UMNO brand. It was just like when you drive a Proton car you know there’s a problem with its power-window. But if his opponent is a woman, that would be a different story. Mahathir has not met an opponent who is a woman so a match between Mahathir and Rosmah would be a different ballgame, not to mention the excitement created.

Najib Razak Rosmah

Everyone knows the country is being run by both Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor. If Auntie Rosy wants to remain as the First Lady, not that she qualified to be one in the first place, she needs to take over and get the clueless Najib to shut-up in order not to worsen the already bad situation which is not in his favour. Forget about the opposition because they can’t win the next general election, not with the current gerrymandering and whatnot. The immediate threat is the plan by Mahathir-Muhyiddin to unseat Najib-Rosmah. Sure, Mahathir is still very influential with deep pocket from Daim Zainuddin and his band of old cronies. But Najib has equal deep pocket – his brother’s CIMB, nation’s coffer, his own cronies and even his close “relationship” with Singapore.

1) Corruption

One of the deadliest weapons used by opposition (and now Tengku Razaleigh and soon Mahathir’s proxies) against Najib administration is the rampant corruption. People would be surprise if Najib administration somehow, miraculously, commited in combating corruption. The PKFZ’s RM12 billion Scandal is a good target, assuming Najib did not benefit indirectly from it. Former transport minister Ling Liong Sik was Mahathir’s closest man so Auntie Rosy shouldn’t have problem getting rid of him. For that matter, Chan Kong Choy can be sacrificed as well since nobody in the Chinese community likes him anyway.

PKFZ Scandal How Cost SkyRocket

There’s another fellow in the UMNO who could help swing come vital votes to Najib administration. This guy is none other than Selangor former Chief Minister, Khir Toyo, whom many have already pressumed guilty of corruption. Furthermore, Khir Toyo was appointed as the Chief Minister at the insistence of Mahathir Mohamad in 2000 after resignation of Abu Hassan Omar. With his controversial RM24 million mansion scandal on the table, it won’t be a difficult case to prove. Sending this dentist to the jail will win some round of applauses from the public. Make sure Najib blow his trumpet after successfully sent Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy and Khir Toyo behind bars.

By achieving the above, Najib administration will not only send a message that the government is finally coming hard with big-fish which were untouchable during Mahathir’s era, but also a signal to Mahathir-Muhyiddin’a camp that MACC can be used to “take care” of old guards or rebels trying to take away Najib’s throne. Basically all warlords in UMNO have some skeletons hidden in their closet, including Muhyiddin himself. By redirecting the cannon at UMNO, MCA, MIC and whoever seems to be strong supporter of Mahathir-Muhyiddin, it would send fears and hopefully will halt the plan in unseating Najib. Attack your enemy where they least expected and they would be in disarray.

2) Racial

Besides corruption, Najib administration is also tainted with racial remarks. This is perhaps the second critical issue that has robbed the government of votes particularly the Chinese. Opposition DAP didn’t do anything spectacular in swinging the Chinese votes but rather the UMNO itself who was playing the racial cards to the extreme that cost them the votes. Now, Auntie Rosy has to show to the public that this is about to stop. The key target is none other than Perkasa Ibrahim Ali, who is a mole regardless whether he belongs to Anwar or Mahathir’s camp. Ibrahim Ali has tons of past racist records that Auntie Rosy can use in her new campaign.

Perkasa Ibrahim Ali

Most people would be rejoicing if Najib administration actually shows political will in sending Ibrahim Ali into ISA. It would raise many Indian and Chinese eyebrows on the heroic act of Najib administration. Opposition parties would be speechless while Mahathir-Muhyiddin camp would be scrambling to brain-storm what had happened to the supposedly-obedient Najib. Better still, shutdown Utusan Malaysia for couple of weeks so that it can’t publish any damaging articles which would most likely proclaim Najib has lost his struggle in championing Malay supremacy.

3) Cabinet Reshuffle

Cabinet reshuffle is perhaps the only way Auntie Rosy can ask his hubby to do in order to flush out as many as possible people aligned to Mahathir-Muhyiddin camp. His cousin, Home Minister, should be sent to do something less damaging such as Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry. Hishammuddin has done more damage than good not only now but also during Badawi administration when he kept playing his “Keris” to intimidate the non-Malay, which cost the ruling government huge amount of Chinese votes. His recent handling of Bersih 2.0 rally also cost najib administration thousands of votes.

Khairy Jamaluddin

Najib’s enemy’s enemy is now Najib’s friend so he should promote UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin who has shown his undivided support so far, well, at least he pretended to be, not that he has any other choice in the first place. Khairy is a good choice and can be used to bark at Mahathir who doesn’t like the young chap a single bit. With a ministership, Khairy can also strenghten his base in UMNO Youth and hopefully would stay loyal to Najib. Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz, is already Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry despite losing to Khairy for the UMNO Youth Chief so he need to be neutralized.

Minister in the PM Department such as Nor Yakcop who’s in charge of Economic Planning Unit should be out of the cabinet ages ago, not to mention he’s Mahathir’s boy. Heck, this guy will not think twice about jumping ships, whichever the wind is blowing. And does Auntie Rosy really believe in Minister of Defence, Zahid Hamidi? Rumours have it that it was him who revealed the theft of two fighter jet engines and the embarrassing submarine’s incapability to dive. Wasn’t Zahid once the closest buddy of Anwar Ibrahim? There’re many more ministers that Najib can send to retirement or at least keep in cold storage so go figure.

4) Economy

Auntie Rosy should know by now that applying racial cards into economy produces more harm than good. His hubby’s experiment is a good testimony that people and investors do not take his economic programmes seriously so much so that even AirAsia Berhad’s (KLSE: AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) boss Tony Fernandez was toying with the idea of shifting his empire’s HQ to Jakarta, if not for the political pressure at the eleventh hour. Local businessmen have been transferring billions of dollars overseas in disguise of “expansion” ever since Mahathir retired.

Malaysia Economy

There was no special secret why the Chinese “foolishly” voted for Mahathir even though the old fox was a well-known dictator, literally speaking. The Chinese values two important factors – education and economy, the rest can take a back seat. Auntie Rosy can apply the same strategy – sincerely liberalise domestic businesses and allow 100% foreign ownership in all sector. The immediate objective is to attract foreign direct investment while encourage domestic business. Auntie Rosy can expect more Ibrahim Ali wannabe to play racial cards so this provide good opportunity to lure these extremists out and charge them with Sedition Act or whatever she likes to prove she’s serious about tackling the economic problem.

Rest assure opposition would not only have nothing to criticize about her sudden U-turn on this matter, they would probably praise her non-stop on the newly found courage in correcting what had been wronged by Mahathir during his 22-year-rule. This will send tons of Chinese votes into Najib’s bag and he may wrestle back the two-third majority, in the process making Najib untouchable within his own UMNO – provided, of course, the Mahathir-Muhyiddin tag-team does not activate their plan before the snap election.


People are now crying fault at how Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani could die at the hand of MACC. This is perhaps the easiest (*yawn*) problem to solve – charge those responsible accordingly and Najib administration will score some points, at least the opposition cannot use this issue (effectively) during their campaign. Auntie Rosy has to understand that somehow these MACC culprits need to be sacrificed and should not be protected anymore, not that you can in the first place after the RCI report was out.

MACC Teoh Beng Hock

In actual fact, MACC should be directed to investigate those in the UMNO who are trying to topple Najib. Auntie Rosy has to understand that the real threat and enemy is within their own party because the opposition is still not strong enough to capture Putrajaya, thanks to Sabah and Sarawak. Najib does not have the soldiers and resources to fight two battles at the same time. So Auntie Rosy should take charge and focus on who to attack. Even if Auntie Rosy losses, Najib can still act (or lie, which he is a specialist) as if the whole thing was his wife’s fault and he wasn’t part of the battle against his beloved mentor, Mahathir Mohamad (*grin*).

6) Bersih 2.0 Damage Control

Everything started with Bersih 2.0 so naturally this is where it should ends. The damage done was so serious that Mahathir-Muhyiddin was thanking their lucky star Bersih 2.0 for presenting them the excuse to start the elimination process. Auntie Rosy can still turn the table by getting his hubby’s cousin, Home Minister, or the police to apologize publicly especially on the unlawful detention of PSM-6. If Hishammuddin is loyal, he would do Najib’s bidding.  Of course, the ridiculous ban on Bersih 2.0 and yellow T-shirt should be lifted because if even the Queen Elizabeth was making fun of Najib, Auntie Rosy can be assured that the rest of the world are poking fun behind her back.

Hishammuddin Bersih 2.0

The release of the PSM-6 was a good start. Can you imagine what would happen if Dr. Jeyakumar dies on his hunger strike mission? The opposition would play the issue to the max and equate Dr. Jeyakumar to Mahatma Gandhi. By then not even Mother Theresa or 10 ministerships for MIC can save Najib. Malaysian people are very forgiving so if someone close to Najib (his cousin) can say sorry, many would forgive the premier especially during the current Ramadan. Hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures so Auntie Rosy has to do the unthinkable.

Auntie Rosy has to decide fast whether she wants to engage  Mahathir in this political battle or to spend the remaining few months packing her collection of Birkins bags. But what about her controversial RM24 million diamond ring allegation? Well, since the damage is already done I suppose there’s nothing much she can do. But if she agrees to do the unimaginable, the right things as demanded and desired by the people, I suppose people would soon forget about her dark side. But the first thing that Auntie Rosy need to do is to tell Najib stop talking nonsense and make a fool of himself publicly.

Rosmah Mansor

At the moment, the opposition is not strong enough to take over the federal government in the next general election. Given the option, the opposition and the people would think twice about kicking Najib at this moment because the next prime minister from UMNO would be hell a difficult one to defeat, not to mention the type of brutality skill he may posses (that was why I said I hate to see Najib’s downfall). Heck, what did people say about not offending a woman? Woman thinks differently. Mahathir may have finally met his true rival, Rosmah Mansor. Get some cokes, popcorns and watch the RM vs MM show.

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Dude, love to read your articles , these are
articulated well,convincing and hilarious.
well done man !
Do keep up the good work and I certainly
look forward to more of your postings.


Well written. RPK has finally met his match.

Interesting, but will she do it?

i love it… its hilarious, humorous, cynical style

Great analysis, Sir but only one flaw, albeit a very large one.

Is Rosmah that smart? She should learn from Tun Hasmah.

I hate MM yet I love his lady. I ptui MM faces many times (pictures only though) but kissed her hand twice (real one ok)

May I ask a special request? You write with a good feel of what is to come and good analysis but it is very frightening.
We do not want UMNO back in power, under Najib, Moodin or Mukris or the Shamud, not even the old man Razaleigh and last of all never Mahathir again. We want UMNO out. Granted the Opposition may not be able to govern well but we’ll have plenty of good advisors from the public (you could be one) – we need to have the change in government to formulate new rules for a true democracy.

As it stands, maybe 60-70% Chinese will support opposition, and at least 40% of Malays but I truly can’t say much about the Indians – and they do count but you know where does the wind blow?

How and what can we do to reach more people so they can read and understand and vote wisely when the time comes.

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