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Watch Out, Najib – Your Deputy Could Be The Deadliest Enemy

Assuming Prime Minister Najib Razak miraculously agrees to resign in exchange for immunity from prosecution of corruption, money laundering and even murder allegations, who would take over the throne? It’s either Muhyiddin Yassin, Zahid Hamidi or Hishammuddin Hussein, all of whom are corrupted scumbags. Hence, replacing Najib with another unknown evil will not do the […]

... written on Oct 30 2015

Meet “Mint”, A Beauty Queen Who Kneels To Thank Garbage Collector Mom

The story only exists in fairy tales but she did it, although the girl almost lost it. Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng has just been crowned Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015. The contest, held on Sept 25 at the Imperial World Department Store, is open to both women and transgender. One of the objectives for the contest is […]

... written on Oct 29 2015

U.S. Provoking To Start A War With China? Bring It On!!

Depending on which century you were born, you may see China as a great innovator, or merely a great copycat. Paper, gunpowder, printing and compass are four ancient inventions by Chinese people that have had a huge impact on the entire world. If only they have had put them into good use, they could have […]

... written on Oct 28 2015

Bacon, Hot Dog, Ham, Sausages Makers Rubbish Cancer Report

After damning reports released by World Health Organisation (WHO) labelling bacon, burgers, ham, sausages and other processed meats as the culprits for causing cancers, all hell breaks loose. After all, since the accusation came from WHO, the perception is it must be true. Essentially, these delicious meats are placed in the same category as asbestos, […]

... written on Oct 27 2015

Budget 2016 – What Najib Razak Doesn’t Want You To Know

Last Friday, Emperor Najib Razak presented his most challenging budget since he took over the throne in 2009. The Budget 2016, as expected, was heavily decorated with the most refreshing flowers and nicest perfume money can buy in order to divert peoples’ attention from his RM42 billion 1MDB scandal and RM2.6 billion found in his […]

... written on Oct 26 2015

China Anti-Corruption’s Latest Bans – Golfing & Extramarital Affairs

Ever since President Xi Jinping took the throne as the most powerful man in China in 2013, he’s been cracking down on corruption as if there’s no tomorrow. His anti-corruption crackdown is so massive that it’s being globally – from United States to Australia – with Beijing seeking extradition of those who have fled with […]

... written on Oct 23 2015

Haze Invasion!! Incompetent But Arrogant Minister Insulted By 1-Plane Offer

It’s fourth day in a row that thousands of schools are closed while millions of students couldn’t sit for their year-end examination because of haze. Malaysian parents are grumbling as 4,778 schools and 2,696,110 students are affected. With situation not expected to improve, chances are schools could be (hopefully not) declared close tomorrow (Friday), effectively […]

... written on Oct 22 2015

Mega City Harvest Church Theft – All 6 Leaders Guilty Of Stealing S$50 Million

In 1989, together with his wife Sun Ho, Mr. Kong Hee founded a megachurch – City Harvest Church (CHC) – which becomes one of Singapore’s wealthiest evangelical churches, boasting 30,000 members and 15 services every weekend. The church claims to have 48 affiliates in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Taiwan, India and Australia. Today, […]

... written on Oct 21 2015

Cannot “Tahan” – Weak Ringgit Forces Xiaomi To Hike Prices

Effective today, Oct 20th, Xiaomi Malaysia has increased prices on its products. Thanks to the local currency – Ringgit – which has been the worst performer amongst the emerging market, losing 20% since early of the year, Xiaomi fans have no choice but to pay more for the Chinese Apple products. Here’re 6 (six) Mi […]

... written on Oct 20 2015

Badass Najib Smiles – Disarray Opposition, Speaker Blocks All Questions

Today is the first day of Parliament sitting but the temperature was already extraordinary high. Malaysians are supposed to see two things before the Christmas kicks in. First, Prime Minister Najib Razak with allegations of corruption, money laundering and murder scandals stacked against him, is supposed to see (blind) defence from all his 132 MPs. […]

... written on Oct 19 2015

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