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Samsung Owners Are The Happiest In 2014 – Here’s The Proof

As we’re stepping into New Year 2015 tomorrow, holiday shoppers are still pampering themselves with new smartphones. As you could probably guess, Apple iPhone, was the most popular gift choice over Christmas week. Based on new device activations, Flurry Analytics concluded that Apple dominated the top-5 manufacturers, devouring a mind-boggling 51.3%, follows by Samsung (17.7%), […]

... written on Dec 31 2014

Cheaper Ruble Means Cheaper Caviar, Vodka, Fur? Nyet, Nyet, Nyet

Is Russian economic meltdown merely a domestic problem? Does it affect other countries as well? Obviously it does, judging by data from Dubai, a popular tourist destination for Russians. According to Dubai Airports, passenger traffic related to Russia plunged 18.2% from a year earlier in November. Cargo volume through Dubai International also dropped 8% from a year earlier in the same […]

... written on Dec 31 2014

Another Copycat Product – Xiaomi Macbook Air?

Pablo Picasso once said “good artists copy, great artists steal”. The Spanish artist’s famous quote was re-used by Steve Jobs in 1996, when the Apple Inc. supremo was frustrated with his company’s intellectual property being stolen repetitively. In fact, Apple has sued a lot of companies for allegedly copying or stealing its IP over the […]

... written on Dec 30 2014

Mahathir vs Najib – Feng Shui vs Black Magic

Just when 30 million Malaysians were enjoying the Christmas and the coming New Year long holidays, disasters strike again. When you thought both MH370 and MH17 incidents were the worse that could happen in a year, it gets worst. With only days before we step into the new year, two more disasters happen. First, the […]

... written on Dec 29 2014

Arrest Warrant For Korean Air Spoilt Princess, But Nuts Demand Skyrockets

Hawaii’s US$38 million macadamia nut industry demand is suddenly skyrocketing from South Korea, thanks to a spoilt princess of Korean Air boss Cho Yang-Ho, the patriarch of business conglomerate Hanjin Group. Macadamia nut sales had increased 20-times from one week to the next earlier this month, after Heather Cho Hyun-ah threw tantrums about how she […]

... written on Dec 24 2014

Christmas Songs Still Stuck In The ’50s – What Gives?

Tomorrow is the big day – the Christmas Day. Shopping and Christmas songs are everywhere. The holiday season will continue after Christmas – New Year, Chinese New Year and whatnot. However, if you care to stop playing with your smartphone and spare some minutes to think, it seems the Christmas songs and music are so […]

... written on Dec 24 2014

BOOM!! US$1.69 / Gallon & New Record In Daily Gasoline Prices Decline

As we have promised, there would be more bitching and grumbling about global oil prices ever since Russia got itself deeper and deeper into an economic meltdown. Christmas will not be pretty and fun in Kremlin this year. Under Vladimir Putin’s instruction, Russian central bank has been propping up local currency Ruble in order to […]

... written on Dec 23 2014

The North Korean Elite Unit-121 Hackers – Have Hotel Will Hack

In the Hollywood film “World War Z”, only two countries have been able to successfully stopped zombies infection. One is Israel, where an intercepted email mentioning zombies had tipped the country, hence built a gigantic wall in Jerusalem to protect the uninfected from the zombies. That was done a full week before the pandemic hit […]

... written on Dec 22 2014

Mark Your Calendar, Here’re Top-10 Movies Coming To You In 2015

Next year will be a very happy year for moviegoers. You’re spoilt for choices, lucky you. There will be tons of blockbuster movies which would gross the US$1 billion mark. Sure, there’ll be a lot of reboots and sequels, but considering the huge success of its original actors and film, chances of success are pretty high. […]

... written on Dec 20 2014

Here’s How Past World Leaders Would Look Like As “Hipsters”

Most of youngsters nowadays do not really fancy history as much as their parents did. And it’s not hard to imagine why. It’s a materialistic world now. Instead of worrying about putting food on the table, they worry about getting latest gadgets – smartphone, tablet, credit card, car, chicks and whatnot. Since technology and internet […]

... written on Dec 19 2014

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