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Hail Cyber Terrorism, Sony-Hollywood Surrenders Tamely To North Korea

Russian economy is in a mess without a nuclear bomb being unleashed, thanks to plunging oil prices. Sony and Hollywood are in a mess without a North Korean missile being fired, thanks to cyber terrorism. Thank God we do not need to use conventional weapon of mass destruction to achieve our missions. Technology and internet […]

... written on Dec 18 2014

The Perfect Storm For A Regime Change In Russia, And Malaysia?

One day after the Russian central bank dramatically raised its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5%, Apple today halted online sales of its products in the country due to “extreme” Ruble fluctuations. The latest stunt by Putin administration didn’t work. In fact, the whopping 650-points increase in interest rate only worsen the situation. The Ruble simply […]

... written on Dec 17 2014

Meet Mahathir, The Only Person Who Can Save Russian Economic Meltdown

Russia is in deep trouble. Vladimir Putin administration is in deep shit. And the country is in panic mode, judging by a surprise announcement just before 1:00 a.m. in Moscow. The Russian central bank unexpectedly raises its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5%, effective today. The move was the largest single increase since 1998, when Russian rates […]

... written on Dec 16 2014

Countdown To US$50 A Barrel Of Oil, On Christmas Day

Six months ago in June, Crude Oil WTI was traded at above US$105 a barrel. In case you’re wondering, WTI (West Texas Intermediate), is the benchmark for Texas light sweet oil. About 6-months later today, the same crude oil is trading at US$57.50 (as of time this article is being drafted), losing more than 45% […]

... written on Dec 15 2014

Turns Your Skin Into A Touch-Screen – A SCAM From Cicret Bracelet?

Forget about iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9 or Note 10. These gadgets are so yesterday and stoned-age compare to what a piece of bracelet can do. Costing about £300 (US$470; RM1,650) a piece, this concept bracelet is such an innovative product that it makes perfect sense to speculate aliens from planet Mars who actually created […]

... written on Dec 14 2014

Are Your Country’s Taxes Crazier Than Denmark? Find Out Here

Denmark is one of the top countries to retire. We suppose you already knew that. Denmark also consistently tops international rankings as the happiest nation in the world. And the reason why the Danes are so happy has something to do with the genes, as revealed by the University of Warwick recently. In a nutshell, […]

... written on Dec 12 2014

Time For A Job Hop – Here’re 50 Best Companies To Work In 2015

Every one likes to work for a company that provides great salary, unbelievable work culture, excellent career prospect, free food, mind boggling facilities and whatnot. Nobody likes to job hop if they can help it. But is there such thing as the best company or employer to work for, hopefully for the rest of your […]

... written on Dec 12 2014

Now, You Can Use “Make An Offer” On Amazon To Negotiate Better Prices

Soon, courier services will be out of business and their employees will be out of job. That’s because Amazon, U.S. largest Internet-based company, will deploy thousands of drones in delivery service. Amazon announced proposals for a drone delivery service called Amazon Prime Air in December 2013. The company’s supremo – Jeff Bezos – wants to […]

... written on Dec 10 2014

Meet Sergio Pininfarina, The Ferrari That’s More Exclusive & Limited Than FXX K

The concept car was revealed in March last year at the 2013 Geneva motor show. Based on a Ferrari 458 Spyder, the Sergio Pininfarina was named after the Italian coachbuilder’s legendary chairman who dies in July 2012. Sure, the Pininfarina may not be as fast as the evil Ferrari FXX K (that’s not a vulgar […]

... written on Dec 09 2014

Your Old iPhone 4 Could Be A GoldMine – Here’s Why

Do you still own that piece of dinosaur-aged music player called iPod Classic? If you do and the Apple’s gadget is still in working condition, congratulations. You own a piece of antic which could fetch millions of dollars in another 100-years, if it still works by then. Do not underestimate this clumsy, bulky and primitive […]

... written on Dec 08 2014

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