Time For A Job Hop – Here’re 50 Best Companies To Work In 2015

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Dec 12 2014
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Every one likes to work for a company that provides great salary, unbelievable work culture, excellent career prospect, free food, mind boggling facilities and whatnot. Nobody likes to job hop if they can help it. But is there such thing as the best company or employer to work for, hopefully for the rest of your life? The bad news – there isn’t best company. The good news – there’re many great companies.


Glassdoor, a website that provides insider ratings and information from employees about the companies they work for, just released its 2015 Best Places to Work list for the United States and the United Kingdom. For the first time, Google is the champion employer.  With rating score of 4.5, Google offers great work-life balance with adequate opportunity for career development, not to mention free food onsite 3-times a day.

Google Employees Sitting

If you’re a software engineer, you’re among the kings of the hill at Google. Besides free breakfast, lunch and dinner every weekday, amazing holidays – overnight ski trips to Vermont; overnight nature trips to the Poconos in the summer; summer picnics at Chelsea piers – were some of the perks. Every week big bosses Larry Page and Sergey Brin host what’s called TGIF where food, beer, wine, and whatnot is served.

Google Employees at Cafe 2

However, due to the huge expansion, it comes with growing pains – bureaucracy, slow response to market threats, bloated teams, cross-divisional tension. For this reason, it’s rather difficult to advance to the next level. As much as it’s harder to make a big impact now, Google is still the number one company to work for. Outstanding benefits and perks, and excellent salaries simply overshadowed the cons of working here.

Google Employees at Cafe

Salaries in Google are awesome – Software Engineer earns US$125,311 while Senior Software Engineer takes home U$159,393 annually. There’re more than 15 cafes on main campus alone. You can also enjoy 24×7 free gym and free laundry, not to mention free health and fitness assessments. Most importantly, Googlers can get time off to explore their passions outside of workplace. And, they welcome dogs too (*grin*).


Second on the card is Bain and Company, taking home a score of 4.4. You are constantly learning and being challenged and stimulated in the work at Bain. Employees love the analysis training and business principles knowledge from smart people and great mentors at Bain. However, the pace is so incredibly fast that if you aren’t used to that or don’t like high pressured environments then you might struggle at Bain.

Bain Employees Having Fun at Company

Bain was the best place to work last year, losing to Google this year. Still, its salaries are mouth watering, with Associate Consultant earning US$74,951, Consultant earning US$137,003 and Case Team Leader takes home US$148,310 annually. Perks include health insurance, 401K Plan, financial & retirement, paid holidays, free lunch and snacks, employee discount, bonuses, maternity and paternity leave and others.


Third place goes to Nestlé Purina PetCare, with the same score as Bain at 4.4. The company dares employees to stand tall, smile tall, think tall, create tall, and live tall. It is such a great place to work that turnover is extremely low. Salaries range from US$49,731 for Territory Manager to US$102,757 for Assistant Brand Manager. Nestlé Purina offers medical, dental, and vision benefits packages which include  include life insurance, disability and employee assistance.

Working at Nestlé Purina PetCare

Technology firm F5 Networks and BCG (Boston Consulting Group) take the fourth and fifth place respectively as the best place to work. Surprisingly, Facebook dropped eight spots to No. 13 this year, while Twitter, which held the second spot last year, didn’t even reach the top 50 in the current ranking. LinkedIn drops from No. 3 to No. 23 this round. Southwest Airlines which has travel perks for their crew grabs the No. 15 place. Here’re the top 50 places to work in 2015.

Glassdoor 50 Best Places To Work 2015

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