Hail Cyber Terrorism, Sony-Hollywood Surrenders Tamely To North Korea

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Dec 18 2014
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Russian economy is in a mess without a nuclear bomb being unleashed, thanks to plunging oil prices. Sony and Hollywood are in a mess without a North Korean missile being fired, thanks to cyber terrorism. Thank God we do not need to use conventional weapon of mass destruction to achieve our missions. Technology and internet proved to be the greatest invention since sliced bread.


Nobody gets killed but look at how Russia and Hollywood were brought to their knees. American officials somehow have concluded that North Korea was involved in the infamous large-scale hacking of Sony Pictures servers and computers. United States federal cyber-security sources claim that there is evidence indicating that the hack was routed through computers in Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Bolivia and Cyprus.

North Korean Hackers - Sony Pictures

The hack resulted in revelations of Sony private data – as much as 100-terabytes – including email, confidential materials, and secret projects to the public. The hacking group, the “Guardians of Peace”, has been having fun releasing bits and pieces of the stolen data since December 9. So far, they’ve released around 250-gigabytes of data only. Already, thousands of embarrassing email archives from Sony Pictures top executives have caused terrible damages.


From Angelina Jolie being called “minimally talented spoilt brat” to the most expensive over-budget next James Bond movie “Spectre” at more than US$300 million, the latest hack makes the previous Apple iCloud nude photos hack like a child play. This time, it’s no longer about releasing nude photos or revealing sensitive information. Those were so yesterday. Now, it’s being used to blackmail Sony Pictures and Hollywood into submission.

North Korean Hackers - The Interview Movie - dictator Kim Jong-un

Welcome to the new era of cyber terrorism. Here’s how the story goes. Apparently, the “Guardians of Peace” hackers got insulted and offended about a movie, “The Interview, which was scheduled for Christmas Day release. It was supposed to be an action comedy film about an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Sony Pictures today has confirmed that the US$42 million film is cancelled.


After the hackers had threatened violence on theatres that showed “The Interview” and people who attend screenings, America’s 10 largest theatre chains – a group that includes AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Carmike and Southern Theatres – announced they would delay showing the picture or would drop it altogether. While Sony Pictures was whining and bitching about the hackers stealing its intellectual property, at the same time, it has also surrendered to the hackers.

The Interviewer Movie - Actors

The Guardians Of Peace, who claimed that people who are at or around a showing of “The Interview” will “be shown how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to,” and referencing 9/11. Was Sony Pictures, a company formed in a merger between the Sony Corporation and Columbia Pictures in 1989, too chicken by surrendering tamely to a mere cyber threat of terrorism?


That’s pretty amusing, considering the almighty America did not even take seriously the brutal Islamic State’s threat. So, while the American military are bravely bombing those terrorists in Syria and Iraq, coward Sony Pictures and Hollywood shiver in fears upon hearing another 9/11 threat over a comedy movie, which could be a hoax after all? We supposed future terrorists will know where to hit next (*grin*).

North Korean Hackers - dictator Kim Jong-un

Thanks to Sony Pictures, the hackers are probably laughing their heads off on how scare and spineless Hollywood actually are. And where was the NSA when the Americans needed them the most? Silly me, they were too busy spying on their own people than assuring the theatres and Sony that North Korean couldn’t possibly launch any attack on U.S. soil. Nevertheless, the wrong message has been sent – terrorism can still win in America.


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