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Soros Goes Bonkers – Trump Is Driving U.S. To Nuclear War, Creating A Mafia State

He was the famous billionaire currency trader who broke the Bank of England and made US$1 billion in 1992. But he was also a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton who eventually lost US$1 billion when the stock market skyrocketed after Donald Trump’s stunning victory. He is, of course, the legendary currency speculator, investor, philanthropist, political […]

... written on Jan 26 2018

Something Is Very Wrong!! – World’s Richest 1% Grab 82% Of Global’s Wealth

We know that the rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer. We also know the world is unfair as far as wealth distribution is concerned. What we don’t know is how serious the problem has gotten year after year. At the start of 2015, Oxfam had warned that 1% of the world’s […]

... written on Jan 23 2018

U.S. Government Shutdown – How Trump Proves Himself As A Cunning Politician

Donald Trump marked the first anniversary of his inauguration with his government in shutdown mode. Essentially at midnight Friday, the U.S. federal government is partially shutdown after the Senate failed to reach a solution – the first government shutdown since 2013. If there’s any consolation prize, Trump’s predecessor Obama also had experienced such humiliation.   […]

... written on Jan 21 2018

Oprah Winfrey’s Dark Secret – Sex Scandal – Could Haunt Her If She Goes For 2020 Presidency

Oprah Winfrey may think she could easily deliver a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump, if the 45th POTUS decides to run for his second term, which he most likely will. After all, if Trump could do it, certainly a “smarter” Winfrey would make a great president. After her stunning speech at the Golden Globes, it […]

... written on Jan 09 2018

The Lifestyle Of “Rich Kids Of Tehran” Fuels The Fire Of Protest In Iran (Photos)

When a few hundred people gathered in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest and holiest city, very few thought that the Dec. 28th protest could result in a domino effect. With protests spreading and popping up in several cities around the country, President Hassan Rouhani and his band of elites who walk the corridor of powers have […]

... written on Jan 07 2018

Top-10 Exposive Secrets From “Fire And Fury” Book That Makes Trump Super Mad & Furious

Forget North Korea. Donald Trump may have a bigger and powerful “nuclear button” than Kim Jong-un’s, but the U.S. president has a bigger fish to fry. The man he once considered an asset to his administration has turned rogue. That man – former chief strategist Steve Bannon – has revealed his former boss’ skeleton in […]

... written on Jan 04 2018

How Prince Harry’s Wedding Could Wreck Havoc UK’s Economy – By Inviting Obama

Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle will get married on May 19, 2018 and have told aides they want former U.S. President Barack Obama and wife Michelle at their big day. Prince Harry has become good friends with the Obamas since their chemistry bonded after the Invictus Games in Florida last year. But as the 33-year-old […]

... written on Dec 31 2017

China’s Economy To Overtake U.S. By 2032 – And Asian Will Dominate 3 Of 4 Top Spots

By 2032 – that’s another 14 years – China is projected to become the world’s new biggest economic powerhouse, overtaking United States of America. But the Chinese are not the only winner. By 2027, the Indians will surpass Germany’s economy to claim the third prize. And as early as next year, India will become the […]

... written on Dec 29 2017

Saudi Could Get $6 Billion – FREE – If Prince Al-Waleed Pays For His Freedom

Many Saudi princes have been released – quietly – from “5-star prison Ritz Carlton Hotel” after agreed to pay in exchange for their freedom. The highest corruption settlement so far is Prince Miteb bin Abdullah who reportedly paid US1 billion for his freedom. He was the closest challenger for the throne of Kingdom of Saudi […]

... written on Dec 25 2017

Exposed!! – Saudi Crown Prince The Owner Of $300 Million World’s Most Expensive House

He was already a proud owner of a super-yacht costing US$550 million before being exposed as the lucky guy who splashed a whopping US$450.3 million on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”. It was rather strange for a Muslim spending a fortune on a painting depicting Jesus Christ as a Renaissance man dressed in flowing blue […]

... written on Dec 18 2017

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