Missiles Installed In Spratly – Upset U.S. Threatens China With “Consequences”

In the past 30 days or so, China has quietly transported some military hardware to its outposts in the Spratly Islands. Those equipments were deployed on top of its recent installation of military jamming devices. And judging by the latest U.S. outburst, the Chinese has crossed the line which might force President Trump to take […]

... written on May 04 2018

Has Kim Jong-un Repented, Or About To Pull Off The Biggest Scam In U.S. History?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, the guy whom U.S. President Donald Trump called the Rocket Man, appears to have repented. The cheese-obsessed fat boy has literally prevented the world’s first Nuclear War when he made a history – crossing the infamous DMZ line and stepping into South Korea, the first North Korean leader to do […]

... written on May 02 2018

The Hidden Message – Exaggerated Body Touching, Trump Even Wipes Dandruff Off Macron’s Shoulder

Their body language says it all. They shook hands, French kissed and touched each other in a manner that only a pair of lovers would normally do. But such a close relationship was displayed during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to White House. Heck, there was a moment when U.S. President Donald Trump wiped “dandruff” […]

... written on Apr 25 2018

Malaysia The Fertile Breeding Ground For Terrorism & Assassination

Malaysian police on Monday released sketches of the two men suspected of assassinating Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The killers, obviously professionals, had rained a whopping 20 bullets and 14 of them hit the 35-year-old Palestinian. Mr. Fadi was heading to a mosque for dawn prayers before being gunned down.   Footage […]

... written on Apr 24 2018

Talks Like A Mafia Godfather – Trump Brags That The Koreans Have “My Blessing” To End The War

CIA Director Mike Pompeo apparently made a top-secret visit to North Korea over Easter weekend as an envoy for President Donald Trump to meet with the hermit kingdom’s leader – Kim Jong-un. The extraordinary meeting was part of an effort to lay the groundwork for direct talks between Trump and Kim about North Korea’s nuclear […]

... written on Apr 18 2018

Thanks To Trump, Oil May Spike To $100 – That’s Precisely What Putin Wants

Business has been roaring for American shale producers. No matter how much and fast they drill, it appears they can’t beat the Arabs, whose production cut works marvellously. Crude oil prices continue skyrocketing with extremely strong support at US$60 a barrel. Global inventories have plunged. OPEC can actually imitate President Trump and says – “Mission […]

... written on Apr 16 2018

70% Success Rate – Syrian Intercepted 71 Out Of 103 Missiles Using Obsolete Russian Defence System

The just concluded military strike in Syria is perhaps one of rare bombardments where both attacker and defender came out celebrating. Both sides claim victory, and it’s not hard to understand why. In spite of raining more than 100 smart cruise missiles, initial report said only three people were injured. No one was killed, making […]

... written on Apr 16 2018

Trump Strikes Syria Again – Humiliated Putin Has Egg On His Face, No Action Talk Only

When U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the attack by sending 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syria military air base last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly furious. Considering that the Russians were given ample notice to evacuate before the military strike, it was most likely a drama where both Trump and Putin had agreed to play. […]

... written on Apr 14 2018

Trump Chickens Out – Here’s Why The President Flip-Flops About Attacking Syria

In anticipation of an imminent missile strike by U.S.-led coalition, the crude oil price skyrocketed. The Dow Jones plunged more than 200 points. British Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered British submarines to move within missile range of Syria. U.S. President Trump has cancelled his scheduled trip to multiple South American countries.   French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly […]

... written on Apr 13 2018

US-Led Coalition Is About To Strike Syria, And Putin Risks Losing Face If He Doesn’t Retaliate

Trump has finally struck Putin where it hurts the most. On Friday (April 6), the powerful U.S. Treasury Department slapped sanctions against Russia. As a result, 7 Russian oligarchs, 12 businesses and 17 government officials were put on the Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. Effectively, all their U.S. assets have been frozen.   The […]

... written on Apr 11 2018

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