President “Butcher Of Tehran” Raisi Died In Helicopter Crash – But Iranians Rejoice, Dance & Celebrate With Fireworks

Anwar Ibrahim may be “deeply saddened” by the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, whom he admired and had the “honour” of meeting last November. But Iranians do not share the sadness of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Rather, the people of Iran around the world are celebrating and rejoicing – even before the man known as […]

... written on May 21 2024

Police Station Attack And Palace Intrusion – Congrats To Government For Breeding & Harbouring Terrorists

In early morning Friday (May 17), a terrorist believed to be linked to the Jemaah Islamiah boldly entered a police station at a small village near Johor’s Ulu Tiram and hacked the neck of a policeman on duty with a machete. He then grabbed the officer’s gun and shot another policeman who came out to […]

... written on May 19 2024

Blinken Sent Home With Tail Between Legs – How His Second Visit To China Ended With Disaster

Antony Blinken’s visit – his second to China is less than a year – is the clearest proof that the U.S. Secretary of State was sent to beg the Chinese again. But as expected, nothing can be achieved from such visits as long as Washington arrogantly thinks it could tell Beijing what China can or […]

... written on Apr 30 2024

Israel Bombs Iran In Retaliation – But Here’s Why Iran Denies It Was Attacked While Israel Refuses To Admit

Roughly a week after Iran attacked Israel with more than 300 drones and missiles, 99% of which missed or intercepted, Israel has retaliated, striking the Islamic Republic with just a handful or drones and missiles. Unlike Iranian’s massive attack on the Jewish state that failed to inflict meaningful damage, Israeli’s “limited strike” saw multiple explosions […]

... written on Apr 19 2024

How Iran’s 300 Drones & Missiles Failed – But Brags Victory Anyway Despite 99% Of Them Intercepted

After almost 2 weeks discussing how to retaliate over Israel’s bold strikes on its embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus, Tehran could not find any option except a direct attack on Israel. To strike the Jewish state from proxies located in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen or Iraq would be not only lame, but ineffective. After all, its […]

... written on Apr 15 2024

U.S. Rushed Warships To Defend Israel – $100 Oil Price And World War 3 If Iran Attacks Israel Directly

On Friday (April 12), President Biden expressed his anticipation of an Iranian attack on Israel and rushed warships, including aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and destroyers USS Carney and USS Arleigh Burke to protect Israel and American forces in the region. With “expectation” that the attack would come “sooner rather than later”, the Commander-in-Chief […]

... written on Apr 14 2024

A Racist & Hypocrite – Anwar Condemns Killing Of Terrorist Buddy Haniyeh’s Kids, But Allows Firebombing On Fellow Chinese

Anwar Ibrahim was displeased – even panicked – when Abdul Hadi Awang beats him to scoring some brownie points when the PAS Islamist party president contacted Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh to express his support for the terrorist organization. Prime Minister Anwar, unsatisfied, then used all the government resources to make sure the world knows he […]

... written on Apr 13 2024

3 “Sitting Ducks” Top Generals Assassinated In Iranian Embassy – Israel’s Chess Play To Drag Iran & The U.S. Into The War

If there’s one nation you don’t fool around, it’s Israel. Surrounded by hostile enemies who are determined to destroy it, the country has armed itself to become one of the strongest military powers in the Middle East, partly thanks to more than US$3.8 billion of military aid a year from the US. And here’s why the […]

... written on Apr 03 2024

Missing Eye, Ear Shoved In Mouth & Electrocuted Genitals – ISIS Terrorists Pay Heavy Price For Terror Attack On Russia

Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda, Shamsidin Fariduni, Dalerdzhon Barotovich Mirzoyev and Muhammadsobir Fayzov were four terrorists who stormed the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, a northern Moscow suburb, before spraying bullets on some 6,000 people who were attending a rock concert. The gunmen also set fires which engulfed the venue and caused the roof to collapse.   […]

... written on Mar 27 2024

Blockade Of US Embassy – Israel And The U.S. Must Be Incredibly Terrified Over Malaysia’s Latest Retaliation

Probably taking a page from China’s playbook in its blockade of Taiwan hours after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s foolish visit to Taiwan last August, some 35 NGOs, 15 student movements and political parties in Malaysia were planning to teach the U.S. and Israel a lesson. The brilliant plan was a six day “blockade” of the U.S. Embassy […]

... written on Dec 28 2023

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