Here’s What The West Plans To Do With Russia’s $300 Billion Frozen Reserves – And Moscow Warns Of Similar Retaliation

After the U.S. and Europe imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine invasion, it triggered a massive devaluation of the country’s currency – ruble. Russians lined up at ATMs to withdraw their money. The Bank of Russia immediately hiked the interest rates to 20% to slow the withdrawal, as the ruble plunged 30% against the US […]

... written on Nov 30 2022

Russian Missile Hit Poland – Confusion & Contradiction After Biden Announced It Was “Unlikely” Fired By Russia

As Russian forces fired at least 85 missiles across Ukrainian cities, a missile hit the village of Przewodów, Poland, killing 2 people and forced Biden to convene an emergency meeting on the final day of the Group of 20 (G-20) meeting in Indonesia. The U.S. president, who was awakened overnight by staff with the news […]

... written on Nov 16 2022

Proof British Navy Blew Up Nord Stream – PM Truss Sent Text Message “It’s Done” To Secretary Of State Blinken After Attacks

After the Nord Stream gas pipeline was blown up last month (Sept 26), questions have been raised over who did it. Both the West and Russia agreed it was sabotage, which means it was not an accident. It was a pre-planned terrorist attack to permanently terminate any hope of Europe going back for Russian gas. […]

... written on Oct 31 2022

Saudi Arabia Wants To Join BRICS – Here’s Why US Dollar’s Global Dominance Is Toast

As the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. dollar is the king of the financial world. However, the American government abuses the currency hegemony as a primary tool to advance its geopolitical interests to the extent of arm-twisting the rise of other nations. Not only Russia’s US$630 billion in foreign reserves were frozen, the world has […]

... written on Oct 27 2022

Russia To Launch A Nuclear Attack? – China Knows Something We Don’t After Ordering Citizens To Evacuate Ukraine

Some 6,000 Chinese nationals had returned to China in March after Beijing started a large-scale evacuation in Ukraine following Russia “special military operation” on February 24. The evacuation was triggered based on safety concerns as a result of increasing hostility from angry Ukrainians, who were targeting Chinese citizens due to China-Russia friendship.   The Chinese […]

... written on Oct 19 2022

Now German Is Furious At High U.S. Gas Prices – Energy Crisis Is So Bad People Use “Horse Dung” To Heat Homes

In 2018, Donald Trump attacked Germany, Europe’s largest economy and one of NATO’s most important members. The U.S. president warned that the country was making a big mistake in totally dependent on Russian energy. Trump’s speech at the United Nations was laughed by Germany’s UN delegation. Today, Western media are mocking and laughing at Germany’s […]

... written on Oct 12 2022

China’s Freedom Of Navigation – U.S. Raises Alert Over Chinese & Russian Warships Near Alaska

For many years, military superpower the U.S. has been focusing on counter-terrorism. The rise of the dragon, however, has seen the Department of Defence shifted its resources to China. In fact, U.S. President Joe Biden admitted that the “reckless and hasty” withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan was done to allow Washington to shift its […]

... written on Sep 27 2022

Prestigious Lancet Medical Journal – Covid-19 Coronavirus May Have Leaked From US Laboratory

For more than two years, the world was being told by the Western powers, led by the United States, that the Coronovirus was unleashed by the Chinese. Because the WHO (World Health Organization) received the first alerts of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, China on Dec 30, 2019, it didn’t take much […]

... written on Sep 16 2022

US & UK Not Happy – Coast Guard & Royal Navy Denied Port Call In Solomon Islands As China Influence Grows

On Friday (Aug 26), a United States coast guard ship was on a scheduled port call in the Solomon Islands after conducting patrols to monitor illegal fishing activities in the Pacific. However, when it tried to get clearance to refuel and re-provision, stunningly there was no response from the island’s authorities for diplomatic clearance for […]

... written on Aug 27 2022

A Strange Submarine Design – The West Worries Chinese Latest Stealth Attack Sub Could Strengthen Sea Blockade On Taiwan

Last month, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) formally commissioned a new submarine to be deployed to China’s East Sea Fleet. The sub has raised eyebrows due to its strange design – a distinctive new conning tower or sail. Instead of being streamlined to improve water flow like more designs, the Chinese new sub is […]

... written on Aug 17 2022

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