Blockade Of US Embassy – Israel And The U.S. Must Be Incredibly Terrified Over Malaysia’s Latest Retaliation

Probably taking a page from China’s playbook in its blockade of Taiwan hours after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s foolish visit to Taiwan last August, some 35 NGOs, 15 student movements and political parties in Malaysia were planning to teach the U.S. and Israel a lesson. The brilliant plan was a six day “blockade” of the U.S. Embassy […]

... written on Dec 28 2023

Hamas Is Game Over – How The Terror Group Miscalculated, Betrayed, Abandoned And Made More Mistakes

Israel wants Hamas dead. It doesn’t matter that Israel once helped turn a bunch of Palestinian Islamists in the late 1970s into one of the world’s most notorious terror group, which then bite the hand that feeds it when Hamas launched a massive attack on Israel on Oct 7 – killing 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped […]

... written on Nov 29 2023

Talk, Talk & More Talk – Toothless Arab-OIC Slams Israel, But Saudi Led 9 Allies Against Economic Retaliations

As expected, they came, they talked, they condemned, they had nice coffee, they had a photo op, and they went home without any meaningful solution in the Palestinian crisis, which saw the destruction of Gaza Strip thanks to Hamas terrorism on Oct 7 that butchered 1,200 Israelis, which in turn triggered Israel’s fierce military retaliations […]

... written on Nov 13 2023

Human Shields – How Hamas Cleverly Wins Propaganda War, But Was Stunned By “Fire Power” Unleashed By Israel

Israel had struck a UN-run school in northern Gaza, killing at least 15 people. This came after an Israeli air strike on an ambulance, also killing 15 people. If that was not bad enough, Israel had also targeted Jabalia, reported to be Gaza’s largest refugee camp, for the second time in two days. The Hamas-run health […]

... written on Nov 06 2023

Playing With Fire! – Here’s Why Iran Won’t Dare Attack Israel Directly, But The Same Cannot Be Said About Israelis

In June, Tehran unveiled its so-called “hypersonic” missile which allegedly can hit Israel in 400 seconds. Of course, it was merely propaganda. If Iran indeed possessed such weapon, Israel would have been wiped out today. Its sponsored terrorist arm – Hamas – would not need to slaughter 1,400 Jews people on Oct 7, which triggers […]

... written on Nov 01 2023

Told You So!! – Congrats To Anwar For Radicalizing School Kids As Potential Hamas Terrorists Playing With Guns

Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Middle East are smart – they know who their real enemies are in the region. Amid an escalating war between Israel and Hamas, in which more than 8,000 people have been killed so far, the kingdom did not choose sides – it condemns both Israel and Hamas. While […]

... written on Oct 28 2023

Fix Plunging Ringgit & Food Shortage – Anwar Should Stop Wasting People’s Money On Radicalization & Terrorism

We understood why Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim scrambled to become the first Malay Muslim leader in Malaysia to express support for the Palestinian in the wake of Israel’s retaliation against Hamas terrorism. He was extremely proud and happy that he had beaten religious extremist Hadi Awang in the race, never mind it was Hamas who […]

... written on Oct 17 2023

An Eye For An Eye!!! – No One Can Stop Israel From Reducing Gaza To Rubble And Erase Hamas Terrorists

Hamas’ victory will be short-lived. People who celebrated the terror group’s brutality on Saturday (Oct-7) will soon realize the deadly consequences of picking a fight with Israel, whose biggest supporter is the United States. When Hamas launched an unprecedented, multi-front attack against the “Land of Israel”, they should have ensured that the Jews are completely […]

... written on Oct 13 2023

Israel At War – How Biden Funded Terrorist Hamas With $6 Billion, And Why Hamas’ Invasion Was A Dumb Move

Firing about 5,000 rockets at Israel, Hamas militants have launched an unprecedented, multi-front attack at the land regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land. Within its Old City, the Temple Mount complex includes the Dome of the Rock shrine, the historic Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. […]

... written on Oct 10 2023

Here’s How Afghanistan Currency Beats US Dollar, Euro & Pound – But Don’t Learn How The Taliban Did It

Afghani, the currency of a pariah nation called Afghanistan, is trading at 77 Afghani to a U.S. dollar. In comparison, Russian Ruble has depreciated to 99 to the greenback. This means the Afghani are more valuable than Ruble. Not bad for the ruling Taliban, who seized power about two years ago after the United States […]

... written on Oct 04 2023

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