A Racist & Hypocrite – Anwar Condemns Killing Of Terrorist Buddy Haniyeh’s Kids, But Allows Firebombing On Fellow Chinese

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Apr 13 2024
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Anwar Ibrahim was displeased – even panicked – when Abdul Hadi Awang beats him to scoring some brownie points when the PAS Islamist party president contacted Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh to express his support for the terrorist organization. Prime Minister Anwar, unsatisfied, then used all the government resources to make sure the world knows he too had reached out to Haniyeh.


To assert that he was the real Palestinian hero, Anwar claimed on behalf of 32 million Malaysians that they were solidly behind the terrorist group, which is not true. Not only he conveyed his condolences to his buddy Haniyeh after the Hamas political leader lost 3 sons and 4 grandchildren in an Israeli drone strike in Gaza, Anwar has also slammed the “coward Israel” for the brutality.


In reality, 61-year-old Haniyeh, who has 13 sons and daughters, did not show much sadness upon hearing the news that his sons and grandkids had been blown to oblivion. He knew the consequences of going to war with the Jewish people. After all, his dead sons – Hazem, Amir and Muhammad – were all Hamas military operatives. In fact, Amir was a cell commander.

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh - Children Killed By Israel Drone Attack

The Hamas political chief told Al-Jazeera – “I am grateful to God for the honour he has given me in the deaths of three of my children and a few of my grandchildren”. Haniyeh claimed around 60 members of his family have been killed since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. So, why was Anwar mad and furious when his best friend was incredibly grateful that his family members were honoured with martyrdom, and received 72 virgins?


The Hamas chairman should blame his idiotic children for travelling in a single vehicle, making them an easy target. He should instead be grateful that Mossad has not sent operatives to assassinate him in Qatar, where he lives luxuriously. Does the clueless Anwar know that his corrupt buddy is worth more than US$4 billion, thanks to 20% tax charged on all items entering through tunnels from Egypt to the Gaza Strip?


There’s a huge difference between Palestinians and Hamas. PM Anwar talks as if Hamas represents Palestinians. Officially, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) represents Palestinians worldwide at international forum, while the Palestinian Authority (PA), a newer institution led by a PLO faction known as Fatah, was supposed to govern most of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Private Jet for Ismail Haniyeh and Senior Hamas Leaders

However, after Hamas won the 2006 elections, allowing it to control Gaza, it had violently removed all Fatah officials from Gaza. In addition, the terror group also received funding from Iran. Effectively, Fatah administered 3 million Palestinians in West Bank and Hamas controlled 2 millions Palestinians in Gaza. Additionally, one in five people (2.3 million) living in Jordan is Palestinian.


Therefore, Hamas does not represent Palestinians. It is nothing but a terrorist group which has brought death and famine to the people after leaders like Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar hatched the October 7 terror attacks on Israeli soil. Yes, unlike Palestinians in Jordan and West Bank, Palestinians in Gaza are being bombed to hell because Hamas which they voted for thought it was a jolly good idea to attack Israel.


Hilariously, after Hamas massacred 1,200 Jews party goers on October 7, including raping and kidnapping, Palestinians celebrated the brutality as if they had won the FIFA World Cup, only to cry and whine when Israel retaliates with relentless air strikes. When the death toll climbs and exceeded the number of Jews butchered by Hamas due to Israelis military superiority, suddenly there was a cry of genocide.

Hamas Terror Attack on Israel - Palestinians in Gaza Celebrate

Mr Anwar conveniently ignores the fact that his favourite team – Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups – abducted 253 people from Israel to the Gaza Strip, including children, women, and elderly people. The war could end tomorrow if Hamas releases the remaining 130 hostages. But the hypocrite Malaysian prime minister dares not answer why his terrorist friends refused to do so.


Exactly what type of Islamic teachings that Anwar learns which allow the killing, kidnapping and raping of non-Muslims?  Ahh, but the barbarian Jews deserved to be murdered and raped because the Israel occupied the Palestinian lands. The confiscation of land and property belonging to the Palestinian people is done relentlessly by the Zionists, argued the chest-thumping Anwar.


Not only Anwar, whose career started as a radical Islamist who used Islam as a platform to achieve his political ambition by leading a radical movement called ABIM (Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia), still sees Hamas as the legitimate government of Gaza even though the last election was held in 2006, he also twists the fact of how Palestinian lost the land to Israel in the first place.

Hamas Terrorists - Children Human Shields

Which part of war and history that Anwar doesn’t understand, or pretends to not understand? He seems to suggest that it’s acceptable for the Jewish lands to be invaded, occupied and destroyed by the Arab Muslims (between 1948 and 1967) but unacceptable for the Jews to defeat the Arab Muslims and reclaim its lost lands after close to 20 years (in 1967).


In actuality, it is the Arab Muslims – not Israel – who are responsible for all the Palestinian’s problems today. On 15 May, 1948, a combined forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attacked Israeli forces and Jewish settlements. That invasion started what would become the never-ending Arab-Israeli War, and the Palestinian Arabs ended up stateless.


Why selectively talks only about 1967, the year Israel occupied the land, but not 1948, the year Israel lost the land? Heck, why not blame the British Empire, who captured Palestine from  the Ottomans after World War I. Let’s talk also about the Roman Empire Christianized Palestine in the 4th century. Better still, let’s talk how Israel and Judah kingdoms controlled much of Palestine during the “Iron Age”.

Israel-Palestine Conflict - Supporters Waving Flags

To say Israel must return the land because it was once belonged to the Palestinians is like saying Malaysia must also return the land because it was once belonged to the British Empire, who ruled from 1824 to1957. The battle for Palestine was lost by the Palestinians not in 1948, but in 1939 after the British completely smashed to the ground the Arab rebellion against British imperialism.


So, it actually depends on which cut-off date you like to debate. Just because Anwar chose 1967 to justify his half-baked argument does not mean he is right. As a matter of fact, Israel left Gaza in September 2005, but the Gazans elected Hamas in 2006, which in turn started multiple terrorist attacks and wars, especially in 2008, 2012, 2014 and of course, the deadliest October 7, 2023 attack.


Fine, let’s assume Israel has no right to defend itself against Hamas’ 5,000 rockets attack and slaughter on October 7. Let’s assume Anwar’s best buddy, Haniyeh and his lemmings, has all the right to kill, gang-rape and kidnap the Jews. However, for the prime minister to label Israel as a coward for killing the children of the Hamas’ chief are both laughable and hypocritical.


Exactly where was Anwar when Saudi Arabia led a coalition of nine countries from West Asia and North Africa and declared war on Yemen, which has been ongoing since 2015 and killed over 150,000 Muslims? And why did the Muslim hero keep quiet when Iran fired cruise missiles on Saudi oil facility? Ahh, that’s because Anwar can’t find non-Muslim to blame in conflicts involving Muslims slaughtering Muslims.


Worse, Anwar is a racist for jumping – at lightning speed – to the defence of terrorist Haniyeh located 5,900-km away, but keeping quiet when fellow ethnic Chinese were being bullied and firebombed by Malay-Muslim extremists at home. Where was he when KK Mart convenience stores were attacked with Molotov cocktails? Ahh, that’s because KK Mart, as well as shoe company Vern’s, are owned by Chinese, whereas the domestic terrorists are Muslims.


And where was the prime minister, who claimed every child regardless of race and religion was like own child before coming to power, when a bully – UMNO Youth Chief Akmal Saleh –  threatened Malaysian Chinese to the extent of instigating extremists to boycott and destroy their businesses? Again, Anwar displayed his utmost cowardice and racism when Muslims terrorized non-Muslims.

KK Super Mart

Not only PM Anwar was as quiet as a church mouse when faced with the racist UMNO chief instigator, he shamelessly became a bully himself when he intimidated and bullied a teenager during a dialogue session at Kolej Matrikulasi Penang, where the student of Indian ethnicity asked Anwar when will the discriminative “quota system” be abolished and replaced by a meritocracy system.


The biggest joke was when the Malaysian leader slammed Israel’s continuous crimes of apartheid against the Palestinians, forgetting his own government is practicing the same apartheid against minorities Chinese and Hindus in the country. He has forgotten that the Chinese and Hindus whom he discriminate are the one who pay taxes – his best friend Haniyeh and Hamas terrorists do not pay a single dime in taxes.


Between Israel and Anwar, it’s not hard to see who is the real coward. As far back as last November, War cabinet minister Benny Gantz already announced that Israel will hunt down Hamas leaders “in Gaza and around the world.” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared – “Every Hamas member is a dead man.” Israel had given enough warnings. That’s why Haniyeh cowardly hides in Qatar.

Palestine Hamas uses Children as Body Armour - Cartoon

While Anwar has the right to slam Israel for killing innocent Palestinians, he should also fairly condemn Hamas for slaughtering innocent Jews. Hiding in tunnels and storing mortars and other weapons in schools and hospitals, but happily using Palestinian women and children as human shields, isn’t something that Anwar Ibrahim should be proud of about Hamas.


Anwar should start behaving like the Prime Minister of Malaysia, not Prime Minister of Palestine. Instead of fixing sagging economy, plunging currency, food shortage and high cost of living, he transformed schools as his playground – bringing the geopolitical crisis into schools where teachers and innocent students carry firearms, albeit toy guns, while wrapping Palestinian keffiyeh scarf around their heads like jihadist militants. That’s a pathetic leadership.


The fact that he would fly thousands of miles away to defend terrorist Hamas and Haniyeh just because they are Muslims, but would not lift a finger to defend KK Mart and Chinese or Hindus just because they are non-Muslims, is the clearest proof that racist Anwar does not believe in fairness even among Malaysian citizens. He has no right to lecture Israel about cowardice, hypocrisy or apartheid

Anwar Ibrahim - Support Hamas Terrorists


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I love your blog and would time to time enjoy reading your perspective. But this time I feel you crossed the line by appearing tonedeaf on the situation at Gaza to justify your scathing attack on the Prime Minister. To date, over 30k thousand dead. Almost half are children. If u are actually an israeli apologist then i guess the relationship ends now. I wouldn’t have mind your opinion on Anwar being “poyo” but to say Israel is the victim here sickens me. I hope you dont spread your pro-israeli views to the next generation and keep it to yourself. Bye

The 30,000 people would not have died had Hamas not attack Israel, would they?

You said it all. PMX do not know his designation as a PM of Malaysia. All his BS and election rhetorics is a blatant characteristics denoting a highfalutin person clueless on why he is there as a PM , save for his personal passions in puruing the religious grandeur. His deafening silence as leader in the recent crisis management is a testimony on his incompetence where many of the Rakyat are sillily still in denial on his ability and astuteness to administer the country. He is also wallowing in his false make beliefs of being a darling for all. Both his apologists and the dreaming Rakyat are in for a rude awakening if he does not take hold of the country ridiculous situation, the tolerance on him will morph into intense hatred and the necessity for him to vamoose and let someone capable to helm the country administrations. Not even thru half his tenure , already a big disappointment and just plain showing hypocrisy. Enough said!!

A PM for one and not for all.

Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those (captives and slaves) whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek (them in marriage)..https://quranx.com/4.24 – NOTE: WORDS IN BRACKET ARE NOT IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT BUT ADDED BY TRANSLATORS, ANYWAY NIKAH MEANS SOMETHING OTHER THAN MARRIAGE, IF ONLY THE MUSLIMS WUD WAKE UP. This verse is all about rape of captives(including married ones..).as happened on Oct. 7.

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