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Karpal Singh Dies Aged 74: The Fiercest Tiger Of Malaysia

He consistently roared and disagreed about hudud law, while his legendary comrade Lim Kit Siang sometime dares not voice it publicly during critical moment. He immediately resigned as DAP chairman following his conviction for sedition, while his comrade Anwar Ibrahim refuses to do the same when convicted of sodomy, never mind Malaysia’s “kangaroo court” was […]

... written on Apr 18 2014

Apple Has More Cash Than Malaysia, France & Dozens Other Countries

Ever since U.S. notorious subprime crisis in 2008, U.S. companies have been building cash as if there’s no tomorrow. Some even joke that U.S. will never have another similar subprime crisis again considering the gigantic amount of cash reserve these companies have. Besides financial institutions, U.S. companies are holding a staggering US$1.64 trillion at the […]

... written on Apr 09 2014

Hishammuddin, Greatest Leader Since Nelson Mandela

Whether history will judge Malaysia (under the present regime) well or not in handling the current Malaysian Airlines missing MH370 is a “future tense”. It could take years or even decades with debates from Arctic to Antarctic, and from East to West to determine if Malaysia has indeed done well in managing the crisis. Nevertheless, there’s […]

... written on Apr 01 2014

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