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Just Offer Them RM100 Per Head – Now Report Says 5,084 Tabligh Members Yet To Be Tested For Coronavirus

Five days ago (March 23), Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob confirmed the public’s suspicion – the police was still tracking down about 3,800 members who attended a “Tabligh” religious gathering that had taken place at a Sri Petaling mosque – Masjid Jamek – in Kuala Lumpur from February 28 and March 1. The rally was attended […]

... written on Mar 29 2020

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Above 100,000 – Trump Finds It Easier To Blame China, But It Could Be The U.S. Fault After All

The superpower United States now has more confirmed Coronavirus cases than any other country in the world, including China. At 104,256 cases and 1,704 deaths, the U.S. has emerged as the gold medalist on the chart of the Covid-19 confirmed cases. In terms of death toll, the U.S. is just behind Italy (9,134), Spain (5,138), […]

... written on Mar 28 2020

Take In Unrecognised Doctors To Help At This Crucial Moment

Our Healthcare system is facing the brunt of COVID-19. Healthcare practitioners are on the verge of breakdown as seen by the circulating pictures and videos on Whatsapp. Many are under quarantine and unable to return home. Some are also infected. The number of patients has drastically increased with not only positive Covid-19 suffers in quarantine […]

... written on Mar 25 2020

Mission Accomplished! – China To End Lockdown In Wuhan, But People Fear The Next “Second Wave”

From initial thousands of daily new Coronavirus cases at the peak of the epidemic in February this year, Hubei has seen zero new cases for 5 consecutive days from March 19 onwards. Now that Beijing is satisfied that the worst is over, it has announced the ending of the lockdown in Wuhan, the city of […]

... written on Mar 25 2020

An Admission Of Profiteering – After Screwed Up PM Muhyiddin Will Give Free Masks, Bought Only At RM1.18

Some ignorant people say even at RM2 for a piece of face mask, the proposed 150% price hike by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry was still cheaper than other countries. Perhaps they should explain why a Honda Accord costs only US$26,000 in the U.S. while the same car would cost you an arm […]

... written on Mar 24 2020

The World Is Working On 20 Coronavirus Vaccines – But It Could Take Up To 18 Months

The death toll from the Covid-19 is reaching 12,000 with 11,953 deaths. Confirmed cases have hit a staggering 290,248. While China still on top of the chart with 81,008 Coronavirus confirmed cases, the total number of deaths in Italy has now reached 4,032 (it reported 627 deaths on Friday alone), more than China’s 3,255. In […]

... written on Mar 22 2020

2 Weeks Lockdown! – Panic & Confusion Continue Before And After PM Muhyiddin Announced The “Big News”

Malaysia has finally joined France, Spain and Italy in imposing lockdowns on tens of millions of people after the country recorded a disturbing jump – a jaw-dropping 190 patients – in new Covid-19 cases on Sunday (March 15). But hours before Prime Muhyiddin Yassin reveals his 2-week lockdown, confusion and panic had already started in […]

... written on Mar 17 2020

Malaysia Appears On Track To Become The New Epicenter Of Coronavirus After 16,000 People Attended A Mosque Event

Some said a mosque is a sacred place, hence it’s fully protected from the infectious Covid-19 coronavirus. Others argued that it was foolish to fear the virus more than the God because the pathogen was part of the God’s creation. Hence, some simple-minded people said instead of closing down the mosques temporarily, more people should […]

... written on Mar 16 2020

Get Ready For A Brutal Recession – Trump’s Speech Fails To Inspire As 150 Million Americans Could Get Infected

A sea of red on global stock markets continue as the Coronavirus crisis deteriorated and the meltdown in the U.S., the world’s biggest economy, crashes confidence. The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) fell 10%, or 2,352.6 points – its largest one-day percentage drop since the October 1987 crash, which is also known as the infamous “Black […]

... written on Mar 13 2020

China Appears To Be Winning The Coronavirus War, And Other Countries Are Studying How The Chinese Did It

As countries around the world scramble to contain the spread of the highly infectious Covid-19 coronavirus, China appears to have successfully contained the pathogen. With official figures showing that the crisis, which first started in Wuhan, China, may have stabilized, other countries have started taking a look at how the Chinese did it.   The […]

... written on Mar 11 2020

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