Omicron 4 Times More Transmissible – How UK’s 568 Cases Could Spike To 1 Million Cases By End Of The Month

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Dec 09 2021
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Omicron, the latest variant of Covid-19 has now spread to 57 countries, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). For now, however, Delta is still the dominant variant, particularly in the U.S. and Europe. But the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has predicted that the Omicron could become the dominant variant in Europe within months.


According to WHO, South Africa, where the Omicron was first spotted, reported 62,021 cases of the variant between 29 November and 5 December – an 111% rise from the previous week. The country also reported a whopping 82% increase in hospitalization due to Covid-19, even though it is not yet known how many of these cases were caused by Omicron.


As data crunching is ongoing to understand the variant, a study by a Japanese scientist, Dr Hiroshi Nishiura, has revealed that Omicron has an effective reproduction number of at least twice as high as and even up to 4.2 times more transmissible than Delta. The professor at Kyoto University said – “The Omicron variant transmits more, and escapes immunity built naturally and through vaccines more.”

Coronavirus - Omicron Variant

The findings were based on an analysis of data from about 200 confirmed cases in South Africa. While it’s true that the country has a very low vaccination rate – only 30% had received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccine – many people have actually acquired natural immunity after being infected with the virus. The study shows that Omicron has ability to evade protection in either group of people.


Meaning it doesn’t matter whether you are protected via vaccination or have developed immunity from infection. The latest Coronavirus variant is capable of sneaking through the shield of protection in both scenarios. This also means that Omicron could spread even in a highly vaccinated country like Japan, where 79.5% population had gotten at least 1 dose of Covid vaccine.


Therefore, if Japan is vulnerable to Omicron, many other developed countries could potentially suffer a worse infection. The variant has been found in at least 21 countries in the European Union. It’s estimated that the variant could become the dominant strain in Europe sometime between January and March next year – depending on how fast the variant spread compared to Delta and other factors.

Britain - United Kingdom - Landmark

The United Kingdom has recorded 568 confirmed cases of Omicron. But Health Secretary Sajid Javid admitted that the actual number of infections is higher. He said – “The UK Health Security Agency estimates that the number of infections will be around 20 times higher than the number of confirmed cases and so the number of infections is closer to 10,000”.


The Health Secretary explained how the UK could end up with a million cases – “At the current observed doubling rate of between 2.5 and 3 days, by the end of this month infections could exceed a million“. The warning came as the country faces “twin threats” – Delta and Omicron. But if Omicron is 4.2 times more transmissible than Delta, the UK could see even more cases.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already activated “Plan B”, imposing tougher restrictions in England on Wednesday (Dec 8). In the effort to slow the spread of Omicron, people were ordered to work from home, and face masks become compulsory in public places as well as the NHS Covid Pass. The plan is to buy time and get more booster shots.

Coronavirus - Omicron in UK

The WHO has warned that even if the severity caused by the Omicron is the same or even lower than for Delta variant, it is expected that hospitalisations will increase if more people become infected. It also said that preliminary data suggests the mutations in the Omicron variant may reduce the ability of natural immunity to protect against reinfection.


Vaccine maker Pfizer has announced earlier this week of its preliminary studies that suggested two doses of its Covid-19 vaccine have a significantly reduced ability to neutralise the Omicron variant, and that three doses may be needed. However, on Wednesday (Dec 8), its CEO Albert Bourla said people might need a fourth shot sooner than expected.


Studies in South Africa have also indicated that Pfizer’s mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccine may be up to 40 times less effective against the new super mutant Omicron variant. Other experiments suggest that three doses fare as well against Omicron as two doses did against the original variant. So, it appears that two doses may not offer sufficient protection against the latest variant.

Coronavirus - Pfizer and BioNTech Vaccine Injection


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This article will surely scare the living ghost out of our kiasi population. It may well terrify many to death, definitely put many in constant fear of death, and cause our kiasi types to frequently wet their pants and sarongs from gross anxiety. The article may not only be the final straw in a continuous series of possible deaths by Covid, and more deaths by Covid, if you miss this chance to exit the world, our gomen – and “Opposition” would create without fail more opportunities for you to die, have faith, Alhamdulilah.

This article surely has to be it, the last straw on the camel’s back causing it to stop producing holy camel urine, the Coca-Cola of the Middle East, and beyond. Even when it is putting up the other face pretending it can cope with managing the Delhi Variant, Mother England is in fact panicking as mathematical modelling has the projections that before the year’s end, the infected rate would have hit a million – which means, more! As the Brit establishment is known to be shifty, it is very likely there are all the indications their country is jolly well on its course to reach that target, they can’t suppress the truth no more.

Why else, other than to distract from other crises (illegal Xmas parties, for eg), would the devious Brits want to talk about all the new measures to impose on the population just before Xmas which would definitely rile up the red-haired barbarians, piss them off and get them to miss their great Xmas togetherness piss-up?

Even with the distractions, Boris can’t quite dodge the wrath of his own party over his secret drinking parties during the last lockdown. The latest news is that one Brit has departed this world from infection by the Omaigod variant, thus confirming the world’s first death from it, Amen. The chances that more of those infected being in pretty bad shape must be very significant, again, the UK reported several near death cases lingering in their hospital corridors. These days the country quite many of our monkeys still look up to has nothing great to report about its turd world status. Except for those in Malaysia with the mentality of servile ex-colonial niggahs, nobody elsewhere in the world is impressed by the now little loser almost-nation (Scotland, Ireland, and Wales can’t wait to split from England).

Many of our monkeys would be suffering heart attacks, panic attacks, deaths through fear by the announcements of the latest but not last model of the Covid range, the Omaigod. For those who buy Protons, our famous coffins on four cheap tyres, Covid variants are like new models of the same old crap jalopies – if the last model didn’t kill you, the next wan would. All those around would be anticipating your death (and theirs), as to be expected, nothing short of a disaster is ever to be expected when our primitives ketuanan meets Civilisation.

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