How U.S. Military Is Scammed $20 Billion Buying 100 Stealth Fighters That Can’t Fight

The F-35 was supposed to be the ultimate flying machine, a fighter jet that could do almost everything the U.S. military desired. At least that was the marketing pitch trumpeted by its manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The “one design fits all” would see the F-35 serves the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. The marketing […]

... written on Oct 17 2017

80% Cheaper To Take Robo-Taxi – The Next Car You Buy Could Be Your Last

First there was the driverless car. This concept still requires a carload of money to own the smart car which will transport you to your destination without you having to drive. Then the concept of flying taxi was introduced. Singapore and Dubai are now racing toward the finish line to become the first city in […]

... written on Oct 01 2017

Trump’s Declaration Of War – 20,000 South Koreans Could Die … Per Day

Trump has shown to the world, again, how dumb a U.S. president could be if he tries hard enough. Donald Trump is so dumb that he probably didn’t realized that he had issued a declaration of war on North Korea when he went ballistic at his first appearance at the United Nations General Assembly last […]

... written on Sep 26 2017

How Trump Almost Started (And Stopped) A Saudi’s Invasion On Qatar, And Perhaps World War 3

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies were planning to launch a military invasion on Qatar before President Trump intervened and persuaded them otherwise – reported Bloomberg. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both Sunni-majority nations, wanted to change the Qatari regime, also another Sunni-majority nations, accusing it of aligning itself with Iran – the Shia / […]

... written on Sep 21 2017

Why Didn’t The U.S. Shoot Down Kim’s Missile? The Answer Is Quite Embarrassing

Some were terrified when North Korea fired a ballistic missile over their head. Some were excited to see if U.S. would finally launch a pre-emptive military strike. But very few ask the burning and critical question – why didn’t the military superpower U.S. shoot down Fatboy Kim’s missile? The real answer could be rather embarrassing […]

... written on Sep 19 2017

North Korea’s 10 Clever Tactics To Evade Economic Sanctions

Something is terribly wrong with the way economic sanctions are being slapped on North Korea. When it comes to dealing with North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, international community especially the United Nations and the United States hope sanctions are a useful tool to bring Kim Jong-un to his knees. However, the reverse is true and now the world is […]

... written on Sep 19 2017

Fatboy Kim Strikes Again! – Second Missile Over Japan, Guam Is Now Within Range

South Koreans have gotten used to it. But it’s a totally different game to the Japanese. During the World War II, terrified people would rush for cover as blaring sirens signalled incoming Imperial Japanese Army’s bombardment. Now, the role is reversed. Millions of terrified Japanese were rudely awaken to take cover as sirens were set […]

... written on Sep 15 2017

Here’re 7 Flying Car Projects That Could Make “Back To The Future” A Reality

Singapore and Dubai are two of many smart cities in the world trying to be the first to implement flying-taxi. The concept of flying cars is real. In fact, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport told about 400 participants at a forum in March this year that Singaporeans can “bet your money” on having the new mode of transport (flying-taxi) […]

... written on Sep 11 2017

Trump Actually Loves Kim – It’s All About Business To U.S. Arms Makers

Just a day after North Korea said it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, South Korea says Pyongyang is preparing to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The launch could be as soon as this Saturday – September 9 – when the hermit kingdom celebrates its founding day. Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test […]

... written on Sep 05 2017

Kim Gives Trump The Middle Finger – And There’s Nothing The U.S. President Can Do

Less than 1 week after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praised North Korea for showing “restraint” in its weapons program, the hermit kingdom fired a series of 3 short-range ballistic missiles – deliberately launched in the midst of the U.S. and South Korea’s annual military exercises. At first, everyone rejoiced and laughed at fat […]

... written on Aug 30 2017

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