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William-Kate Royal Wedding – The Bet is On

Another high profile royal wedding another opportunity to bet online and make some bucks. Prince William, second in line to the British throne, elder son of heir to the throne, Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, will marry Kate Middleton, daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton, and their royal wedding at Westminster […]

... written on Apr 29 2011

The 10 Expensive Mistakes That You May Not Know

People make mistakes and some of them could be very costly. Some knew of the consequences but still the sex pleasures overrule everything. Many don’t really care because it was the public money. Some tried to cover their mistake but it got worsen and the hole got bigger. And of course some thought things can’t […]

... written on Apr 29 2011

China To Become New Economic Powerhouse in 2016?

China overtook Germany to become the world’s third largest economy in 2007 and three years later reached another milestone by overtaking Japan as the second largest economy in the world. Since then China was predicted to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy powerhouse around 2025 or 2030 the latest. Judging from how the […]

... written on Apr 28 2011

Min RM27 Million Rip-Off From Tricubes Email Project?

Khairun Bin Zainal Mokhtar, CEO and biggest single shareholder of Tricubes Berhad (KLSE: TCUBES, stock-code 0062) disposed 20,000 shares and transferred 2,000.000 shares to his wife, Zalianna Binti Mohd Zaman Khan, according to the latest changes in shareholders received by Bursa Malaysia on 14 Feb 2011. Effectively Khairun’s direct shares reduced to 38,690,734 or 29.31%. […]

... written on Apr 27 2011

Honda Civic 2012 (Photos) – A Lazy Cut & Paste Job

Honda Civic 2012, the ninth-generation of the Civic family is set to arrive soon next year but the design was already released in the internet for quite some time, thanks to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Honda unveiled the Civic Concepts during the show and the Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe were pretty much the […]

... written on Apr 24 2011

Celcom Launches iPhone 4 – Sexy Plans vs Maxis & DIGI

Celcom, the oldest mobile communications company in Malaysia and claims to have the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide with dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz) coverage of 97% of Malaysian population, has finally announced its Apple iPhone 4 offering today. Its CEO Shazalli Ramly who claimed that Celcom Axiata has over 2 million (about 20% of […]

... written on Apr 23 2011

Great iPhone Sales Saves iPad’s Backlog – Stock Up

Another quarter and another outrages earnings from Apple. Seriously the authorities have to do something about this earnings guidance thingy. Apple has been making fun of earnings game by deliberately giving lower guidance since the dinosaurs were wiped out from this planet only to announce better than expected results. Not that I complain (*tongue in […]

... written on Apr 21 2011

Tricubes Email Service – How To Recoup RM50 Million?

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak should be extra sensitive and cautious in rushing to promote his pet-initiative Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). Just like his predecessor Abdullah Badawi who was so obsessed with multiple Corridor propagada until he was himself shown the corridor’s exit, it seems Najib is equally obsessed with ETP, an initiative which was supposed […]

... written on Apr 21 2011

Sarawak Elections – The Winners, Losers & The Next GE

Sarawak state elections 2011 has come to an end and as expected PM Najib’s ruling National Front (BN, Barisan Nasional) retained control on the state, which accounts for a fifth of its parliamentary seats. I hate to say this again but (yawn) – didn’t I tell you so? Not that I’ve the crystal ball but […]

... written on Apr 18 2011

Sarawak Elections 2011 – Results

Results of the Sarawak Elections 2011 will be broadcast by FinanceTwitter as below. Result will be updated as and when latest information is available. Seats Contested = 71. Initial results: Opposition Pakatan has failed to deny BN two-thirds majority. Final Tally: BN: 55 seats, DAP: 12 seats, PKR: 3 seats, Independent: 1 seat     […]

... written on Apr 16 2011

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