Sarawak Elections 2011 – Results

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Apr 16 2011
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Results of the Sarawak Elections 2011 will be broadcast by FinanceTwitter as below. Result will be updated as and when latest information is available.

Seats Contested = 71. Initial results: Opposition Pakatan has failed to deny BN two-thirds majority.

Final Tally: BN: 55 seats, DAP: 12 seats, PKR: 3 seats, Independent: 1 seat

    Incumbent Won Majority
N1 Opar SUPP  SUPP  2,006
N2 Tasik Biru SPDP  SPDP  2,072
N3 Tanjong Datu PBB  PBB  3,216
N4 Pantai Damai PBB  PBB  5,071
N5 Demak Laut PBB  PBB  3,752
N6 Tupong PBB  PBB  4,572
N7 Samariang PBB  PBB  5,431
N8 Satok PBB  PBB  2,800
N9 Padungan PKR  DAP  7,884
N10 Pending DAP  DAP  7,595
N11 Batu Lintang DAP  PKR  8,381
N12 Kota Sentosa DAP  DAP  4,824
N13 Batu Kawah SUPP  DAP  543
N14 Asajaya PBB  PBB  4,489
N15 Muara Tuang PBB  PBB  7,843
N16 Bengoh SUPP  SUPP  3,646
N17 Tarat PBB  PBB  1,995
N18 Tebedu PBB  PBB  4,066
N19 Kedup PBB  PBB  2,265
N20 Sadong Jaya PBB  PBB  2,934
N21 Simunjan PBB  PBB  4,048 
N22 Sebuyau PBB  PBB  2,276
N23 Lingga PBB  PBB  2,506
N24 Beting Maro PBB  PBB  391
N25 Balai Ringin PRS  PRS  2,885
N26 Bukit Begunan PRS  PRS  2,773
N27 Simanggang SUPP  SUPP  2,447
N28 Engkilili SNAP  SUPP  426
N29 Batang Ai PRS  PRS  2,741 
N30 Saribas PBB  PBB  1,728
N31 Layar PBB  PBB  1,916
N32 Bukit Saban PBB  PBB  2,774
N33 Kalaka PBB  PBB  5,929
N34 Krian SPDP  PKR  2,090
N35 Belawai PBB  PBB  3,484
N36 Semop (Serdeng) PBB  PBB  3,226
N37 Daro PBB  PBB  3,197
N38 Jemoreng PBB  PBB  2,926
N39 Repok SUPP  DAP  2,679
N40 Meradong DAP  DAP  2,687
N41 Pakan SPDP  SPDB  1,197
N42 Meluan SPDP  SPDB  1,642 
N43 Ngemah SNAP  PRS  549
N44 Machan PBB  PBB  1,629
N45 Bukit Assek DAP  DAP  8,827
N46 Dudong SUPP  DAP  317
N47 Bawang Assan SUPP  SUPP  1,808
N48 Pelawan SUPP  DAP  6,391
N49 Nangka PBB  PBB  4,815
N50 Dalat PBB  PBB  4,990
N51 Balingian PBB  PBB  5,154
N52 Tamin PRS  PRS  1,292
N53 Kakus PRS  PRS  602
N54 Pelagus PRS  IND  2,837
N55 Katibas PBB  PBB  2,256 
N56 Baleh PRS  PRS  3,898
N57 Belaga PRS  PRS  2,928
N58 Jepak PBB  PBB  3,128
N59 Kidurong DAP  DAP  6,930
N60 Kemena PBB  PBB  3,349
N61 Bekenu SPDP  SPDP  3,714
N62 Lambir PBB  PBB  1,521
N63 Piasau SUPP  DAP  1,590
N64 Pujut SUPP  DAP  3,849
N65 Senadin SUPP  SUPP  58
N66 Marudi SPDP  SPDP  3,202
N67 Telang Usan PBB  PBB  845
N68 Bukit Kota (Limbang) PBB  SUPP  5,061
N69 Batu Danau SPDP  SPDP  1,613
N70 Ba’kelalan SPDP  PKR  473
N71 Bukit Sari (Lawas) PBB  PBB  5,063

* Highlighted in Yellow = Hot Seats

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