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Chief Minister Lim Will Be Sent To Jail, Because The Emperor Says So

This is quite boring but since millions of ethnic-Chinese are foaming on the mouth beating their chests in anger over the arrest of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, we thought an article or two might be able to stop them from going crazy when Mr. Lim is eventually sent to prison, hopefully to be […]

... written on Jun 30 2016

Germany’s Secret Plan For “EU Army” – The Making Of “Hunger Games”

European Union political chiefs are treating Brexit as some sort of uprising. And it’s contagious. EU is scrambling to contain the “political tsunami”, with right-wing parties across the continent calling for dozens of referendums. A study by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) revealed “insurgent parties” are calling for a total of 34 referendums. Britain’s […]

... written on Jun 29 2016

Power Of Brexit – Turkey Befriends Israel & Apologise To Russia

Last November 24, the Turkish air force downed a Russian Su-24 bomber jet over the Turkish-Syrian border, claiming that it violated Turkish airspace. Russia denied the claims and called the incident a “stab in the back from the accomplices of terrorists.” The pilots ejected, but one – Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov – was killed by […]

... written on Jun 29 2016

How To Boost Your Chance By “19 Times” For A Job Interview – Wear Low-Cut

The relationship between economy and job-hunting is obvious. More people would get laid during recession or economic slowdown hence more people would be scrambling for jobs advertised. With more people looking for the same job means your chance of securing it would be lowered proportionately. But is there a relationship between a job and the […]

... written on Jun 28 2016

EU’s Childish & Vengeful Acts Could Force Britain Into Russia’s Arm

To invoke or not to invoke – that’s a 2 trillion US dollar question EU is asking UK after the British voted to leave. And US$2.08 trillion was the global equity loss on Friday alone after Brexit – the biggest daily loss ever, exceeding the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis and the […]

... written on Jun 27 2016

Laugh All The Way To The Bank – How To Profit From Brexit Financial Meltdown

The “Leave” campaign won an unexpectedly decisive majority in Thursday’s referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Almost immediately, “voices” within other EU members such as Netherlands, France, Austria, Finland and Hungary have hinted they could follow Britain by leaving the club. Less than 3 months ago, 61.6% of Dutch voters rejected an EU free trade deal […]

... written on Jun 26 2016

BREXIT!! – Here’re 7 Major Reasons Forcing British To Leave The EU

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a historic decision which would be known as the kingdom’s Independence Day – from the EU’s colonization since 1973. The surprising results mean tons of punters and speculators are losing their shirts. The Britons have done something extraordinary – beating the odds that they were too chicken […]

... written on Jun 25 2016

There’s Still HOPE – If Troublemaker Hadi Awang Is “Fired”

Seriously, if Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is driving BN (Barisan Nasional, National Front) today, he will definitely call for a snap election this year. The former prime minister was a leader with great confidence, and he still is. Najib Razak, on the other hand, is an indecisive leader who can’t make any simple decision, without […]

... written on Jun 24 2016

Want To Know The Results Before Brexit Referendum? Ask The Bookies!!

It’s finally here. The day for the British to decide their future – to remain or to leave EU – has finally arrived. If the “Remain” wins, it will be business as usual. If the “Leave” wins, it could be business as usual, or a temporary chaos in the financial markets. The globe will keep […]

... written on Jun 23 2016

Did The God Show Hadi This Chart That Says PAS To Be Wiped Out In Selangor?

Fresh from Barisan Nasional’s (BN, National Front) fantastic victory in the twin by-elections last weekend, opposition parties are licking their wounds while BN’s component parties are celebrating their unbelievable windfall. If the God really exist, then He has just given his blessing to the practice of corruption and money laundering (*grin*).   Well, don’t blame […]

... written on Jun 21 2016

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