Did The God Show Hadi This Chart That Says PAS To Be Wiped Out In Selangor?

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Jun 21 2016
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Fresh from Barisan Nasional’s (BN, National Front) fantastic victory in the twin by-elections last weekend, opposition parties are licking their wounds while BN’s component parties are celebrating their unbelievable windfall. If the God really exist, then He has just given his blessing to the practice of corruption and money laundering (*grin*).


Well, don’t blame me because Hadi Awang, the holiest man in Malaysia, was the one telling everyone that his Islamic party’s double defeat was the work of the God. It seems he has received a Whatsapp message from the God (*tongue-in-cheek*). “Because Allah will grant victory to those with pure intentions, so that the intentions will remain pure after the victory,” – said Mr. Hadi.

PAS President Hadi Awang

Indirectly, Hadi Awang admits the God hadn’t and couldn’t grant any victory to PAS because his supposedly Islamic party is “NOT” pure at all. Where is the proof? Ever since Kuala Kangsar (since 1959) and Sungai Besar (since 2004) parliamentary seats were created and contested; PAS hasn’t been able to win – even once for the last 57 years.


Going by Hadi Awang’s argument, the God must be crazily mad because to deny PAS a victory since 1959, the party must have done something horribly wrong. PAS must be a fake Islamic party, as fake as LV Louis Vuitton bag produced in China selling at RM100 a pop. Otherwise how do you explain such severe and terrible punishment from the God on PAS?

Fake LV Louis Vuitton Bags

On the other hand, UMNO must be the purest Islamic party, or at least purer than PAS, because the God had spoken and granted the corrupted UMNO with insane majorities in both parliamentary constituencies. That’s the problem with religion leaders or politicians playing God. Whenever they couldn’t justify a humiliating defeat, they pass the ball to the God.


The funny part is, despite PAS’ warning on the danger of incurring God’s wrath should voters cast their ballots for the wrong candidates in the two by-elections, Malay-Muslims who formed the majority in both constituencies had chosen to abandon PAS anyway. In fact, the God was so angry He made sure PAS only secured 22% and 25% of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar votes respectively.

Sungai Besar P93 - 2004, 2008, 2013, 2016 General Election Results - Graph Summary

Therefore, if what Hadi Awang said is right about “Allah will grant victory to those with pure intentions”, it means UMNO is the God’s choice, not PAS. Phew! It appears the ethic-Chinese had made the correct decision too – by voting against PAS – because to do otherwise would have had offended the God. But what about hudud, the supposedly God’s law that PAS has been championing?


Here’re some answers to choose from. The God doesn’t recognize PAS’ version of Hudud because the party is a fake Islamic party from the beginning. Or, the God doesn’t want Hudud to be implemented in a multi-racial country such as Malaysia. Or, the God knows Hadi Awang isn’t a good Muslim, someone who’s worse than the “kafirs”.

Kuala Kangsar P67 - 2004, 2008, 2013, 2016 General Election Results - Graph Summary

If you’re still foaming on the mouth with anger, here’s another answer – the God believes NONE of Muslim leaders – be it from UMNO, PAS, PKR or Amanah – can be entrusted with implementing a fair and just hudud law. He must have seen how PAS transforms Kelantan into a sex city with AIDS everywhere, and how Hadi Awang supports PM Najib’s corruption.


Hence, just like the ethnic-Chinese who had swung 35% – 45% of votes in favour of BN, the God too agreed that it was best to choose the devil that He knows. Clearly, the God prefers a corrupt Muslim than a hypocrite Muslim who uses Islam scamming Muslim followers. Get real, Hadi Awang. PAS suffered the embarrassing twin defeat because “statistics” said so.

Hadi Awang – His Party Suffers A Humiliating Defeat in Twin Polls

That’s right, it’s the Science and not God that predicted PAS will lose big in the twin polls last week. Guess what, Finance Twitter is giving away free statistics that say PAS is about to lose big in the next 14th general election. Using both Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections as guideline, PAS is to lose at least 10 state seats in Selangor – guaranteed.


These 10 state seats (coloured red) consist of Chinese voters ranging from 22% to 37%. Last week’s results show PAS lost terribly in Sungai Besar parliamentary seat whereby the ethnic-Chinese and ethnic-Indian voters make up 31% and 2% respectively. Likewise, Kuala Kangsar comprises 24% ethnic-Chinese and 7% ethnic-Indian voters.

2013 General Election - Selangor State Seats Won by PAS

In short, PAS is looking at total annihilation in seats where there’re more than 30% non-Malay voters, primarily because they are spooked by Hadi’s hudud. Unfortunately to Hadi Awang and his minions, there’re 10 of such seats in the state of Selangor where PAS had won 15 seats in the 2013 general election, contested under now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat alliance.


Even in 2 seats (coloured orange) – Bangi and Sijangkang – PAS could be wiped out although the Chinese voters are lower at 19% and 15% respectively. When these numbers are combined with ethnic-Indian voters, the non-Malay votes balloon to more than 30%. There’re only 3 relatively safe seats (coloured blue) – Sabak, Gombak Setia and Hulu Kelang – where ethnic-Malays are between 77% and 80%.

Prime Minister Najib Razak with PAS President Hadi Awang - Secret Objective

However, in those seats (Sabak, Gombak Setia and Hulu Kelang), PAS only won between 50.3% and 53.2% of total votes cast. The chances are high the Malays in these 3 areas would swing to BN, the same way they did to PAS during last week’s twin polls. When that happens, PAS is reduced to “ZERO” state seat in Selangor (*grin*).


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Does HA care? He seems very happy just to play the role of spoiler which will guarantee our PM to rule for more than 22 years…….

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