Dear Hadi: Where’s The Hudud You’ve Been Screaming?

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Mar 18 2016
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DAP was being called different types of names. The political party was called “chauvinist”, Singapore’s PAP agent, Jews’ agent, CIA’s agent, Christian’s agent and whatnot. In short, DAP was such an evil it would make Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party like kindergarten. And when DAP opposed hudud, PAS, an Islamic political party and former ally went berserk and called them anti-Islam.


Let’s see – UMNO President Najib Razak was Lee Hsien Loong’s buddy but never called Singapore’s PAP agent. PM Najib happily shook hands with Benjamin Netanyahu but never called Jews’ agent. The son of Razak loves golfing with POTUS but never called CIA’s agent. Najib deliberately flew to Italy to rub shoulders with Pope Benedict XVI but never called Christian’s agent. How come?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

Ahh, that’s because Najib can do everything that DAP cannot because those forbidden things were part of “diplomacy”. But DAP hasn’t done what Najib had done and yet was accused of all sort of things. To rub salt into injury, Najib has done worse – 1MDB, RM2.6 billion donation, 6% GST, Ringgit depreciation, RM830 million external debt, press freedom crackdown and the list goes on.


PAS, a supposedly God-fearing party, has decided to join Najib and the billion-dollar club – UMNO – instead. Essentially that would make PAS an official agent of corruption, money laundering, oppression, suppression and dictatorship. Heck, indirectly PAS can be labelled as Singapore’s PAP agent, Jews’ agent, CIA’s agent and Christian’s agent too, no (*grin*)?

Prime Minister Najib Razak and PAS President Hadi Awang

Therefore, why cry, bitch, whine and moan about DAP being multiple foreign agents when the real agents are right in front of you – UMNO and PAS? DAP didn’t adopt extreme policy by condemning Singapore, Israel, America or Vatican. It was UMNO that screamed death to Singapore, Israel, America and Vatican yet it was their beloved leader Najib who hugged and golfed with them.


If PAS supremo Hadi Awang is a true Muslim who subscribes to true Islam, why didn’t he condemn Najib Razak whose scandals go against the Islamic teaching but instead embraces the evil to the extent of becoming UMNO’s “adviser”? Perhaps RM2.6 billion is such a huge amount that even turban-wearing Hadi got seduced.

Najib Razak - Raining Money

But DAP opposes hudud so those Chinaman must be anti-Islam. Fair enough. DAP should mind their own business because hudud is a sacred law that 100% of Malay-Muslims in the country love to have. Those Chinaman should keep their mouth shut because hudud is not applicable to them anyway so why should they be so “kehpoh (busybody)”, right?


Let’s assume “selective prosecution” will never happen in Malaysia post-hudud law. Let’s assume with Allah’s blessing, there will always be 4 reliable Muslim males who happened to witness every single innocent woman being raped. Let’s assume all those sent for amputation, stoning to death and crucifixion are genuine criminals.

PAS President Hadi Awang - DAP Oppose Hudud Wrong - IKATAN Oppose Hudud Correct

With PAS now part of UMNO’s band of advisers, what is Hadi Awang waiting for? Why has Hadi kept his silence over hudud after he openly declared his support for Najib Razak and even opposes any attempt to bring down the prime minister by means of a vote of confidence in the Parliament? Doesn’t Hadi want the sacred hudud law to be implemented yesterday?


Of course, despite being a world class ulama, Hadi Awang cannot rush for a God’s law because Sarawak state election is more superior. Under Najib’s instruction, Hadi has to play dumb and give face in order not to offend the Christians’ votebank in Sarawak. Sarawakians have to be hoodwinked for their votes first before reviving the hudud mission.

Church at Sibu Sarawak

Get real, Hadi Awang is a politician first and probably Islam second, or even third. This may sound absurd but if he is a genuine God-fearing Muslim, there’s something he can do. He can set an example to his followers by migrating to Saudi Arabia, a country where hudud law is already alive and kicking. Why stay in Malaysia that doesn’t care about God’s law?


Saudi is the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques hence living in the country is the nearest you can get to the God. Hadi knew UMNO will never implement hudud. And Najib knew Hadi knew his UMNO has no intention of doing so. Guess what, Hadi knew less than 50% of Malay-Muslims actually wanted hudud. Where’s the proof, you may foam at the mouth.

Hadi Awang – Terengganu Menteri Besar - 1999 – 2004

Here’s the proof – PAS would have had ruled the country by virtue of Malay-Muslims forming majority of the 30 million populations. So far, PAS only rules Kelantan state. Amusingly, the holy man Hadi Awang only managed 1-term in 1999 – 2004 when Terengganu, a state consists of 94% Muslim, decided to give him a chance. And the Terengganu-Muslims haven’t looked back since.


Johor (54% Malay-Muslims), Perak (56% Malay-Muslims) Negeri Sembilan (57.8% Malay-Muslims), Melaka (63% Malay-Muslims), Pahang (75% Malay-Muslims), Kedah (78% Malay-Muslims) and Perlis (88% Malay-Muslims) are states dominated by Muslims. Here’s a simple question – why aren’t these UMNO-governed states go for hudud law?

Chinese Voters Support DAP

Therefore, before blaming DAP for opposing hudud law; shouldn’t the Malay-Muslims who call the Chinaman “chauvinist” ask their fellow Muslim brothers and Muslim rulers in those Muslim-majority states why they haven’t perform their duties to God? Can you see how certain Malay-Muslims could easily be tricked by politicians into making a mole out of a mountain?


As usual, PAS would play the blame game bitching that the ball is now in the UMNO’s court. The fact that opposition parties couldn’t bring down PM Najib despite his multi-billion dollar scandals through a vote of confidence means UMNO possesses the majority in the Parliament. In short – what UMNO wants UMNO gets. So what is PAS, and UMNO, waiting for?

PAS and UMNO Alliance - Handshake

What is laughable now is the same party which threw tantrums at DAP for opposing hudud and eventually broke the alliance, has now formed an alliance with IKATAN (Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia), a party that openly said it would not support hudud. So there you have it. PAS cannot accept DAP who “opposes” hudud but gladly accept IKATAN who also “opposes” hudud.


Perhaps Hadi Awang is not only a hypocrite Muslim politician but also a racist. Otherwise how do you explain his displeasure at DAP of which its chief is a Chinese but not at IKATAN, of which its chief is a Mamak, when both parties equally oppose the hudud law? If DAP is called anti-Islam for opposing hudud, should not IKATAN also be called anti-Islam (*grin*)?

PAS President Hadi Awang & IKATAN President Abdul Kadir

Okay, perhaps it’s perfectly alright for a Malay-Muslim to oppose hudud at the face of another Malay-Muslim. It’s therefore not alright for a non-Muslim to oppose hudud at the face of another Malay-Muslim. If that was the case, then perhaps the non-Muslims should watch with popcorn and Coke while Malay-Muslim Najib Razak rob, plunder and rape the country.


If the Malay-Muslims can’t see objectively but choose to be played and fooled by PAS supremo Hadi Awang, they certainly have no business wishing for Najib to resign. That’s because the son of Razak is going to win the next 14th national election with the help of Hadi Awang – by splitting Malay-Muslim votes through multi-corner fight in every single state and parliamentary seat.


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