Saudi Has 100,000 Unused Air-Conditioned Tents, But Won’t Help Refugees

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Sep 17 2015
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Saudi Arabia is facing mounting pressure for refusing to take in any of the millions of Syrians fleeing conflict in their homeland. It was revealed Saudi together with 5 other wealthiest Gulf nations, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, have taken “zero” Syrian refugee.

Syrians Refugees Taken by Countries in Middle East

The international community is furious because Saudi is closer to the war zone than Europe, yet the 6 Gulf oil kingdoms would rather see the Syrians take the more hazardous overcrowded boats journey on the Mediterranean, which could ended with some deaths. Saudi has no reason to justify that the country doesn’t have spaces or infrastructure to house the refugees, at least temporarily.


In fact, Saudi government doesn’t need to spend a penny in infrastructure because it’s already there. The country has over 100,000 empty, air-conditioned tents that could house up to 3 million refugees. And these tents are now standing empty with “zero” occupant. Amazingly, these tents are also fireproof and equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - City View

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Close View

The 20 square km tent city of Mina is used for five days each year by Hajj pilgrims, and deserted for the rest of the time. Clearly it’s a waste, considering the neatly arranged campsite which is made up of eight-by-eight meter tents will only be occupied 5 out of 365 days every year.

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Kitchen View

The Saudi government, amusingly, claims to be quietly doing “something” for the refugees, while making “a point not to deal with them as refugees,” because they do not want to “show off or brag in the media”. The Saudi also claims they deliberately hide their action to “preserve the refugees dignity and safety and gave them complete freedom of movement”.

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Aerial View

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Inside View

But didn’t the Saudi government foam at mouth justifying the reason they refused to take in the Syrian refugees was due to possibility of IS terrorists sneaking among civilians? So, by being humble and not wanting to brag about their humanitarian effort, now it’s all right to grant them complete freedom of movement with no security threat any more?

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Luxury VIP View

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Pathway View

The Hajj is said to draw some 2 million participants each year but not all of them choose to stay in the tents city. Most of them would stay at luxury hotels around Mecca. Even if all of the 2 million Muslims stay in the tents, technically, there will still be enough tents for 1 million Syrian refugees.

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Dawn View

Saudi Arabia Empty Air-Conditioned Tents - Inside View 2

According to the to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are about 500,000 Syrians living in Saudi Arabia, but they are not classified as asylum seekers and it is not known when they arrived in the country. Therefore, if Saudi is trying to act like a Swiss-like neutral country in order not to offend the IS terrorist, it doesn’t hold water too because they’re already in war with IS.


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