Nuclear Deal – The Secret Reason Behind Giving Iran “A License To Kill”

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Jul 14 2015
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In a historic nuclear deal after years of talks, Iran is now part of the world communities, for real, after being sanctioned by the United States since 1995, following the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The agreement with 6 world powers – Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia, US – means the decades-old economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic will be lifted.


Iranians are celebrating over the victory because the agreement also means their country can officially start pumping and exporting oil to the global market. However, if Iran violates the agreement, then international sanctions will be restored within 65 days. Iran is required to reduce its current stockpile of low enriched uranium by 98%.

Nuclear Deal - Agreement Reached

However, Iran can continue to conduct research into enriching uranium for 10-years, without stockpiling it. The country also agrees to remove two-thirds of its installed centrifuges. Although UN inspectors are allowed visits to Iranian military sites, access isn’t guaranteed and could be delayed.


The European Union called it a “sign of hope for the entire world”. While President Barack Obama said the deal would make the world a safer place, he also threaten to veto if the United States Congress rejects the deal. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasted the deal on Twitter, calling it a “historic mistake.”



Israel further said Obama has essentially given Iran “a license to kill”, and it’s not hard to understand why. Tehran has never honoured any agreement or inspection regarding its nuclear capabilities hence there’s little reason to believe why the country can be believed now. And while world powers surrender to Iran, demonstrators were burning American flags in Tehran.


Perhaps, Mr Obama didn’t really care about breeding a monster because what the lame duck really care was to hear songs of praises from bootlickers. He can now proudly tell all and sundry about what great a leader he is, with diplomatic relationships restoration for Cuba, Myanmar and of course, Iran.

Nuclear Deal - Cartoon Barack Obama Fencing Iran

But the POTUS can’t guarantee Iran would not secretly armed itself with nuclear weapon, or conducts arm-trafficking in a much bigger scale, can he? The fact remains that Iran has never trusted America, the same way the American military never trusted Iran would not send any ballistic missile into U.S.


Obviously, the biggest winner Iran has every reason to celebrate. Besides being able to sell oil again, it could retrieve about US$100 billion in funds frozen in its foreign accounts. It’s a small price to pay for not toying with uranium enrichment within the first 10-years, presumably they would obediently comply with the agreement in the first place.

Nuclear Deal - Cartoon Iran Nuclear Compliance Meter

After all, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars developing its nuclear program, could Iran just dismantle and throw everything into the drain? So, what’s the secret goodies from the 159-page nuclear deal that the United States would actually benefit from? Obviously, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei needs the deal badly to rescue its ailing economy.


Perhaps Obama administration hopes to convert Iran from foe to “friend”, and chances are high that Iran would rather become American’s new friend than its enemy after suffering from economic sanctions. Iran could provide good fighters to fight ISIS. After a visit by the son of King Salman to Russia, and signed a US$10 billion deal, U.S. has to find a Saudi replacement.

Nuclear Deal - Mohammad Javad Zarif Laugh Off Dumb Obama

Saudi Arabia needs Russian expertise in building 16 nuclear power plants, something which the U.S. wouldn’t agree to do in order to prevent a nuclear race in the Middle East. But Saudi badly needs to rival Iran’s nuclear capability. Saudi could be another beast too dangerous to control if they’re allowed to be equipped with nuclear weapon.


The only way to balance the alliance of Saudi-Russia in the Middle East is to create another equivalent alliance in the form of Iran-USA. Besides, it’s a public secret that the Saudi has been funding terrorism, and the September 11 attack was successful primarily due to billions of dollars pumped into al-Qaeda by the Saudi Arabia government.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

So, could it be that the latest nuclear deal is nothing but a mask to fool the world that Iran would be stripped off its nuclear capabilities, when in reality all the 6 superpowers would probably look the other way and allow Iran “quietly and secretly” continue its nuclear program, in order to check and balance the rich but arrogant Saudi Arabia?


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