Exposed – The Hidden Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Tehran

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Oct 08 2014
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After the recent exposure and publicity about rich kids’ life, deliberately published on Instagram to show off their wealth, the trends have been gaining momentum. If the “Rich Kids of Instagram”, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” or “Rich Kids of New York” didn’t raise your eyebrows, how about exploring into the “untouchable and unimaginable” territories – such as “The Rich Kids Of Tehran”. Yeap, that’s Tehran as in Tehran of Iran.


In spite of media portraying Muslim countries as the last place not tainted by the lust for wealth and luxury, the opposite is true, especially to the wealthy elite. The only reason these supposedly conservative governments fighting tooth and nail controlling the otherwise ignorant citizens with religion, is to allow their own kids live the lives like the normal western countries’ rich and spoiled brats.

Rich Kids Of Tehran - Villa in DamavandRich Kids Of Tehran - Private Jet

While you can be forgiven if you figured that these could be from Dubai or Saudi Arabia, your jaw may drop if you learnt that these rich and liberal kids are from one of the most conservative countries on planet Earth – Tehran, Iran. Apparently, an Instagram account which appears to show Tehran’s wealthy young elite living like their counterparts in the West has become a sensation in Iran.


Rich Kids of Tehran – is yet another latest collection of photographs that shows the secret and unknown lives of the rich kids behind the backyard of the powerful and wealthy politicians and businessmen in Iran. Well, now that their lives are made public, it’s not secret anymore. But it wasn’t the rich life that raises the eyebrows, but rather the shocking truth about how liberal or progressive these kids are.

Rich Kids Of Tehran - Lady At CafeRich Kids Of Tehran - Tehran Street Style Girls

In a city where women are forbidden from going uncovered in public places, and alcohol is strictly forbidden, the revelation about the rich kids of Tehran is exactly the opposite. Women, or rather young babes, appear in bikinis lounge by deep blue swimming pools, while the men show off supercars or party in front of tables stacked with liquor. When a Muslim in Malaysia would be condemned to almost death, Jack Daniel is best friend of these Tehran kids.


Traditional hijab or headscarf was an alien to these young girls from the Islamic Republic. Their only favourite toys are fancy sports cars, designer watches, bikinis, parties, and of course – Instagram to display their lavish wealth and what not. But don’t they afraid of authorities crackdown, considering Iranian law mandates that women cover their hair with a headscarf while in public and dress modestly, not to mention alcohol consumption is forbidden like a plague?

Rich Kids Of Tehran - Driving Audi R8 in TehranRich Kids Of Tehran - Hublot Watch

Well, that’s the beauty of ruling and controlling people with religion. These rich kids from Tehran are the offspring of the country’s ruling class hence their fathers are “untouchable” (*grin*). You can scream till foam at mouth, but their country has the same system as Hong Kong – One Country, Two System – one for the ordinary people, one for the elite. Iran’s elitist youth couldn’t care less what rules are being implemented; they’ll just break them and continue being their spoiled, rich selves and party the night away.

Rich Kids Of Tehran - Luxury Residential Area

Rich Kids Of Tehran - At Restaurant in ZafaraniehRich Kids Of Tehran - Dress SexilyRich Kids Of Tehran - Guys and Girls Be DifferentRich Kids Of Tehran - Ferrari in the Streets of North TehranRich Kids Of Tehran - Girls Partying Rich Kids Of Tehran - Guys in Swimming PoolRich Kids Of Tehran - Guys Posing with Sport Car Rich Kids Of Tehran - At Home Drinking and Smoking Rich Kids Of Tehran - Guys Having Drinks Rich Kids Of Tehran - Shopping Spree Rich Kids Of Tehran - Alcohol Rich Kids Of Tehran - Bikini at Swimming Pool Rich Kids Of Tehran - Holding Maserati Car Keys Rich Kids Of Tehran - Sexy Babes 3 Rich Kids Of Tehran - Girl in Sport Car Rich Kids Of Tehran - Luxury Villa Rich Kids Of Tehran - Sexy Babes 2 Rich Kids Of Tehran - Sexy Babes Rich Kids Of Tehran - Luxurious House in Tehran Rich Kids Of Tehran - Guys Selfies on Cars Rich Kids Of Tehran - Girl Wear Black Short Skirt for Party Rich Kids Of Tehran - Mercedes and Porsche Rich Kids Of Tehran - Tehran Music Artists Having Drinks Party Rich Kids Of Tehran - Bikini Girls at Swimming Pool Rich Kids Of Tehran - Midnight Mehmoonis Party Rich Kids Of Tehran - Tehran Shode Pore Maserati Rich Kids Of Tehran - Girls near Swimming Pool Rich Kids Of Tehran - All the accessories a Persian boy needs Rich Kids Of Tehran - AP Watch GangRich Kids Of Tehran - Girls Party Mehmooni Time

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here,in iran,all the young people upload their luxury photos without the hijab on internet(you can search),they aren’t bad kids.all thing they want is befree and be happy but goverment doesn’t let them.this f**ked goverment is why iran is a poor country yet 🙁

yeap, it’s a waste if beautiful and handsome Iranians couldn’t show their assets …

it’s not fair for the ministers and their cronies’ children to be allowed to do so, while others couldn’t … screw the government 😛

I wonder if they have “personal relationships” before marriage. That whould probably be as Western as lifestyle gets in countries like these.

I enjoy seeing the pictures I wonder why some people only see the bad feelings will find pictures ?
And why the government continues to struggle with these people ?

The clergy’s are the curse of the land. Kill them

We don’t have two systems,:| all of the people can live like that, people in these photos are just rich

Most of these people…
are those who They use government corruption and political and economic rent..to make more darty money..
In the event that,,there are many elite&clever people,with high academic degrees,and much ability,,But they live hardly, and hardship..
Just for that reason,who do not have a relationship with specific people in government and politics….!
For example;
I have a tow college degree,and several inventions and paper & articles ..!
But in order to attain a minimum of life, teaching all of days,and at night,,I drive with taxi ….until morning.. 😒😒
(and this is the job of most educated youth)
That person closes his eyes to the facts,
  And defends these bandits,
in fact,,
He is also a thief,,, and a abusively man..! 😠😬
Like these leeches …
(the same rich kids who is connected to the top officials)
Who Blows the Blood and Soul of the People in Iran …

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