Move Over Rolls-Royce, Here’s “Gold” Range Rover As Invasion Of Arab SuperCars Starts

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Aug 05 2014
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Every year during summer season, London would be abuzz with a sudden luxury – Middle-Eastern millionaires and billionaires fly over to escape the desert 130-degree heat. Taking advantage of their holiday to enjoy the cool breezes in UK, these wealthy Arabs would bring alone their toys as part of their competition to show off their wealthexpensive vehicles.

Wealthy Arabs Super Cars in London - Sports Cars

The millionaires from  Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar would normally stay at expensive hotels in districts of London such as Belgravia, Mayfair and Knightsbridge – Knightbridge’s Sheraton Park hotel, Dorchester hotel, or five-star Wellesley Hotel which charges £600 (US$1,011, RM3,232) a night for a suite and £75 (US$126, RM404) for three small bottles of water. Considering how rich these Arabs are, of course these are like loose change to them.

Wealthy Arabs Super Cars at Knightbridge Sheraton Park hotelWealthy Arabs Super Cars in London - Gold Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador

Last year, there was a Bugatti Veyron parked outside the Dorchester with gold finishing, not to mention an ornately-painted Lamborghini Aventador and a pink Rolls Royce. There were also limited edition Lamborghini Murcielago and a Koenigsegg CCXR and tons of Maserati, Pagani, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Ferrari and other supercars. And this year is no difference when the London streets welcome a Saudi Arabian Range Rover.

Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - front view

Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - rear view

Before you scream till foam at mouth, this is no ordinary Range Rover. This is a, well, £150,000 “Hamann Mystere” famous British vehicle. Okay, perhaps a top-spec British-made Range Rover costs only £100,000 (US$168,000, RM540,000) but this Saudi owner car is fitted with 23-inch alloy wheels and customised body-kit which includes oversized bumpers and a bonnet vent.

Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - side view left Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - side view right

Was it a rip-off by German tuning house Hamann for (charging £50,000) such a minor modification? Sure, but since money was not a problem to the (dumb) owner, why should Hamann cares? But there’s something else about this Range Rover – it’s painted in “gold” and carries a registration plate “666”. If the objective of the owner was simply to attract attentions, the £50,000 was very well spent and it’s a mission accomplished.

Range Rover - pink Hamann Mystere

It was during 2013 Geneva Motor Show that a pink Hamann Mystere was revealed. Hamann said that the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 pink-mirror-finish paint was created to reflect the “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll” desire. The Saudi owner might got his brilliant idea from the show and thought he could steal the thunder if he parks an ordinary Hamann Mystere in “gold” next to a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - park next to Rolls-Royce Ghost

Saudi Arab Gold Range Rover in London - Proton Saga Gold

What’s next – shall we see rich Arabs showing off a Malaysian-made Proton Saga in “Gold”, park next to a Lamborghini (*grin*) next year? Nevertheless, not all local residents are impressed with the “invasion of Arab supercars” as their lives have been made misery by these rich brats who race from Hyde Park Corner to Marble Arch. They actually call their new playground in London the Knightsbridge Grand Priz.

Wealthy Arabs Super Cars Clamp
The wealthy gulf visitors also do not think twice about discriminate parking. And there’s a good reason why these rich brats dare to challenge Britain law in broad daylight. Traffic cameras and handheld computers used by the traffic police cannot handle Arabic script. So, the local authorities started the “clamping” exercise to enforce parking penalty. Still, the fines are peanuts to these super car owners.


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