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Pelosi Likely Chicken Out – Trump Slams Crazy Nancy For Taiwan Stunt, Xi Threatens Biden “Don’t Play With Fire”

Former President Donald Trump once told a Republican Senator – “Taiwan is like two feet from China. We are 8,000 miles away. If they invade, there isn’t a fucking thing we can do about it”. The senator, who was trying to convince Trump to do everything possible in his power to persuade China not to […]

... written on Jul 31 2022

U.S. Plunges Into Recession – But Biden Govt Scramble To Redefine Recession To Create Illusion There Isn’t Any Recession

Officially, the National Bureau of Economic Research says a “technical recession” has hit the United States. The world’s largest economy had already declined by 1.6% in the first quarter – January to March, 2022. Now, the latest data unleashed on Thursday (July 28) shows the country’s economy contracted for the second straight quarter from April […]

... written on Jul 29 2022

Delay Tactic Again – Bugis Warrior Najib Turns Out To Be A Pathetic Coward Worse Than The Woman Who Stole Milo

Former PM Najib Razak used to brag that he would never seek to have his criminal cases dropped, but instead want to clear his name in the courts. His so-called hotshot lawyer Shafee Abdullah previously said Mr Najib wanted to get acquittal through the court process. Of course, in reality, the serial liar knew he […]

... written on Jul 27 2022

The Economic And Lifestyle Benefits Of Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship by investment programs has become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a number of economic and lifestyle benefits to participants. Such programs typically involve making an investment in the country’s economy in exchange for citizenship, which can then provide access to a number of advantages, including visa-free travel, tax benefits, and the […]

... written on Jul 27 2022

Pelosi Visit To Taiwan A Headache For Biden – U.S. Worried China Could Impose No-Fly Zone & Shoot Down Her Plane

Biden currently has enough on his plate. From high gas price to inflation and from record low approval rating to losing the Ukraine war, the president has no appetite for more problems. The last thing the Commander-in-Chief wants is another big war. Heck, the U.S. is reluctant to fight even a war with Russia, let […]

... written on Jul 25 2022

Oil-Rich Saudi Doubles Import Of Russian Oil – How Crown Prince & Putin Play The U.S. And Europe Like A Fool

Joe Biden’s fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, popularly known as MBS, was such a disaster that the U.S. president probably wished he hadn’t made the trip to the Middle East. It was a trap from the beginning to not only humiliates the most powerful man on planet Earth, but also to […]

... written on Jul 23 2022

Are Precious Metals Worth Investing In?

Paying attention to the news these days is a chore all on its own.  The number of doomsayers and prophets predicting the doom of the world and a huge economic crash upcoming is concerning, to say the least.  Sadly, there seems to be some credibility to these worries.   Why do I say that?  Well, […]

... written on Jul 22 2022

USM Medical Faculty Exam Leak – Nothing New For Unrecognised Doctors Who Have Seen And Experienced It All

The shocking revelations a month ago by Malaysiakini in “Ex-Professor Urges External Probe Into USM Medical Faculty Exam Leak” have suddenly been stone-walled and hidden away from public view with no follow-up by the authorities concerned with just a cursory and pathetic reply stating the examination procedure. As if that answers the gross injustice which […]

... written on Jul 21 2022

National Assets Worth RM66 Billion At Risk – Everything Started After Najib Stopped Paying RM5,300 To Sulu In 2013

For many years, Malaysia has been ignoring claims on Sabah, a Malaysian state in the northern part of the island of Borneo, by the heirs of the Sulu Sultanate – till the spectacular seizure of Petronas assets in Azerbaijan worth US$2 billion (RM8.9 billion) about a week ago. Petronas, the national oil company, has total […]

... written on Jul 20 2022

U.S. Tech War On China Backfires – How Sanctions Boosting China Chipmaking Industry To Become Self-Sufficient

When Donald Trump first started a trade war, followed by a tech war to bring China down to its knees, the writing was on the wall that the great United States was extremely worried about the rise of the Chinese. Trump had used allegations of Chinese state-sponsored “intellectual property (IP) theft” as justification to trigger a […]

... written on Jul 18 2022

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